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Don’t Know Why, But I Like It – Friday Fictioneers

What is today? Wednesday!  What does that mean? Friday Fictioneers!  Why is Friday Fictioneers on Wednesday?  To confuse you!

I received this lovely picture by Ronda Del Boccio, chosen by our lovely leader, Rochelle and cannot lie… I scratched my head.  There were a few ideas that came and went but everything I came up with felt like something I’d done before so I sent this pic over to my friend, Marc, for inspiration.  And he delivered!  Dunno that I did it justice or not, but hey, I did the best I are 😉 Let us just say I have gone outside of my norm and a tad more whimsical than usual.

Think you have a better idea, or, let us not be negative, another idea?  Then do click on the blue frog below and add the link to your own 100-word story! Would love to read what you write (coz I do read them all…)

©Ronda del Boccio

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Don’t Know Why, But I Like It

Enjoying the cover of night, Penny Quillo made her way along the forest edge, searching for berries.

A light appeared out of nowhere, blinding her. Cowering in fright, she froze upon hearing footsteps approach. She felt a pinch in her leg, and all went dark.

When she came to, Penny surveyed her surroundings and realised she was safely back deep in the forest, unharmed. She sensed, rather than saw, a blinking light behind her.

Twisting her head, Penny noticed a bunch of twinkle lights ‘decorating’ her quills.

“What? Who would do such a thing? It’s kinda pretty though…” she preened.


154 thoughts on “Don’t Know Why, But I Like It – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Everyone will see Penny coming at night time. 😉 A rather precocious and prickly porcupine story story. I’m envisioning her and her quirky twinkling quills. Fun stuff. Love what you and Marco saw. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I did warn I went whimsical 😉 Hope not too much! Lovely alliteration on your part, though! Marco saw porcupine and I loved that and next thing I knew, I went cartoon.

      Shalom and lotsa love for your leniency,


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  2. The name should have been my first clue, but I did get it eventually 🙂 I seem to be a bit slow this morning. Anyway, lovely story. I hope she continues to enjoy her new look 🙂

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    • Thank you, Christine. Oooh… maybe that’s what happened! Love that idea, too.
      And yes, it won’t spoil her diet but might make her friends jealous 😉


  3. Hahah, what fun. I actually saw the whole episode as someone putting a tracker on the animal for studying. I thought it was a goose though.

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  4. Now that is intriguing. I thought at first UFO.. then I thought wild turkey feathers.. so a turkey.. they used to make writing quills from the moulted feathers. I see now it is a porcupine. ⚡️💥 ⚡️💥 (double thunder on this one!)

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  5. Q,

    I appreciate the shout out, but you owned this all by your pretty self. Alls I did was throw out an idea. You turned it into whimsy wowza.

    And get this, I realized this morning that I hadn’t read the ‘official’ version of your post and shame on me! Because your . . . . wait for it, quill proved sharp with this one.

    Your pal in pen and mayhem. 😉


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  6. awww, it would be so much fun to see a lit-up porcupine dance on a dark night 🙂 Don’t be defensive about whimsical, whimsical is good, whimsical is great, whimsical is what makes us alive 🙂

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  7. Ah! A quirky take on the prompt, nice!

    ‘Over the Hedge’, what a good movie, though Quillo was Penny’s son. Dang my kids have all grown up now, I really miss watching those movies 😉 Need to find younger kids to befriend or perhaps adopt.

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    • Glad you enjoyed.
      Oh, is that right? Darn. I Googled it, looking for a name and it came up as her full name. Not that it matters!
      I don’t need an excuse. I watch them without any kids present 😉


  8. Aw, lovely little bit of whimsy. I like Penny the porcupine and my first thought was that she’d been tagged. Then I wasn’t sure about the lights on her quills, it made me think of Christmas lights. Very cute.

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