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Do Not Fear Me – Friday Fictioneers

Why is it so hard to write stories to my own pictures?  Yes, my readers, it is Wednesday afternoon here in sunny (finally) Montreal.  After a nice belated birthday brunch with my sister, I found myself staring at my picture trying to come up with something.  For those who are curious, this is St-François-Xavier Street in Old Montreal, just across from the lovely Centaur Theatre.  How cool that the buildings in back are all lit up and the rest in darkness, eh?  Anyhoo.  Thanks to Rochelle for “picking me!” this week.

If you care to join in on the 100-word challenge, do click on the frog below to add your link.  G’head.  It’s a great exercise in learning how to get rid of excess words and getting to the point without any detours.  Not always easy and we all, at one time or another worry we don’t succeed, but hey, practice makes better!

Click me to play!


Do Not Fear Me

“Come, step out from the shadows.  Show yourself to me.”

She cowered further in the doorway, straining to listen for footsteps.

“Don’t be afraid.  I won’t hurt you.  You’re safe with me.”

She trembled.

“I can feel your fear.  It’s misplaced.”

His voice was calm, warm, and not a little seductive.  And — familiar.  Against her better judgment, she stepped forward.

“That’s right, come to me. You want to.”

“I don’t want—”

“Yes, you do.”

“No….,” but she took another step.  “Bill?  What the hell?  You scared me half to death!”

“You said you wanted more excitement in our lives, babe.”



163 thoughts on “Do Not Fear Me – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I’m really curious on what led up to this. Why was she hiding in the shadow? Anyway, I don’t know if he knows how to show a lady a good time, but he obviously knows how to elevate her heart rate 😉

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  2. Call me crazy. Call me LLLLLuice. A facade of fear. You strummed the strings just to edge.

    In Everywhere, that’s how they roll. You know. Down there on the lower east side of Nowhere.

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  3. Q,

    There is a ghostly quality to that picture, yanno.

    For someone who finds it quite difficult to write about her own photographs, you sure did a fine job of piecing the two together for this one. That alley, with all its shadows . . it’s a perfect spot if you’re looking to give someone a scare.

    Bill knew what he was doing . . .



    • Dear Rochellle,

      I’m thinking she wanted some spice in her life. Bill might have gone a tad off the rails! 😁
      Glad you liked my pic enough to use it 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love,



      • Of course not … one of the WP quirks. I turned off email notifications, so turning them on acts like a new following. Weird because still showed following at this end. Meanwhile, just working my way back into the flow. Moving is on?

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        • Dontcha just love WP? It has decided that for certain posts, I can no longer “like” them with my phone. Rather annoying.
          Hope you enjoyed your time away.
          Move is for June 1 and I have a good dang cold (accumulated stress, I’m blaming). So much to do and everything at once. Trying to breathe deeply and just go one job at a time.

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  4. I’m not so sure that this is the excitement she wanted. Bill will have to turn down the creep factor and think of other things that might be exciting. Fun story.

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  5. Bill must have done a heck of a job disguising his voice, otherwise she would’ve recognized him right away. I thought the story would turn sinister… glad it was only Bill’s misguided attempt at being “exciting”! J’aime bien cette photo, ma chère. 🙂

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  7. Bravo! You surprised me! I thought she would be a cat or something… and then he might be a killer… but now I’m wondering, if she didn’t know it was Bill, why did she step out? Wonder if he’s wondering the same thing! Nicely done, Dale!

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