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Shades of Blue – That Make Me Happy

I sit in my own house, a stranger, as my agent takes over and shows it to potential buyers who are waltzing around opening cupboards and checking my stuff – I was going to leave but Serge (agent) told me there was no need.  I had already sent off the boys and Zeke so I made myself small in my office, yet available for any questions…

Most weeks I have a whole lotta nuthin’ on my agenda. One day goes into the next and nary a more exciting outing than a trip to Costco or the grocery store.  At other times? BOOM!  Not only do I have three days in a row of activities, the three times involve crossing the bridge into the City of Montréal.  Snow causes a mess as it takes at least eight days to clean up the city after one dumping.  A mess means traffic.  Traffic means short-tempered peeps.  Short-tempered peeps means frustration abounds.

Well, guess what?  Not this chica!  Sure there was traffic and it was, shall we say, interesting navigating the streets of Old Montreal and downtown (west) but hey, I did find parking in parking in lots, and twice underground.  I’m thinking I’ve scored freakin’ well, dontcha think?  No fusseration happening over here.

On the Thursday, I had a date with Edi, my new friend, made through my neighbours five houses down.  Turns out Edi is divorced and has no one to play with (when it comes to plays) so I told her that the next time a decent one came to town, did she want I should call her?  An emphatic YES was the response.  We-he-hell… I was good on my word.  The Centaur had a special “Valentine’s Day” Sale for any tickets purchased for the February 14th representation of “The Last Wife”  a play created by Kate Hennig about Catherine Parr, Henry the VIII’s sixth and last wife.  Told in today’s times, it was funny, brilliantly acted and the set decoration was truly creative.

BUT, to get to the Centaur, I had to drive along de la Commune Street in Old Montreal and I was struck by the colour of the sky.  I was able to pull over and get this picture of the Montreal Clock Tower – ok, I lied.  I was at a stop sign so I rolled down my window (really, Dale?  Rolled down your window?  More like pressed the automatic button…) and took a quick click – hence the blur.  But that blue!

Just before turning up on St-François-Xavier Street, across from the Montreal Science Centre, I noticed the blue was even deeper so did the same thing as earlier – managed a bit less blur…

Met up with Edi, we found a restaurant (Méchant Boeuf) that would seat us before the play – remember, it was Valentine’s – no easy task to find!!  We enjoyed our meal and made our way back to the Centaur in the slush and snowbanks and mess and enjoyed, as mentioned, a fabulous play.

On my way back to my car, I was struck by the purply-blue (dark periwinkle?) of the sky which really made the whitened-by-streetlamps old buildings pop (I did not play with any filters for any of these pictures, by the way!)

On Friday, I had a dinner and a movie date (Roasters, followed by “What Men Want” – total chick-flic and we laughed our heads off) with the girlfriends.  I also had a house visit scheduled for 4:30, which screwed up my timing to be in town at the Forum Movie Centre for 5.  My son assured me he would be home by that time and didn’t get here till almost 4:45.  That would be the day I was late!  Here I was pushing the ladies to be there for 5:00 so we’d have time to eat before the 6:50 movie and I’m the one who arrived at close to 5:45.  I won’t lie.  I may have cursed a bit lot before leaving, while I  was being redirected because of road work, etc.  That said, just before 4 pm, I was sitting at my desk when I looked up and was struck by yet another shade of blue!  Looks almost ominous, doesn’t it?  I loved the depth near the bottom, paling as it goes upward.

Saturday was a beautiful day!  I promised Zeke we would go out for a nice long walk, and long walk we did, breaking in my new FitBit proper-like – making my 10K steps.  While making our way to one Everything had a bluish tint…

Sunday morning, blessed with another beautiful blue day, I found myself driving along. Shaking my head, I am oh-so glad I have a driveway in which to park my car unlike these poor buggers on the left, parked willy-nilly as this side of the street has yet to be cleared…

I definitely must return to this spot (Ontario Street) to retake this beautiful mural of Alys Robi, a Québecois chanteuse, sans damn truck in the way.  I had to pull over because I was struck by this work of art.

“Let Her Sing Forever”

My house once again my own, I leave you with two Alys songs, first a young Alys doing a cover of “La vie en rose” and a more mature Alys, doing “Laissez-moi encore chanter” – because that’s what the mural represents, and this recording, awful as it is, was on my birthday!

I wish for you all, a most wonderful week!


91 thoughts on “Shades of Blue – That Make Me Happy

  1. Blues that don’t make me blue! Nice shots. The periwinkly photo looks like a painting with the ripples in the clouds.

    Glad to hear you had fun with your new friend. I like new friends!

