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My D’oh! Moment, Times THREE

So… my buddy Marc and I have taken to challenging each other once per week with a Daily Fitbit Challenge.  Two weeks ago, he must have been feeling lenient and giving this newbie a chance to beat him by 104 steps.  Last Wednesday, despite my 19,217 steps, he whupped my butt by 5K+.

Circumstances were in our favour to do our challenge today rather than tomorrow.  So, once my meeting with my mortgage broker ended some time around 2:00 pm, I started to get ready for my walk with Zeke.  As usual, I open the door to let him out as he drives me nuts while I tie my boots, and lock it because I’ll go out via the garage so I don’t have to carry my keys.

Open the door and see if the Zeke-Meister is there, and of course, he is!

Gather my stuff and out the garage I go.  Close the garage by pressing the button and take a few steps.  Hmmm… Methinks it might be colder than I thought, maybe I should get a light hat to protect my ears.  Punch in the code and.  Nothing.  Punch it in again.  Nothing.  Shit.  Try one last time and still.  Nothing.  Now I’m thinking that the other button mighta been pushed by accident, thereby blocking the keypad from working.  Why didn’t I check before leaving?  The green dot flashes when it’s locked.   D’oh! number 1

Start walking and text Aidan – “Locked out, blah blah… What time do you finish school?”  Get the response:  “last class is at six”.

Text Iain, who is also at school:  same blah blah as to Aidan plus, “let me know when you can come unlock the door.” Get the response “bruh.  I have a break at 6 and I don’t  have my full set.”

Text my sister, “Any chance in hell you have my house key?”  Get the response “I’m not home right now, and I’ll check but I doubt it”.  So did I.

More exchanges with the boys.  I keep walking because I might as well get my steps in since I can’t even get into the house.  Have an ah-hah moment.  Wait!  I betcha Mick gave a key to Robert for ‘just in case’…. text Robert:  “Hey you!  Any chance in hell you have a key to my house?”  Get the response:  “I think yes”.  He then calls me and tells me he will call me when he gets home to confirm.


With a much lighter bounce in my step, Zeke and I walk all the way past the Parc des Coutances to the strip of a trail behind the rue de Gascogne, happy that for once I did not drag my big camera.  I am wondering why so many trees were cut down in that strip.  It can’t be to make way for anything other than the pathway that is already there.  Curious.  But not enough to investigate.

On our return, I regretted not having my camera as there were cardinals calling out to each other.  I did film a little snippet because for some strange reason, zooming in on a video gives better results than zooming in for a picure.  Sadly, it just didn’t do them justice.

There were other birds as well but dang.  Robert called to confirm he did have the key but since he was going to dinner at his parents, where did he want me to hide it?  I told him where but just to make sure it was the right key.

He calls me back.  “Um… your front door was not locked.”  D’oh! Number 2.

Good grief.  Really?  I guess when I checked on Zeke’s position, I forgot to re-lock the door.  Bravo.  So Robert locked it for me.

By the time I got home, I figured… lemme check the keypad, just for the hell of it.

You guessed it.  The garage door opened.  Of course it did, Dummy.  You were able to close the damn door with the extra button (the one that usually goes in your car if you could actually put a car in your garage, which you can’t because our stupid furnace is in there so we keep the button on a rack by the door).  D’oh! Number 3.

On the plus side, with all this walking and stuff, I beat Marc by 431 steps.  Mind you, he called it at 8 saying he was charging his Fitbit and putting his feet up.  So, in solidarity, I removed mine 😉  Now, he’s gonna tell all a’ y’all that I was getting a lil cocky to which I replied “A lil bit.”  I’m sure I could have gotten a couple more hundred steps in easy-peasy.  Especially since I was behind by almost 900 at 7 so I danced while I prepared my supper 😀

I know full well that most days he has me beat so I’ll just bask in my lil moment for a bit.




64 thoughts on “My D’oh! Moment, Times THREE

  1. Snow. Cold. I shiver at the thought. But well done. Great photos. 🙂
    While for myself, I did 6 miles on Saturday (photo results on Sunday) but those miles were mostly raked up in walking from bus to woods and from woods to bus. Don’t have a pedometer, so don’t know how many steps. Several, I think. No problem with doors.

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    • Snow. Not that cold. But I am SO done with the white (now dirty and grey) stuff.
      I know you do a good job of walking, yourself. Yesterday’s total steps made it 12 km in total. If you carry your phone, it can count your steps for you 😉
      Doors… ah, well, normally I don’t!

