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What is Normal? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #25

Crispina’s CCC challenge is one that I enjoy as it is open to pretty much anything!  All she asks is that we not go past 150 words.  To see just what you can do, click here.

What is Normal?

“She doesn’t get out enough!”

“Has she no real friends?”

“She should try to be more sociable.”

“Must she always be drawing on her pad?”

“I really don’t think this is good for her.”

“This is not normal behaviour.”


Why can’t they just leave me alone?

They don’t understand that I am happy.

Who determines what is normal?

I have a terrific on-line community.

Not sociable! I participate in Comic-cons and expos. Seems to me that takes sociability.

I just wish they would stop judging me and accept me for who I am.


Jennifer’s thoughts disappeared as she sat by the pond, drawing in her ever-present pad, the latest of many she had accumulated since she was old enough to hold a pencil.  How lucky she was to have parents who encouraged her, allowing her to become a successful artist, earning a living doing what she loves.


This video is close to my heart as my niece created this as her graduating piece.  She dedicated it to both my late father and late husband, both who inspired and encouraged her.  This video also won her a trip to Switzerland!

78 thoughts on “What is Normal? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #25

    • Thank you! And people always seem to have their opinion on what is right, We all get “turned on” but different things and no one is better than the other.
      Glad you liked.


  1. I also really enjoyed the split perspectives. Brilliant writing! I love the line, “who determines what’s normal?” Something I’ve contemplated especially as I’m getting older. Your niece is incredibly talented.

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  2. You excel yourself, Dale. Love the way you’ve given parents’ v youngster’s pov. And the animation … wow. Relay my impressediness to your niece. Brillig, both of you. Gold stars all round

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  3. I like your poem of accepting and acceptance, but I love your niece’s video. I’m happy for her that it was well-received–and that she won a trip to Switzerland for it! Wow!
    The dedication is lovely and special, too.
    My older daughter now creates her art on a tablet, too.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Love the video and already feel a kinship to your niece. Normal? “Normal” is a setting on a washing machine. People shouldn’t be labeled like pickles and jam. So well done. A beautiful write, my friend. You just keep getting better and better.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Don’t I know this one would strike a chord with you… glad you enjoyed the video.
      I love that ‘normal is a setting…’ and even more ‘labeled like pickles and jam’ – such great expressions!
      Thank you so much my friend.

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  5. This is a great piece! Teens, more than anyone, seem targeted by this well-meaning but misguided attitude. They’re finding out who they are and pressures to conform are insidious. So good that she has supportive parents. Mine always encouraged my creative endeavors, but there was a lot of coercion, too.

    Your niece’s video is amazing! Loved it!!

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    • Isn’t that so true! The comments are from well-meaning places but unfortunately also short-sighted. I think she would have become an artist no matter what. She is compelled to do it.

      So glad you watched and enjoyed the video (one of many I love).

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    • Awww… thank you, Peter!
      And to have it showcased in a contest in Switzerland to boot. Her sister shall have to be in a future write… she’s just as talented 🙂
      And thank you xo

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  6. This. Is. Fantastic!!!
    I love the story you added and I absolutely ADORE the video! What talent! And what a lovely tribute! (I know I’m using lotta exclamation points but … hey, that’s what they’re FOR!!!).

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  7. Q,

    What a perfect way to use this challenge. Because you’re right, too many people put the ‘ab’ in front of normal because it doesn’t jibe with their idea of what ‘normal’ should look like. Never mind that there is no real world definition for the thing. Normal is, as the news term goes . . a fluid situation.

    You’ve touched on the variables that exist (and in this case flourish) in the human condition. Everyone lives a different normal. The gift, which you possess, obviously, is in appreciating the differences.

    Brava and Booyah and thank you for this wonderful reminder.


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