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So Close – What Pegman Saw

I did not go the expected route.  At all.  Consider this a heads up. 😉  Thank you Karen and Josh for hosting accepting my late submission!

This week Pegman takes us to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, also known as Sagarmatha. Thanks to the wonder of Google Maps (and the many intrepid climbers industrious enough to carry the necessary camera equipment to such elevations) we can climb Mount Everest in the comfort our bathrobes and fuzzy slippers.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. You’ll find both street path view and photospheres to inspire you.

Once your piece is polished, share it with others at the linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun.

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So Close

I can see the peak.  What was but a dream for years is finally becoming a reality and is within my reach.  I know it.  I can almost touch it.  Paradoxically, it also feels unattainable as there is yet much to be done to arrive.  I have made so much progress, less lies ahead than behind.

I can barely breathe; the air is thin and it feels as if my oxygen has been cut off.  The ache in my jaw tells me I have been tense, subconsciously.  I am worried I will not be able to achieve this goal I have set myself.  Tension or excitement?  Both?

Now is not the time to give up, that’s for sure.  Not at this point.  Just dig deep and do what needs to be done.  Suck it up.  You’re scared.  So what?

Once that SOLD sign is affixed, I can rejoice and move on.


OK… This is MY mountain to climb 😉  I am going a tad nuts as my house is officially sold (yay!) but I have some things to fix before everything is official.  Things that ain’t gonna be cheap or done in the blink of an eye – possibly.  I’ll know more in the next few days.  I think this is seriously why my jaw is aching!  I woke up feeling like I’d been punched or something.  Sorry for my blah-blah.  I just felt I needed to explain how I got from Mount Everest to a SOLD sign 😉

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  1. I just went through this as well. just offer to take some money off the price and let them do all the repairs. In this way, you won’t keep going back and forth on whether the repairs are done or not. Just a suggestion. Nice job on the prompt.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    One day last summer I woke with the same kind of jaw pain. .It lasted for a few days. I’m pretty sure it was tension. Even now I have to remind myself to unclench. Not that you have anything to be tense about. 😉 I’ve no doubt you’ll be standing on the mountaintop soonest. I pity anyone who stands in your way. Love what you did with the prompt. .

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am pretty sure it is tension, too. I don’t usually have the tendency to clench when awake so… And right. It is all for naught, seriously. What’s the problemo? lOL
      I shall be standing on a brand new mountaintop soon enough!
      Thank you, my friend. You are always in my corner.

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  3. I can definitely see the analogy and it works well. Selling houses is a nightmare pursuit! As for the jaw pain you could be so tense that you are grating or grinding your teeth in your sleep …or it can be a sign of heart attack, yes jaw ache in women read here …i care about you Dale ..not trying to scare you probably not this at all but feel I need to say https://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/heart-attack/warning-signs-of-a-heart-attack/heart-attack-symptoms-in-women

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  4. Congratulations! Selling a house is an arduous task, one of the hardest. Moving is up there too! Crazy how we idolize sportsmen, but only because we recognize the challenge, from our own inglorious lives. Nice metaphor.

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  5. This is so delightful! I had great fun reading it one way–then re-reading it to savor the surprise. Congratulations on selling your house. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

    We must be tuned to the same frequency–with our House Everest and sore jaw. Hope you can relax soon!

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    • Thank you, Karen. It was so funny we both sort of went the same way. The day of the open house, I went down to the “kitty litter room” (junk room) to make sure the boxes were clean and found a lake… Swear, cuss, curse… Now? Can’t even find where the damn water came in!

      Yes, we were definitely on the same frequency this week! I will relax when that SOLD sign is up. Well, no, that’s not true. That’s when I shall furiously have to find a new house to move in to! Before May 1.

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      • Finding a new house might be fun! Sorry about the water in the basement. We have that too! When thaws, the roof leaks and the basement takes on water. It’s enough to make a person pray for cold weather.

        Happy house hunting! May you be happily settled in your new home soon.

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  6. Q,

    I KNEW it as soon as I saw the challenge. And how right you are about climbing that mountain and breathing in the cold, thin air of accomplishment. So delicate, the balance of mind/body/spirit at the culmination of a slow and steady climb.

    This was perfect, actually. As it mirrors the challenges and the obstacles. When you put up that For Sale sign, it is akin to looking straight up at a mountain’s peak and going . . . WTF am I thinking here?! LOL.

    Beautiful trespass once again!


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  7. I can totally see how you got from one Everest to another … 😉
    Hope the sale goes well!
    BTW, how is it possible that though I’d followed you a while back, I hadn’t noticed that I was not receiving email notifications for your posts? Well, remedied it now …
    So there.
    Won’t miss any of your new posts anymores.

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    • I might be a tad preoccupied with this whole house-thing 😉

      It is possible to follow without getting any notifications. If you just click the “Follow…” button, I’ll only show up in your reader, if, on my post you click on the “Follow blog via email” then… 😉

      That said. Kewl Beanz!


  8. Many congrats on the house sale. I hope the move will make you feel more relaxed – smaller house, lower payments = relaxed, right? WE bought our first house two years ago and have never been happier. May it go as smoothly and quickly as these things can. All the best, Dale

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  9. Oh love, I feel you…. I hope that by now you’ve unclenched your chin and that you sleep better! And also I hope that you will find your true next home in good time – in that respect we shall have more time ONCE our house is sold (pray to God that it happens….). We are now renting a small flat in a building to be torn down (therefore you can ‘see’ the state of the appartment, I’m sure!) after this limited time. This gives us already a bit of breath but of course once the moment of a sale will have come, it’s gonna be more chin-clenching to find a suitable (and affordable) rental.
    I so, so hope for you to be as happy as can be in your future special home and CONGRATULATIONS to the sale.

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    • Still iffy on the sleep. But that will come.
      Made an offer on a house yesterday and will know by 10pm if they accept. If not, there is a second house I love so I’ll offer there. It’s further out but costs less and I’d have more leeway. But. My first choice is the one I’m waiting for.
      Sending you vibes that you soon get out of your dilapidated abode!
      Thank you do much for your kind words, Kiki.

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