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True Colours – Friday Fictioneers

What day is it?  Wednesday!  What’s so special about today?  It’s the first day of spring!  And?  It’s Friday Fictioneers Day with none other than yours truly’s photo taken on New Years Eve.  So what do I do?  Tell a story about July, 1995… because yanno… why not?  Plus there was a ferris wheel – just not this one and there were fireworks so…

Thank you, always, to Rochelle, for keeping us coming back week after week.  Of course, when you use such fantabulous photos 😉 … I jest, of course.  Do join in on the fun, why don’t you?  Just click on the blue froggy below to add your link.

True Colours

What a great date that was.  They took his old, navy Celebrity, parked in the shopping centre and walked to and across half the bridge. A couple of miles of hand-holding, laughter and getting to know each other better.

They rode rides like a couple of kids, not thirthy-somethings.  They ate junk food and rode some more.  They watched the fireworks from the bridge in the rain.

Walking back to the car, they laughed and kissed and held hands.

In the trunk of that old Chevy was a blanket and sweatshirt.

She knew then he would always keep her warm.



155 thoughts on “True Colours – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ha, today (it was a Friday) Hero Husband and I got married (civil wedding!) How about that! You didn‘t quite write OUR story which is one heck of a story but I like this one here very much …..
    AND it‘s the first day of spring, although sadly looking outside I don‘t get the impression of spring – contrary to yesterday!
    Thanks for the fun

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  2. Such sweet memories, full of love and laughter. And with telling us the little details you let us in on the fun. That last line just says it all.
    And thank you for that great picture, I’m fascinated by the colours.

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  3. What a romantic take on the prompt, Dale. Thanks for sharing such a lovely tidbit from your life with a man who was definitely a keeper 🙂 I absolutely loved the last line.

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  4. First off, great pic! Beautiful. Second, a Celebrity! Man, I’d forgotten those and I learned how to drive in one in driver’s ed. And third, I could feel the warm night and their feelings in this one–nicely done, and not overdone. Hugs to you:).

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  5. “Hey Google!”, ” July 1995′.

    And she said (obviously reading from Wiki), “July 1995 was the seventh month of that common year. The month, which began on a Saturday, ended on a Monday after 31 days”….

    Good shtuffs Little Miss Nightindale. So there were ‘fireworks’ huh. He reads between the lines.

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  6. Who needs Nicholas Sparks is what I always say. And now you done proved me right with this love story. And you only needed 100 words to pen this beautiful piece!

    I love how you gained your inspiration from the Ferris Wheel, and I love the symbolism- walking on air, taking in the heights and all the many splendored colors that come with knowing you will always be in each other’s arms.

    Brava to 100 words worth of forever. 🙂

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  7. What a romantic scene. Love your picture, by the way. I can think of at least a dozen stories from it, so it was hard to choose one. We’re supposed to have a skywheel up by the river here, but I haven’t found it, yet. Not, mind you, that I’d have the guts to ride it. Now, I’m off to see what other stories I can write from this. 🙂 Thanks!

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  8. I’m a firm believer that one should always be oneself and not let one’s age define one. It’s a good indication that a relationship can be good when the other person makes you feel like a teenager again.

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