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Keepsakes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18

A little later than I wanted to, but hey, c’est la vie, eh?  This is Crispina’s fun challenge that is not too restrictive.  For rules and regs, the few there are, just click here.  That should show you the “what’s what”!

I don’t know why I keep on trying my hand at poetry – must be because I find it so bloody difficult! Funny how we do that to ourselves.  I must have a masochistic streak in me.


Together they stand, by row, side by side

Some inconspicuous, others with style

They vary in size, some short, tall, some wide

What resides within may, or not, beguile


So what do they hold, you can’t help but ask?

Something most evil or wondrous and bright?

These bottles, they are, each used as a cask

For loved ones, held dear, now gone from my sight


Each one is a cask, but what lies within?

Their spirit, their souls or maybe just ash?

A bit of each, does this make your head spin?

I feel they deserve a bit of panache


Their time on this Earth is sadly no more

A symbol for each is all that I keep

They are not forgot; some stories of lore

I smile when I see them, I no longer weep


81 thoughts on “Keepsakes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18

  1. Dear Dale,

    I don’t know about the other casks but you certainly preserved Nick with panache. Told with tenderness, pathos and humour that I’ve come to love and expect from you. Well done.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I think I would have a ridiculous number of bottles if I actually did that… And Mick actually requested this bottle! So, I’m glad I did good 😉
      Thank you, always, for your kind words, my friend.

      Shalom and Lotsa love with a touch of panache!



  2. Dale,

    How beautifully written this is. And from the heart and soul of the half that still calls this place home.

    I’m sure he’s up there waiting for you, but saying . . . “Not yet,”.

    Love and peace and hugs.

    Brava lovely, 🙂


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  3. Well, Dale,
    I think you are doing quite right with the poetry … and all the other writing besides. So there …
    I love the photo you added of Mick — so touching (such a handsome man, too, and such kind and whimsy-filled eyes) and makes all of this quite more real. All to the better.
    Hugs to ya!

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  4. I wondered how I got to those links; and now I realise why….. I opened the site and flicked a bit upward, landed bang on those links, went to read the posts and got totally and utterly lost in your memories and feelings….. NOW it‘s the time to tell you ‚well done‘ on this post although at first I DID think it strange that you‘d do poetry on this strange perception of ‚containers‘ or bottles or casks…. All becomes clear and makes sense.
    And you Kiki, should read across the miles and ages and pages; there is an order for some reason! YEP xox

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    • It’s funny how that happens and I love that you were curious enough to go reading.and exploring.
      So. Thank you for this! I know it was a weird way to go with the prompt, but, you see how I got there 😉
      So. to you: xoxo

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  5. I read your poem. Thought about it. Read it again. And so to the poet within you I say this……

    Aye. Behold the battlefield. Reality blurred. Hail the smoke from charred prose. Of rotting stanzas. Slain poets. I pickle my thoughts in their vinegar. They lived without rules. To die by the sword of their conviction. I turn my gaze back. To those two little birds building their nest. Job well done, I nod.


    • Well.

      That, dear Calvin, is what I call slaying it! I so wish I could do that.
      However, I shall instead read yours thrice and absorb your offerings.

      I thank you.


        • Oh… So I decided to go snooping on your site… I like what I saw. And I was listening to Buck 65 with Jenn Grant and my son says: Hey, Mom, you’re listening to some good music. Told him it was Rich Terfry (coz he is knows who that is as I listen to CBC Music) and he was all impressed. 😀


          • At times I think ‘Paper Airplanes’. or ‘Wicked and Weird’ could easily be my life’s theme song. Jenn Grant is from Halifax like Terfry.

            Smart kid you got there.

            Thanks for dropping by the ‘it’. Not a lot showing, so am humbled if you liked. One of these days I will unlock some more pages.

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          • I love their version of Cohen’s “Who By Fire” as well.

            ‘Course…he’s my kid 😉

            Just haven’t figured out how to subscribe yet but I have just skimmed. Will delve more deeply.
            I admire those if you who seem to have this capacity of stinging words together in such a manner. I’m more of a bared-bones simple type. Not that there is anything wrong with that…


          • There is no subscribe thangy, just a contact page. The site is just built from snippets of code stuck together with duct tape,spit and the odd cuss word when I fluff-up a duck. In the end it is just ‘MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO’.

            If your bare-bones, then am rudimentary at best…ugh, it rubs the burnt umber on the cave.

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          • Ah hell. Why did you have to make it so difficult? Oh, never mind. I understand. YOUR OWN SPACE. I shall not invade. But I cannot lie… I have been all over it. We have similar taste in music. Ron Sexsmith, too? (Love him. Why he doesn’t get his due is totally beyond me. Did you see his movie “Love Shines”?

            Gimme a blessed break. I can’t even come up with things like “it rubs the burnt umber on the cave”. I have just decided I am below bare-bones and am more of a simpleton.


  6. Goes down as the strangest pissing contest ever! ‘Am simpler’. No, am simpler. No your not, I am’………..lets just agree we’re both humble bumbles. Simpletons are my kind of people. They tend not bullshit.

    I did see the movie ‘Love Shines’. The song is in my ‘go to in case of a ho hum emergency playlist’. I think Ron Sexsmith, gets his due from Ron Sexsmith., and to him that’s all that matters. A creative individual foremost. I like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K0qpS4spX0 of Abalone Dots featuring Mister Rum himself.

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    • Who’s pissing? I’m just showering you with compliments! Be gracious and accept them. Yes. I agree we are humble. And yes. I tend not to bullshit. Like ever (on “paper”) 😁

      He does make that joke about “How come he’s not richer for all the times his songs get covered” so he might be ok with being the creative guy he is but he might have a smidge of frustration at not being quite where he thought he would go. I saw him as part of Andy Kim’s Christmas Special at this great little venue called the Corona in Montreal. Was quite a line-up and most enjoyable.
      Thanks for that song. I like it too. Didn’t know Ms Abalone Dots, so thanks for the intro!


          • Pauses. Blinks three times. Reboots. Scrolls the pages looking for the digital characters of time gone bye bye. Found it! In a buried sub folder named ‘Extraordinarily Ordinary’.

            Working title: ‘The One Quintessential French Fry’.

            one chip on a plate of chips
            reclusive and shy
            dreading the thought of being eaten alive
            but he’s not what their after
            I’d tell him, given my expertise on plating french-fries
            fulfillment, more often then not, is cold soup
            take comfort I add
            being the castaway licked clean of thicken au jus down to the bone
            isn’t a bad way to live, then go

            I keep a journal too, albeit on hard drives. Ciao!

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