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What Happens When You Procrastinate

Last Wednesday I spent the afternoon with my long-lost cousin, Sonya, and when he got home from work, her hubby, Gilles.  A mere one-hour drive and I was back in a winter wonderland.  Yes, granted, this is ski country but still.  It was a shock.  Sonya and Gilles live way out in the boonies but once you get there, one discovers a little slice of paradise.  Let’s face it, if one chooses to live here, one accepts the weather that comes with.  Somehow I did not take a decent picture of the humans so I have stolen this picture from my cousin’s FB page.

Lace, Eagle and Sonya on Lac Dominique

We hadn’t seen each other in fifteen years and honestly, I don’t know who was happier to reconnect.  So I’ll say it was in equal measure and now that we have refound each other, we are not letting this happen again.

We went for a walk on the lake, basically in her backyard, which turned out to be quite the adventure.  We learnt to walk where the snow was packed otherwise we sunk down (up?) past our knees!  The dogs had a blast chasing each other and getting their freak on.  Too bad the sun only occasional peeked out so, forgive me for the crap photos.  To give you an idea just how big these beasts are, below is Eagle just standing next to the kitchen counter…

I regaled them with my “Mick” stories and it was determined that I have a talent in telling stories – such a polite way of saying I hog the conversation, albeit at their urging, dontcha think?

Skip ahead a few days and it brings us to Saturday.  Sitting in my office, doing computer work, I spotted movement in my little tree/bush.  Managed to grab my camera and capture these two from my window before they flew off.  There was a party going on but opening my window scared most of ’em off.  As you can see, the female wasn’t so read to step out into the open, so to speak.  My knowledge of birds is extensive. Red bird, not a robin, female, not so colourful.

Sunday.  The day I was going to post but then did, whatever it was that I did, besides post.  Which means my post about the beautiful spring weather has become something else entirely.  Because, well, you’ll see.  Sunday was gorgeous!  I had no more snow on my front lawn (advantages to living on the sunny side of the street) and Zeke and I were going to take advantage of this 11ºC (52ºF) and go for a good walk.  I figured our usual destinations would be rather mucky so, where to go?  I decided on the Parc de la Freyère, completely forgetting that there was a birding thing going on.  On our way there, I passed by the streets in my old ‘hood and could hear a major loon partay going on.  What a ruckus!  We stopped and yep, there they were hanging out on the bit of ice still or swimming – Canada geese.  Trying to get Zeke to not scare them off, we made our way quietly.  I managed to snap a few pics but it didn’t take long.  They were on to us and took off like the hounds of Hades were after them.  I’m not what you would call a nature photographer but I tried.  They were quick and I just clicked away and prayed.

The damage done, we continued on our way to the park.  There were quite a few birders there with their big-ass telephoto lenses (I look kinda poor with my 75-300mm lens but hey, better than nothing!)

Now THAT’S how you get great shots…

But I did manage to capture a woodpecker – sure it has a formal name.

There were more Canada Geese raising hell but nothing to write home about.

And then came Monday.  Rain.  Freezing rain.  Electricity goes out at 8 am.  I start work at 9 am.  Thankfully I don’t need to blow-dry my hair and it’s bright enough, sorta, outside to do my face, what little I do, do.  First day of work.  Great. I have to scrape my car.  It is April friggen 8th!  Whatevs.  Get to work, meet the new peeps, do my day, all goes well and leave by 4 pm.  (By the way, electricity came back on at about 12:30, I’m told.)

Walk outside.  What?  I come out from work to see this?

OK, OK.  It’s April.  We know foolish things can happen in this month.

Then today happens.  Andrea and I decide to go for breakfast.  It’s chilly.  Back into the negatives.  Sigh. Put on a thicker coat and off we go.  Enjoying a nice breakfast with endless cups of coffee and look outside.  What in the name of all that is holy is that white shit falling like it was bloody Christmas Eve?  For realz?

Umm… April SHOWERS bring May flowers, my ass.

Sorry folks, apparently we are gonna skip that shit this year.







102 thoughts on “What Happens When You Procrastinate

  1. Q,

    What in the blessed name of Snow Miser is winter still doing with your part of the continent? It’s a good thing you peeps are so much more civilized than your brothers and sisters to the south, else your meteorologists would have to wear kevlar when they left the house.

    Those Irish wolfhounds are just the bomb. So beautiful.

    Why do male birds tend to be more colorful? Or is it just the robins and ducks?

    I wouldn’t say ‘spring’ too loudly. You might piss off the neighbors.


