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Part of the Plan – Friday Fictioneers

Good Friday on Wednesday, my peeps!  Yep.  Another week has flown by.  The sun is shining brightly but it is still cold here in Quebec.  I’m having trouble visualising spring, the snow is so high still.  If this house had been settled before yesterday, I would be on the beach with my sisters and mother!  Oh well, I’ll just have to book something after I move by May 1st.

Thank you, always to Rochelle for challenging us to write 100-word stories that hopefully entertain you!  This week she chose c.e. ayr’s photo which reminded me of Italy.

Join in on the fun, why don’t you?

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Part of the Plan

Whose Vespa is parked outside the door?

Mine, why?

Yours? Really? Since when are you the Vespa type?

There’s a type? Where the hell did you get that notion?

Of course there is. You watch the movies. Any time there is someone driving a Vespa, they are well-to-do types who live in Italy, have al fresco parties with good food and wine and—oh… I get it…


I see what you’re doing. Taking this whole visualisation thing a bit far, no? Wouldn’t it be better to just go back and visit Italy?

But I don’t want to come back.

154 thoughts on “Part of the Plan – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ha! Well, I can’t say I really blame him … 🙂 Truth is, never been to Italy (not yet at least), but some of my siblings/family had, and it is way up there on my not-quite-bucket-list 🙂

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  2. Brillig. And I know exactly how that feels. Such a good time, not wanting to leave; such a capture of the heart, it hurts to turn your back. You’ve captured it well. 🙂


  3. Never having been to Italy, unfortunately, I shall have to take people’s word for it, but I should assume It would be hard to turn it into a round trip. Having ridden, though never driven, a Vespa, I know they’re so hep

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    • Thank you! Would you like that double or single? It past chilly out here in Montreal so I shall join you, ok?
      It most definitely is as addictive.


  4. Nothing better than a scooter day when the weather is lovely. But only when the weather is good. Driving one of those things in cold windy and/or wet conditions…no thank you! Well done and thank you for the visualization.

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  5. Italy is one of my many wish list travel locations. I know from just looking at pictures of places that I wouldn’t want to come back. Someday I’ll give into my wanderlust and travel forever. As soon as I get my bestseller published and sell the movie rights.

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  6. Snags some song lyrics from agent Orange sky, replacing love with vespa. What’s vespa got to do with it. I was never good at visualization.

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    • Calvin! Long time no “see”!
      It’s got nothing really… except they do seem to drive them a lot in Italy 😉 Weather being way more clement than here in Montreal…


  7. Dear Dale,

    I’ve never been to Italy, but I’ve been to Oklahoma. (insert Wisoff grin). I do remember when you went and how much fun you had. BTW, I do have a passport. Wink wink. Love the story. Nope, I didn’t see the cat…she blended in with the Vespa. What can I say?

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Hyuck! Hyuck! Man. I’d go back in a flash – maybe even ride one! Course you do!! 😉😉
      Very glad you did. I did see the cat but chose to ignore it coz I ran our of words!
      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  8. No one wants to come back from Italy. Weather is good, food is better, wine is nice. By the way, Vespa was a popular scooter in my part of the world too. Where there was no wine and weather is terrible. Nice story.

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  9. There are places I’d like to stay forever… but I can’t be in more than one place at the same time, damn… (or should I say darn?) — I can relate to you(r) narrator. Although, politic-wise, Italy isn’t a place I’d want to visit right now…

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  10. “If I went, I wouldn’t want to come back. . .” Yes, that’s how I felt about a couple of places I’ve been. But you know, when it’s all said and done, there’s no place like home 🙂

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  11. Your story got me travelling in my imagination. However I sure wouldn’t be seeking out warm places, having just said goodbye to a summer with way too many 40 degree days, and they say we’re not quite done with the heat yet. Last year I travelled to the UK (my first real overseas trip) with my 90 year old mother. That was an experience I can tell you. It got me hooked however, and that’s why your story triggered my wanderlust. I need to do more of it. Thanks for the experience. Great story.

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    • As we sit here in -20+C, we can’t wait for heat. Mind you, our summers are hot and humid – usually get a 2-week heatwave where the humidex brings the temps up to 35+C so we complain then too!
      That said, Tuscany in September or October is perfetto.
      That must have been quite the experience!
      Travel on, Sister!

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  12. Ha! Nicely done. I like the idea of visualisation, though as I’d like to visualise myself into being a published novelist, does that mean I have to hang out in book shops and forcibly sign people’s purchases? 🙂 Here in the UK, we strongly associate Vespa’s with Mod culture, a music movement back in the 1960s. Buon Viaggio!


    • Tee hee! Thank you!
      Yes… You have to visualise yourself as a published author sitting at book-signings with copies of your books in the shelves of stores everywhere!
      I imagine any land that is not lost under mountains of snow is more associated with Vespas…

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  13. Ah yes, Italia… I feel fortunate to have been there a few times, and there’s still so much more to see. Matera in southern Italy is one of my favourite places. I’ve heard from many Italians that it’s a great country to visit, but not a good place to live (bad career prospects, high cost of living, lots of red tape…).
    I like where you went with the prompt! 🙂

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