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Fields of Green – Crispina’s Creative Challenge

A lovely Thursday to you all! The sun is shining (finally) but it’s not overly warm. I’ll take it over rain any day! Crispina’s challenge draws me in so… a little poem between our images! Why not?

Far and away, over the fields of green

One could be treated to a lovely scene

Just follow along the flowers of white

A gaggle of geese before they take flight!

56 thoughts on “Fields of Green – Crispina’s Creative Challenge

  1. Q,

    I swear, yet another refreshingly ‘vintage’ feeling to a post. I was remarking about how my post felt ‘old timey’ because it featured a young lady writing a letter (Tell me when you last heard of a kid writing a letter) and a criminal brandishing a hatchet.

    And now you hit us with a poem, that rhymes! And a wonderful frolic at that.

    Score another challenge conquered!


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    • B,

      I was getting all complicated and then flushed the whole damn thing. Then, during an extremely quiet time at work (shh. don’t tell, k?) I just wrote this – vintage, eh? – thing.

      Your post felt “old-timey”? I absolutely love that a young girl wrote – ON PAPER – a letter. That is, as far as I am concerned, a wonderful thing.

      ‘Twas just a silly thing. And I am glad you enjoyed.

      Gracias, mi amigo (just want you to know that I am working on what you challenged me to dol)


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  2. Poke poke. Jab jab the Jester sitting, reading, waiting for, and to take flight.. Poetry the rip chord I need on this long tiresome day. And I think with me jester cap screwed on…why not a gaggle of flowers or a flock of flowers printed on my frock. A lovely scene you stitched and it didn’t cost a buck. Yeah the plane’s here

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