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    • B,

      I don’t know what to tell you. And I dunno about being civilized coz there are some pissed off peeps over heah. Most of us are not jumping for joy, tell you what.

      Aren’t they? So much so I covered your blog with them for WW… ummm.

      Not just robins and ducks, peacocks and pretty much all birds need to do what they need to do to catch the ladies’ attentions. Whatever works. They they have the nerve to say females take so long to get ready. Look at what they are up against!

      I won’t say a word… dang I hate having snow on my birthday.


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  2. I thank you, Dale, for taking me with you this past week. I enjoyed your cousin’s company. I’m not a dog-person but was impressed by her dogs. I shivered through the snow. A good reminder not to grouch about UK weather: Spring has sprung here,, across the pond, but that doesn’t mean that it’s consistently warm. And I admire, with no little jealousy, your fantastic wildlife (bird) photos. (Flowers and fungi for me, they stand still!). All in all, a good read. Enjoyed. 🙂

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  3. Love the dogs Dale!
    Bit chilly then. It was freezing cold last night when I got home, but at 5.30 when I let the dog out, it wasn’t too bad. At least the car wasn’t frosted up as it had been last week!

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  4. a. For the record you ARE a great story teller (why I like ya so much, among other things), and this does NOT mean hogging the conversation, but keeping it flowing in interesting directions.
    b. Them pooches are giants. One takes another job just to feed them … 😉 (happily, but still…)
    c. Procrastinating is good for you (I’m convinced and I practice it regularly)
    d. Snow in April is SO last year!
    XOXO from warmer climes …

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  5. Dear Dale,

    Don’t sell your camera short, or your ability to take stunning shots. We have quite a few Canadian geese who came to Missouri and stayed. They’ve been known to dive bomb my roof. 😉 Guess they prefer our winters since migrating no longer seems to be on their agenda.
    I agree with Na’ama. You are a great storyteller.
    Love this piece…negatives and all.

    Shalom and lotsa warm hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh, it’s pretty good and I’m decent with it – just can only get so close. They are noisy critters, aren’t they? Can you blame them?
      And thank you – and you’ve heard me… adds an element 😉.
      Thank you, my friend.

      Lotsa love and shalom!



  6. How wonderful that you reconnected with your cousin! And those dogs–wow!
    You are a great storyteller, and I can tell you are fun to be with. 🙂
    Love your photos. I only have a phone camera.
    I’ve already commented about the ice and snow. Ugh! So sorry for you–not the kind of April showers to have it all.

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  7. There you go..another winter-like snowfall in spring…I guess we’re used to it by now! Not 😦
    Great pics by the way!
    Don’t you love catching up with friends or family?
    Always a hoot 🙂

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    • Ugh. Double Ugh. NAY! Triple UGH!
      Thank you, dahlink.
      Yes, I do. And Sonia and I had been close for a while so I really missed her.


  8. Sorry for the winter in spring thing y’all have going on up there. Your visit sounds like fun. And I think they were just telling you you’re a good storyteller, which you are!

    p.s. I was on The YouTube and found some vids by you. You were cooking and having fun doing it! Fun stuff.

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    • Ah well, the joys of living in this part of the globe.

      You didn’t! LOL! Mick and I did five of them. Another was recorded and in the editing stage – he was having problems with it so it never got published – when he passed away. Maybe I’ll find a way to revive it. It was mega fun to do.


  9. Ok, first off, fabulous birds (and your knowledge is probably far superior to my own on them)! I confess, I stopped lugging my big lens/camera around when I got my new iPhone in October. I always have my cell phone with me, but don’t want to lug the heavies around when I’m walking the dogs.

    And as for the ‘change’ in the weather…it was 80 freaking degrees F yesterday, today a blizzard is forecast. It’s lightly snowing but not accumulating. Yet. Just glad I cleaned out the biggest flowers beds from the winter accumulation of dead stuff. This afternoon will be a good day to bake something tasty and chock full of needless calories. 😂#lovecomfortfood

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  10. Procrastination, now that’s a religion I can get into (no I won’t explain dat).

    Good for you for reconnecting. It was due it seems. Funny how fast time flies. I have a list of reconnects, but my cast of characters with names like Punker Jim, Seedy Tom, Krazy Kim and the list goes on, its no biggie if it never happens. Again good f’ur you, Eh!.

