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A Better Plan – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

Thought I was gonna forgo Crispina’s weekly challenge.  My head was too stuffed up to think up something half-assed decent.  Feelling better and since Zeke is too tired to go for a walk with me as he already went a-running, I figured I’d let him rest whilst I cooked up something for Crispina’s wonderful cabin photo.  Now I don’t usually do sequels, but I couldn’t resist. To find out the rules and regs (I mean, there are still two days before her next one, so… yanno, if’n ya want to) click here.

A Better Plan

Do you think I’m going to trust you after that last crazy stunt you pulled trying to add spice?  Talk about overkill.”

Bill had the grace to look contrite.  “Not one of my finer moments, admittedly.  But Harry’s plan backfired, too, remember?  Helen had the crap scared out of her but it all worked out in the end.  Now they’re both spies!”

“For the love of…. that was a movie, you fool!  Plus Harry really was a spy so he was better equipped.”

” Yeah. Anyway.  Trust me.  Let me blindfold you.”


“Gin, I promise.  This one you will love.  Turn around.”

“You better not—”

“Shhhh.  Now, sit quietly while I drive, please?”

Seething yet curious, Gin sat back, arms crossed, lips a thin line.

Bill stopped the car, opened the door for her, helped her out and free’d her eyes.

“Ta-dah!  Our weekend getaway.  Just you and me.”

“Oh, Bill!”


150 words

52 thoughts on “A Better Plan – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

  1. And they had big hugs, and kisses, and they quickly hung curtains (drapes to you) at the window and got down to some serious making up. 🙂
    But seriously, Dale. even with a head full of gunk, you’ve hit the mark. Nice one. Well done. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I’ll have you know we hang curtains, too 😉 And it is such a secluded cabin, methinks they might actually forget to 😉
      Thank you. Must be ’cause the head is a tad less full 😀


  2. Q,

    That Bill is such a scoundrel, you can’t trust him. LOL.

    He always finds a way to Gin things up, but you really need eyes in the back of your head to keep up with his shenanigans. He’s the walking, talking definition of that word! 🙂


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