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      • 12 km. that’s some 7 or so miles. That’s not bad, especially considering the snow. Well done. 🙂
        I’m out tomorrow for walkies, but it’s only 6 miles, though mostly cross-country … whcih means through muddy fields, end up 6 inches taller due to the adhesion of soil. Lovely. 🙂

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        • Not too shabby, is right 😉 Snow AND ice… that became an issue at various points.
          Don’t say “only” six miles. That’s more than lots of people do. And mud is as treacherous as ice!

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          • Tell me about it. Last time I did this route (just before the so-called Beast from the East hit us a tad earlier than this last year) I was slipping and sliding all over the place. I’ve got me a hiker’s pole now, doubles as monopod for the camera, so hopefully if I do encouter the slippies I’ll still stay upright.
            And I say only cos other walks will take me anything up to 14 miles. I don’t do longer now. Age is creeping upon me. Besides, my daughter/hiking companion has a dodgy knee and a tender shoulder. Ha! Slowed down by the youngster! But then she walks to work everyday while I’m sat here tapping the keys. 🙂

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          • Smart move on your part. I really should get crampons for my boots…
            Still. Six miles are nothing to snub 😉 even if once upon a time you did double.
            Who’d a thunk you’d be slowed down by your youngster!!

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          • Not the first time. When we used to go south (Wessex monstly) when I was still working, and fit and healthy, I used to leave her behind, chasing up hills. Now mostly it’s the other way round, except for now she has work-related injuries.

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    • Dear Rochello,

      I do appreciate your laughter. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, we are in dire straights.

      Shalom, lotsa love and d’oh moments!



  2. So funny, Dale–I’m glad all worked out well! The photos are great, even without your big camera.
    You and Marc both beat me on the steps. You take some great walks! I usually go to the gym, too, but the Fitbit doesn’t count spinning as steps, so I either walk outside or turn on NPR and walk around my kitchen (and sometimes dance, too)–to get somewhere between 11 and 12,000, but on days where I’ve gone on real walks or dance parties I’ve been up to 20,000. It’s hard to get it all in and work, too! (And sometimes at 9:00, I’ve turned the TV on and walked around the bedroom to get a few more steps in.)

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    • I’m glad you thought so 😀 I’m rather pleased with my phone camera, I must admit. It does take some beauties.
      Yesterday, I “stopped” at 16,872 but I’m sure it would have had an extra 500 just with the up and down, to and fro that we do. On good, crazy days, I also get up to 20K – Marc does pretty much every day so I was pleased that he had an “off” day 😉
      When I saw he was ahead of me, I started dancing while cooking! LOL They all count, right?

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  3. Q

    We’ve had our Celtics vs Lakers and Yanks vs Red Sox . . but now comes the Fitbit rivalry to end all rivalries! Q vs B . . .

    The thing I love about a daily challenge is how it feels as if your feet are involved in a political contest. Seriously, it feels like an election! LOL. The numbers trickle in . . . you take the early lead, then I come back, and then back and forth.

    Add all the smack talk we engage in, and you have a win/win situation right there. 🙂

    Nicely played yesterday!


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    • B,

      You forgot the Canadiens vs Bruins but that’s good. Coz Q vs B are in da house!

      It so does! But even more exciting coz I hate politics. I love the back and forth. Especially our last two challenges. It was like Oh! He’s ahead, run up and down the stairs. I’m ahead… cool. Dang! There he is! 😀 Love it.

      I can’t decide what I like more: the challenge, the smack-talk, the encouragement, the fun, the incentive… k, you’ve got the picture!

      Nicely played, Partner in Pace 😉


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      • Heck, the Habs ALWAYS won.

        I put on my Election Night Wolf Blitzer impersonation when I look at the current totals. . .

        “And with twenty three percent of the precincts in, the American has an early lead . .but polling is still open in Boucherville, so that will close the gap quickly . .”

        And don’t forget the PED drama that really wasn’t! 😉

        Back atcha padnah!

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  4. That is quite a tale…Dale. It definitely made me chuckle and almost made me late for work because I had to Finnish it. Of course, I have never done anything like that personally, but IF I did, I would also have to laugh at myself. Good job.

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  5. Great pictures, even without the big camera. I think those d’oh moments are part of the spring. We all get a little confuzzled when the seasons change. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. You wouldn’t believe how many d’oh moments I’ve had recently!)

    I was reading some of the comments. You and Merril are putting me to shame. I haven’t been able to reach 10,000 steps most days lately. I better stop being so lazy.

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    • Sorry, Robin! I had seen this comment and then thought I had responded but obviously, didn’t. I guess we can totally blame spring for those moments. Actually, thank you for that. I’m using your story and sticking to it! And thank you. My phone is pretty good for picture-taking.

      Now, now, don’t go there. I have more barely 5K days than these big numbers!


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