    And like happy hour its always winter somewhere. I seen you had ice and stuff that day -and the lights went in Montreal (is that a song?). I think I cut my grass, then came inside and watched the snow fall on the web cam at the place out east. O’h Canada, huh. Anyhoot hoot hoot, thanks for a good shhspring read from the World Of Dale.

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    • No need for explanations, dear Calvin, you are preaching to the choir!

      It seems so. Funny how one thing leads to another. It was our time, I’m thjnkin’. I’m kinda lucky. There are quite a few reconnects where the face-to-face actually did happen. Others, well que sera sera.

      Ya well. I’m more than done with this one. Cut your grass? You are just being mean, now.

      Glad you enjoyed Dale’s blah blah of the week.


      • I was on the lamb in the DR for the first week of March, I hoped that this winter crap would behind us. But. No! It twern’t.

        Yes I really did cut the grass. It’s not called the banana belt for nothing. I called my brother who is eight hours north to rub it in. He still has six feet of granular snow pack. But the bears are starting to come out of hibernation, so he’s tickled pink.


        • Dang. I so wish I were on the lamb… anywhere but here!

          I’d forgotten that expression. Nice area. My aunt had a cottage on Lake Erie – many a good time was spent there. My sisters live 15 minute away so there is no teasing from me 😉


          • Long term lamb is the way to book it. Me thinks.

            The Lake Erie shore was my stomping grounds growing up, still is I guess. But the lost voyageur inside, went east instead of west and discovered the Atlantic. Since we only have two directions to choose from in these parts, if one has to flow in a particular direction. It is best to flow east to the Atlantic then North to Hudson Bay……ugh, tough skin, make good canoe!

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          • Yeah. I had one booked for March 31 but cancelled it when my house didn’t sell. And then it did but it was too late. Next time.

            Fun stuff. So whereabouts are you, then? I knew it was Ontario but can’t remember if you told me (my bad if you did).
            Ha ha! Like that: tough skin, make good canoe.


          • Tough skin, is from an old newfie joke. I won’t tell you whole stink’n joke, but punch line comes, when the Newfie takes a fork. Then pokes holes all over his body. Saying to the Native Chief, ” yer not going to make no canoe out of me”.
            Tough skin make good canoe, would make a good title for an autobiography.

            Am kind sorta, although not exactly, in the golden horseshoe, a couple hundred klicks west of Hog Town. Where some might say, the anus of Canada. I wouldn’t but some do. That said, two years ago I bought a second home in Nova Scotia for a place to retire and retread for the next stage in life. That’s all Doc.

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          • Haha! And they say Newfies aren’t that smart. Of course we know that’s not true.
            And that would be a great title for my own autobiography!

            Alrighty then. You did mention Nova Scotia once. One of the two provinces on my to-visit list.


  11. Here the latecomers…. just that, NOT PROCRASTINATE! 😉 (Do you know that this is one of the most amazing English words to me, and also one I really had to dig in my heels to say and write?!)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those hounds! They are amazing. Couldn‘t even concentrate on your story, had to go back and again to view them in action. One sure needs a lot of space to keep them happy but if you have it AND love to roam for hours, I can‘t think of much better than this!
    A few times I did the same thing as you. Having led a quite moving/movemental/varied (???) life, I had and lost a number of friends/cousins/etc. When I tried to get back to them, I had to realise that they didn‘t care as much as me to re-start or re-continue the close relationship from ‚before‘ (1st mariage, moving to another country, work). That was a bitter disclosure to me, but in the end I realised that I can‘t be good for everybody and that, if there is no longer an interest at the other end, I better count my losses and close ‚that particular chapter‘.
    Sincerely hope you‘ll do better with your cousin. I‘m happy for both of you that it worked out so well. I‘ve ‚found‘ one cousin of mine some years ago and we went along like a house on fire, then his very capable, supremely intelligent and slightly domineering wife put a halt on it and I haven‘t heard a word from them since! The saddest part of THIS story is that they also cut all contact with my mother whom they used to visit 1-2x per year ‚before‘. We both (mum and me) don‘t understand the feelings of said woman (who really is a fantastic woman and a devoted wife) but had to accept that it was what it was.

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    • It is quite a word, I’ll give you that!
      They are beauties, aren’t they? Maybe I should have given you more pictures 😉
      Life gets in the way sometimes and Sonya felt a need to back away from her family which made her lose touch with more family like me (we’re 2nd cousins). But that’s ok. We’ve reconnected and that’s what matters. And her husband isn’t jealous like your cousin’s wife. I’ll never understand people like that and it’s too bad for you all. He made his choice by letting his wife determine his circle. His loss as well.

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