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Getting the Goods – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #24

So, talk about last minute, eh?  This challenge is issued on Wednesdays and here I am on a Tuesday, finally submitting something.

Crispina’s rules and regs are wide open.  Click here if you care to join, or to see the link-ups to other stories.  I went way out there with this one.  Without divulging a thing, let’s see if you can see who my characters are…

Getting the Goods

“Left! Mumble! Left! — Left! Right! Left!  Forwaaaard, march!”

“Bloody hell, Marty, where are we going?” whispered Pete.

Before he could respond, Sargeant yelled, “Quiet, Private! No talking in the ranks!”

Out of the corner of his mouth, Marty said, “Can’t you see?”

“I can see, alright.”  Then louder,  “What I don’t understand is why we can’t just go under, Sarg.  We can get in, grab the goods, get out.”

“Do you not remember the last time, Private? We were ambushed by toxic powder.  This time we go up on the side and then go in and follow those ridges.  They will give us a great grip on our way to the opening.  Once on the other side, we will gather the goods and get out.”

“We don’t even know if there will be any goods!”

“I sent a scout. There is a huge bowl of jellybeans on the table!”


149 words


53 thoughts on “Getting the Goods – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #24

  1. Dear Dale,

    Glad Crispina figured it out. I was the dense one here…Slaps forehead. Ah. Toxic powder. Under the door. Yeesh. It all makes sense now. Funny stuff. I always liked the purple jelly beans the best…and not just for the colour. 😉



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      As I told your luv, it was not an “in-your-face” obvious thing… But I’m glad you can see it now that it has been figured out 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love and giggles,



  2. Q,

    I read this twice. Slowly. And then it hit me.


    I have ants right now. The rites of spring, those little fuckers . . I mean buggers . . no, I mean fuckers . . they just make themselves at home! Like . . as if I sent them a written invitation!

    This is smart! I didn’t go there the first time I read it. I was thinking barbarians at the gate, thanks to the pic. But then . . the jellybeans. And it was as if Ronald Reagan hit me upside the head and was like “Hey! Numbnuts! She’s writing about ants!”

    You got me! Almost . . . 😉


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    • B,

      So glad you took the time to read it twice. I know I was relatively subtle though I did give a little nudge in my intro to those who wished to take the time…

      You got it!.

      I have those little fuckers too. Emptied my little recycling bin into the big one but when I picked it up, the floor was MOVING! Fuuuuuuckkkk!

      Glad you thought what you though… then thought some more.

      I am a tad nuts, eh? Glad I almost got you…. 😉


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    • Yes and YES! Glad you enjoyed my foray into a mix of “Ant Bully” and “Antz” – still a kid at heart 😉
      It is a fun challenge as pretty much anything is accepted!

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