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The Discussion Continues – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  Sun is shining but don’t be fooled ~  it’s a level of cold I just don’t feel like getting used to, today.  So, to warm us up, I decided to do something I never (at least I think I never) do… I have decided to dovetail on Rochelle’s “story” as well as the comments she has received thus far!  So, not that you have to, but what the hey, read hers first here and then mine.  Or don’t.  To add your own story, click on the blue frog below.  G’head, you know you wanna…

©Jean L. Hayes

Click me! CLick me!

The Discussion Continues

“I betcha there is a cigarette machine in there,” added Josh.

“You’re probably right,” added Linda.  “And why do WordPress and inLinkz keep changing things up?  I hate being told what to do. This is so annoying.”

“I like it and didn’t have a problem.  Even added the frog Rochelle forgot,” laughed Keith.

“Why are you guys focusing on WordPress and the frog?” griped Iain.  “We should respect Rochelle, and get back to the story!”

“I think this is fun,” added Trent.  “I could imagine this is how an informal gathering of all the usual Friday Fictioneer participants would go!”




149 thoughts on “The Discussion Continues – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    I LOVE IT! Pretty much describes my morning. Between putting out fires and shmoozing with Maria at inLinikz customer service. We’ll ride out the waves of change and be better for it. What better way to warm up on a frigid day? Now it’s Russell’s turn. 😀



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      You beat me to commenting (we must have been commenting on each other’s at the same time!)

      Glad you loved it and hopefully made you laugh between chatting up Maria…

      Lotsa love,


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  2. Q,

    I’m sorry, but that pic of the deli has me thinking Fargo Season 3. Not that there is going to be a Season 3, but a boy can dream.

    I don’t know the blue frogs or the link or the chatter, but this was fun even not knowing any of it. Adorable, in fact. Excepting for that scene that keeps going through my mind. It’s Fargo . . dammit! LOL


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  3. LOL, perfection given my cranky-at-the-froggy this morning! 🙂
    Made me laughed and cured 50% of my crankiness (the other 50% is currently being taken care of by good chocolate and yummy coffee and a soon-to-arrive-munchkin who always makes me laugh).

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  4. You have captured me perfectly! I also had the same thought on reading Rochelle’s story – what would it be like if all the regulars on FriFic managed to meet up some time! Great fun 🙂

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    • That and when you participate in challenges like this one, there is a link up till (da frog) and they have updated their how-to and it has given a number of peeps some grief.

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      • And throw in folks from Blogger and you have the perfect storm for committing a crime of violence. On my laptop I can no longer comment in Safari (WP doesn’t think I’m logged in) and have to go through Google Chrome, aka the ‘Net stalker. Makes me very crabbish.

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        • Blogger folk should just convert! Some of them, you have to go through friggen hoops to say hello!
          You Apple-user, you… even when I had a Mac, I used Firefox- and still do.

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          • I love Safari but can’t use it for blogs. Maybe I should switch to Firefox. I despise Google more than the new WP editor! It follows me around wherever I go with ads from where I’ve been, from laptop to phone. Creeps me out!

            Don’t get me started on Blogger. I tried it when I first started and said I’d need a lawyer to get myself out of jail if I kept up with it. Not my favorite way to communicate. WP is far superior in encouraging actual conversations and so much easier to figure out when you know nothing about HTML or other Internet-y things.

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          • I did too…
            Firefox you can even browse in hidden mode so when shopping for air fares, they don’t keep going up each time you click as you are always clicking once, so to speak. Can’t stand Google either. And what is up with the bleeping ads on my phone now? Which bloody app did I install that is causing me grief?

            I did too. It is now floating about in the ether with whatever drivel I wrote back then… ugh. Don’t get me going with that HTML stuff. I’m dumber than a bag of nails when it comes to that stuff.

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  5. Well done, Dale. You managed to work 6 Fictioneers into this one. I can’t wait until you write about the Grammar Concentration Camp where prisoners are forced to spell difficult words without using a dictionary. Oh the horrors!

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    • Well, Rochelle had 6 and I technically had 5, though mentioned Rochelle… Like I told you on yours, Rochelle and I were hoping you’d jump in 😉 Next time! There are those who feel left out 😀
      I don’t think either one of us would be so… mind you, Rochelle did get that new t-shirt…

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  6. Hehe, exactly, this. I can handle the Inlinkz changes but what p** me off is that the changes are always making things more complicated when things were working just fine before. Who really needs this, I ask you. Likewise the editor… well, I just use the old one.

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    • I have to tell you, I haven’t even looked at the new editor! I am dissing sans reason 😉
      As for the inLinkz… we’ll get used to it 😉
      I dunno why they feel the need to “improve” when it wasn’t “broke” in the first place!

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