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Worth the Risk – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #26

Crimson’s Creative Challenge is upon us once again.  Though we can respond in so many ways, I was compelled to go with both poetry AND  responding photo (OK, I often include a responding photo without saying so 😉 )

To find out how to respond, just click here and Crispina lays it all out!  Thanks for the challenge!

Worth the Risk

Way up high and out of reach

Visible but to discerning eye

Accessibility, an illusion

To most, the climb too high


No path to speak of, here

Must not have fear of risk

Briers and brambles will hinder

And still, arrival guarantees no bliss


No promise made, is the one thing certain

Though a measure of satisfaction may be derived

To have made the journey with heart wide open

Will always be better than to never have tried.


~ 81 words

62 thoughts on “Worth the Risk – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #26

  1. I admire poets – especially because my poetry skill is limited … so well done stepping outside the box. Many times you conclude with a surprise or zing, but not this time. Your tone resembled the climb up the hill. Well done, Dale.

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  2. Q,

    Dare I say . . . and I begin with ‘Dare’ because I want you to know I’m dealing up the legit reserve for this compliment . . . your poetry has gotten stronger than ever.

    You made short shrift of your post last night in our conversation, and mind you . . at the time I wasn’t sure what you’d written. I didn’t know it was poetry and I sure as hell didn’t know it was this. Which isn’t short shrift by any measure of the term.

    I’m glad you do this as part of the challenges you take part in, but personally, I would like to see a stand alone some time. Maybe a poem that is inspired by a photograph you take or an exchange you have or just a thought in your head.



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