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  2. Loved the blues and to be able to follow you around your city. It is strange but here the agents want the homeowner out of the house. I’m glad ours is sold cause I had to do too many walks on the chilly beach. We will be out of here by next Sunday. Will miss Port A but looking forward to a new home in Austin.

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    • Thank you, George.
      Yes and no. I think I prefer to be here than to wonder who is in my drawers, so to speak 😉
      I am looking forward to a new beginning, though. Lots of memories here…

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  3. Love the music!!! (Even without knowing French).

    Ah ha … you’re the first attendee of What Men Want. Seems like you are endorsing it (we’ve seen the previews).

    Sitting in your own home during a showing has got to be nerve racking! Don’t think I’ve ever had to do that.

    I hate it when a truck, dumpster, and anything else blocks a mural!

    As for the topic at hand, simply WOW to the shades of blue you captured … and to think it was all a matter of timing. Well done, Dale … and good luck with selling the house.

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    • Nah… I’ll take snow over rain in the winter, any day. Though, I would never live where I don’t have a place to park my car!
      It does look like that, doesn’t it?

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      • You’re probably right, I just know that if there’s even a slight dusting of snow here the schools close as a default, meaning parents have to stay off or work at home to “babysit!” It’s not so bad now as the youngest is 10 and is pretty good at amusing himself, back in the day it was a nightmare. I expect snow in March here, the climate’s all f***ed up

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        • Of course, you guys are not used to it. It’s become a read ridiculous here. We used to go to school when it was snowing, now? The threat of stuff is enough to close.
          And most of the worst snowstorms happen in March!

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  4. Q,

    Wonderful captures as per usual.

    And YAY to the sale! It’s. About. Damn. Time! But in the end, it’s sold and you are moving up and out! I knew that strikeout last week was nothing more than a temporary blip. 🙂

    The walks coming up should be better and better as the temps get more agreeable. Albeit, there will still be plenty of cold as fuck days ahead, but there is something to be said for a brisk walk/run/hike. It IS good for the mind/body/spirit. Those walks/runs tend to buoy the spirit in the same way a run in the blazing summer makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

    To moving out!


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  5. The pictures are incredible. The blues also. You really can’t go wrong with pictures when you have a blue sky to work with.

    But … I want to talk about traffic.

    For years, I’ve struggled with it. In Sacramento, we have it, but nowhere near as bad as San Francisco or Southern California or other places around the world. But, still, it has been a long struggle for me. As soon as I see cars slowing down and brake lights, I just get so … ergh.

    But, lately, you know what traffic does for me? It gives me more time, more of a buffer, more of an opportunity to listen to my music, or the occasional podcast, or just be with my thoughts … before rushing into the hurly-burly of my daily existence. So, traffic? Yes, it’s a curse, but it’s also an opportunity.

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    • Thank you so much, Mark. Seriously, with skies like that, I can get away with some blur, can’t I?

      I have to tell you – unless I am obliged to be somewhere at a specific time and I misjudged my timing, I totally agree with you. Traffic is an opportunity to be with myself and my thoughts, enjoy my surroundings, noticing murals and buildings and stuff I usually just barely see. And when good tunes are playing? Added bonus!

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  6. What a fun tour around your snowy streets! You are certainly to be applauded for getting out and about despite the snow, agent viewings and all the rest. Love all the shades of blue!

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  7. Dear Dale,

    You do have an eye for colour 😉 and an upbeat attitude to boot. Thank you for sharing the photos and your fun. Hopefully you’ll be out of that house soon and won’t have to worry about who’s going through your drawers.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Yes, the “u” was duly noted 😉 And I thank you. I can’t even take credit. It was just there!
      And I do try to keep it upbeat (there is enough negativity out there without adding to it, I say). Yes. May 1st, if all goes well!

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  8. Such beautiful blues! Usually when I see something like that, it just doesn’t work out in the photo. How nice to have friends for plays and movies–though I’m so glad I don’t have to navigate through so much snow–and so often. Good luck with the house!

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  9. Love all of the blues. I’m envious that you’ve had sun. Yes, we had a bit today, but it was -16C, colder with the wind chill.
    So glad you stopped to take the pic of mural of Alys Robi. It’s a wonderful mural.
    It’s always easier/better to take pics of street art on cloudy days, as shadows are not a factor. Well, at least Toronto is good for no shadows!
    Ah the first song just finished. So adieu for now, dear ⚡️💥

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