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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16 – Last Chance

Almost didn’t make it.  Then suddenly an idea came to me and off I went with it.  Crispina’s CCC challenge has seduced me once again!


Last Chance

Catriona ran like the hounds of hell were after her.  She could not believe she was going to be late today, of all days.  Everything went wrong. Her alarm didn’t go off.  She got a run in her stockings and had to search for a replacement pair.  She missed the bus so took the subway, which took her three blocks away from where she had to be.  Was the Universe trying to tell her something?

She kept repeating:  “Please wait, please wait, please wait!”  knowing there was no possibility of a second chance.  He had warned her he was done waiting for her.

Catriona finally arrived at the staircase to find Sam taking the first step to the last section.

“Sam!” she yelled. Stop! “I’m here!  I’m sorry I’m late!  Please, wait!”

No hesitation.  No look in her direction. He continued climbing.  Away from her.  Out of her life.

Lucky for me, Zeke waits for me


63 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16 – Last Chance

  1. Q,

    Sam . . oh Sam!

    Catriona should’ve known the signs were pushing her to this conclusion. And who’s to say there wasn’t a little bit of realization on her part as well? And mayhaps, some relief?

    Methinks the both of ’em will end up just find. Sam will know that all threats- benign or otherwise- were exhausted. And Cat will know better the next time around. I’m certain that she spent that particular night drinking wine and listening to Barry Manilow . . or something like that, LOL.

    LOVE that name, Catriona.

    Another hat trick (Interesting characters, great plot and dramatic ending) . . for you. See? I still get hockey. 🙂


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    • B,

      I think Catriona knew it, felt it and let the Universe ensure that she not make it in time…

      Methinks they will be more than just fine. When you are at the ultimatum stage, there is no point. It will come back and bite you in the ass eventually. Wine and maybe some Air Supply after Barry has been exhausted!

      So do I! One of those names you want to add an extra syllable to 😉

      I’m cool with the hat trick analogy – coz… I like hockey, too! 🙂


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  2. Dear Dale,

    Bypassing all the other comments for time’s sake 😉 The universe seems to be doling out obstacles here. Perhaps Catriona can find someone more forgiving. Well done in any case…staircase.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dearest Rochelle,

      Ain’t no law says you gots ta read ’em all, yanno 😉
      The Universe gives what you ask. And somewhere deep inside, methinks Catriona was trying to be late…

      Shalom and Lotsa love,



  3. If he won’t wait, he is not for her.
    Granted, it may be that he had had enough — and perhaps for good cause, or for a lack of flexibility or for a not-so-open-mind. Who knows.
    Or, the gulf between their personalities might not be bridged by any more chances …
    Well done …
    (And I’m glad Zeke waits for you! He’s a keeper!)

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      • Yeah, I was re-reading it and thinking … she sort of didn’t really want to make it there on time, perhaps, eh? The signs were all there, written by her own hand …
        Go Zeke!
        XOXO Na’ama

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          • It don’t always feel like ‘help’, it don’t … but it sure is help nonetheless. I just wish they’d give me the manual next time around. Saves a lot of clean ups in aisle 9.

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          • Yanno when they say be really, REALLY clear about what you ask for? Well… here ya go. She probably was thinking this isn’t quite what I want and maybe I’m not really sure about it so… a little nudge 😉
            That it does!


          • And … (to be fair) sometimes things happen because of bigger-picture-kind-of-stuff that we did not invite, but are still an invitation (of sorts) to grow from. I think of those as ‘surprise quiz’ rather than a test one studied for. The question then isn’t whether I want to take the quiz or not, or even if I chose the course … but about whether I hold on to my moral compass, to my heart, to my integrity, to my joy, to my compassion to self and others, while I try and do the best I can through it.
            If that’s by invitation, it’s only on what my friend Adele calls “the soul level” … the stuff that is not even for the subconscious to decode, only the spirit to endure.
            The good thing about this? That the soul level stuff also is responsible not only for the not-in-my-right-mind-ever experiences, but also for many of the NICE people we come across and get to hang out with and feel like we’ve known for ages even though in life-time-years we had not.
            So there’s that …


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