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Filling in For Venice – What Pegman Saw

Today Pegman travels to the City of Bridges. A site of great historical importance in the French and Indian War of the 1750s, Fort Duquesne was built by the French at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. The British replaced it with Fort Pitt a few years later and the city grew up around the military establishment.

Pittsburgh is an interesting city where skyscrapers tower over 18th-century fortifications and funicular railroads crawl up steep hillsides. Stroll and around and see if you can find something that interests you. When you’re done, write 150 words and link to the prompt using the frog below. Remember, reading and commenting is part of the fun!

Knowing nothing about Pittsburgh, I did me a little Googling (which is what this challenge is all about) and discovered more than I thought I would.  I might even be inclined to visit this place one day!

Thanks to Karen and Josh for hosting.

Filling in For Venice

“Pittsburgh?  You want to take me to Pittsburgh? Dude… That is not what I meant when I said I wanted to travel and discover new places. Pittsburgh is a long way off from Europe and not exactly what I would picture as a cultural place to traipse through.”

“Don’t be such a hardass. Give it a try, will ya?”

“I heard it rains a lot there.  Worse than Seattle!”

“So what? It rains a lot in England, yet you still want to go there.”

“Which is in Europe.”

“There are lots of things to see and do, I promise you.”

“I suppose…”

“Maybe we can even catch a baseball or a football game between visits of museums like the Carnegie or Andy Warhol.

“A little something for each of us, eh?”

“Wait, I didn’t tell you the best part.  Pittsburgh has 446 bridges.  Way more than Venice!”

“Next best thing, right?”

51 thoughts on “Filling in For Venice – What Pegman Saw

  1. Pittsburgh isn’t my idea of a great place to visit, but as in your narrative, those 446 bridges might be enough to sway me, knowing my obsession with the constructions.
    Loved your take on it, Dale

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I guess one could say you bridged a gap. (Yeah someone had to go there. 😉 ) There really are a lot of sites to see and places to go in the States. I love the dialogue and the bit of a tour, as always in your natural style that is so endearingly Dale-licious. After Pittsburgh you’ll have to take in Kansas City, the City of Fountains. 😉



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  3. Great take on the prompt–you’ve crafted a persuasive take on Pittsburgh–you’ve convinced me too. The dialogue was fun and crafty! Don’t forget to stop in Iowa on your way to KC 😉

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  4. A friend of mine tried to prank me last year by telling me he was going to be in Venice for some meetings. My mind, of course, went to Europe, but apparently he was ‘just’ taking the train to Pittsburgh … 🙂
    Hey, at least he didn’t have jetlag!

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  5. Q,

    Pittsburgh is ayt. But their baseball stadium does happen to be the best in the game, in my humble baseball fan opinion. I am not sure that makes it worth the visit, but hey . . it’s something right?

    And the bridges . . who knew? I mean, outside of you and maybe some of the locals. Funny you should mention the bridges, because they play a key role in one of the Dark Knight movies. Which were not shot in Venice, for obvious reasons.

    To the Steel City!


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    • B,

      If I’da had more than 150 words, I would have mentioned the stadium, really truly.

      Who knew, indeed? Well, I suppose the Pittsburgh residents do. Do the “Three Sisters Bridges” show up in the movie? Imma have to rewatch it! Probably not. They are not “True Venice-Like”…

      To the Steel City of Bridges!



  6. This is priceless. To tell you the truth, I was less than excited about traveling to Pittsburgh last year with my daughter (she is nuts for Anthrocon, the yearly Furry convention), but the town grew on me as I walked around. It’s not really known as a garden spot, but like other towns of dubious reputation, people are pretty loyal to it. I liked it pretty well. It sure is green!

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  7. I like what you did with Pittsburgh. I live only four hours from there. My dad went to college at Carnegie Tech, which is now Carnegie Melon. I’ve seen where the rivers come together and gone to a baseball game in the great new stadium. However, I never knew Pittsburgh is called the City of Bridges. 🙂

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