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Childhood – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday, so I’m Friday Fictioneering!  Yessiree.  This photo by J. Hardy Carroll, chosen by our facilitator by excellence, Rochelle, brought me immediately to childhood.  One like I had.  When times were simpler and freer.

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“Go outside and play. Be home for supper.” Mom dismissed us to go do what children do.

We went to the park. We played games we invented. We hung upside down on the monkey bars. We played hide-and-seek. We disputed. We negotiated. We settled.

Always too soon, Daddy whistled for us to get home for supper.

We jumped on our bikes, disbanding with promises to be back at the park tomorrow.

Nowadays? Kids aren’t allowed out of sight of their parents’ watchful eyes. Everything is scheduled. They’ve no freedom to figure out how to settle the score on their own.


165 thoughts on “Childhood – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Growing up, I used to ride my red Schwinn bike freely in the neighborhood. I spent very little time at home in the summertime, but was out and about safely roaming the around with friends. Raising my kids, we had to watch them closer than when I was a child. By increments, the world has gotten less safe. Great story, I love the last line.

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    • Wasn’t it great? Friends came knocking on the door and we were out all day! We had to watch ours closer because everyone is so fearful, ours would be left all alone anyway. Sigh.
      Glad you enjoyed.

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  3. WOWSA … on your huge # of comments. BRAVO!!!
    Excuse the absence of the ‘Like’ on your story. My button
    isn’t working. I’m behind on commenting so I’ll figure it out soon enough. I enormously ‘Like’ this story. Fun times being outside. I loved hop scotch, jump rope, riding my red schwinn I inherited from my older sister. We couldnt stray from my block but being outdoors, no matter how hot it got in the summer, was pure freedom. I don’t think the kids miss this style of fun. If you don’t know something how can you miss it?
    Loved the nostalgia in this tale, Dale. Have a great week …
    Izzy 😎

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