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Moving Day – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday. I must move my tush to get myself to work but I took a break to write this little story based on my real Saturday last.  Sort of. Only have 100 words so did what I could. A post about the move will definitely be coming, so till then, enjoy this “crib note version”!

Thank you to Rochelle for hosting and to c.e. ayr for his photo, this week. Click on the frog to play or read other stories. G’head, it’s fun.

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Moving Day

That’s a right pretty house you got there. 

Thanks, I’m pretty pleased with it.

Cool. When’s the move?

Next week. Movers are scheduled for noon.

I’ll come early and help with boxes and stuff.

Yay! I’ll take all the help I can get!


Your washer and dryer are hooked up and we’ve moved everything we could but we can’t stay. Tell me again what time these movers are supposed to be here?

Eight hours ago!

Wish we could stay.

Nah. Not like we can help them.

Hey! Here they come!

Perfect timing.

Is that irony in your voice?

Ya think?

146 thoughts on “Moving Day – Friday Fictioneers

    • I’ll let you know, Neil. The movers finished at 1:30 am and er had to go back to the old house to get that which they couldn’t fit and refused to return for .

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  1. Q,

    Fact and fiction were neck and neck in this one. My God, I cannot believe the timing of this move. Unheard of. But what is it they say? All’s well that ends well. And umm . . you want me to find the peeps who said that and kick their asses for ya? No prob.

    Seriously, how can you fit a long day’s journey into night into 100 measly words? You’ve got more stuff on the cutting room floor than a Hollywood blockbuster production starring half the town’s talent! And yet . . as per the uuzz, you somehow were able to finagle and winnow and nail it.

    Pass the packing tape! No, pass the wine!



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    • B,

      The only fiction is that there house. Unfuckingbelievable. And yes, please. Find em and do whatcha gotta do.

      That I do… So I’ll regale you with a decent post with way more than 100 words – and probably leave you chuckling. Glad my “adventure” came across, though.

      I have no more tape! The movers came sans tape (ran out on the previous job) and used up MY SEVEN ROLLS!

      Bring da wine. Lots of it.


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  2. It sounds as though you had an er… exhilarating move, Dale. Hope you’re settled in now and getting straight. I love moving house but I understand it’s not for everybody.

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  3. I’ve moved so many times I lost count after 15 and I hated almost everything about them. The ONLY saving grace is how clean and organized everything is for a week after unpacking.

    Hope everything is getting settled for you. You deserve a good rest and plenty of wine. 😄

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  4. And now the real fun begins. The unpacking. The finding homes for everything. The arranging and rearranging. The excuse to buy this and that new cos the old just won’t go. Sort of envy you.

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      • Yea, I remember the downsizing, and getting rid of ancient clutter. This was partway through ME/CFS, when I was no longer able to work. In removing the clutter I mistakingly threw out research notes which I needed for the subsequent writing of was Feast Fabvles, became Asaric Tales, in now The Spinner’s Game. Yet in repeating the research, the inspiration was renewed.
        You have my sympathy. Yet I remember with my downsizing, even though ill, there was much excitement too and thought of buying new (not that I had the money for it!)

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  5. Sometimes the best fiction is … non-fiction …
    Well done, you — and I mean on many fronts these past few days. Rolling with the punches and all that.
    Been sending you good Juju (dunnow if it helps or if it is allowed across the border, but I’m thinking, it can hurt to send some …)

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  6. Dear Dale,

    You’ve had quite the rough ride so far. Hopefully it’s going to get better. Moving isn’t fun. I remember our last move and am not ready to repeat it any time soon. I do wish I could make a trip up to help. Hang tough, my friend. Oh and a good write in your own right. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa extra hugs,



    • Dear Rochelle,

      It’s been a ride all right! Good thing I can find the humour or is lose my mind.
      And thank you. Glad you enjoyed.

      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  7. We moved out of the back door as the new people moved in at the front having arrived a week early. She was gazillion months pregnant and about to pop, so my Dad was as considerate as he always was, hence us moving into our new house in darkness as we had no electricity yet.

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    • Oh. Em. Gee! Now that is a nightmare I would not want to go through… Nevermind the back door front door thing! The gazillion months pregnant thing! Oy!

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  8. Welcome to your new home! ⚡️💥I’m happy for you. You’ve been through some harsh life stuff, and I admire the way you are setting yourself free!

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  9. Cute story. My daughter will be moving soon and I sure do dread it as Dad will get drafted to help move the heavy stuff. 😦

    You got a good story out of yours, perhaps I’ll get something too. 🙂

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  10. What a bunch of cowboys those removal people were! I mean, coming without rolls of tape – unbelievable! I hope they didn’t break anything. Good luck with the downsizing cull; I don’t envy you that at all.

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    • Seriously.
      Running out is so not professional…
      Only the base of a lamp fell and crashed. Might have happened to me anyway.
      I’ll have no choice!!

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      • I understand, when we moved for third time we arrived in the pouring rain, the previous owners were eating breakfast and had not packed a thing. The house had been legally ours since midnight the previous day! They took their time moving. We had to take our removal men out for breakfast. Plus we got charged extra because the job was delayed. I had a small toddler not yet two and I was pregnant. The pram which was on the roof rack was soaked through took days to dry out. The previous owners only moved several yards up the road! We have moved since …but no more 😲🙄💜💜 I do hope you will be very happy in your new home 💜💜

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  11. Hi Dale,
    ‘LIKE’ that’s because I don’t have use of the button yet. ~~~ : – (
    on your new home … Blessings for a Happy Home.
    My husband had his own packing business. He was subcontracted by Mayflower Van Lines. He was the guy who came in and packed your belongings. Many people do their own packing but those who can’t, don’t want to pack or are military moves call a mover for help; then, the moving company calls my hubby for completion. On many occassions he had customers crying and nervous about their time frames to move and on leaving their memories behind. He did it so long that he felt like he should go into move counseling. ~~~ : – )
    They say that compared to death moving is the 2nd most stressful thing we’ll go through in life. I believe it involves so many things and emotions people don’t realize they’ll go through. Hope the dust has begun to settle. Nicely expressed in your story …
    Izzy 😎

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    • I hate stupid WP for that. Some sites I can “like” and others I can’t. What is up with that?
      Anyways.. I definitely believe it is one of the most stressful things to go through. I am trying to be zen and taking my time getting stuff to where it belongs but man… downsizing is not an easy thing!

      I so believe your husband must have felt like a counsellor at times!

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      • When you’re overwhelmed – STOP – and breathe and begin again when you’re able. We put so many expectations on ourselves to have everything perfect. When you move nothing is perfect and nothing is where it should be. After all, it isn’t like you’re going to move any time soon. Plus, anyone who doesn’t like the boxes or chaos can help or zip-it. ~~~~ : )
        BUT … if you have a toothbrush and clean underwear …. what else do you need???!!! LOLOL BREATHE dear friend BREATHE 🙏

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  12. You mentioned this story on FB, but I still can’t believe it. What an unprofessional group of movers! I hope you finally got everything moved and set up. You can always take your time unpacking.
    In any case, wishing you all the best in your new home, Dale!

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  13. A good story based on truth, Dale. Our last move in the U.S. was a nightmare: not enough boxes, things improperly packed, my forty-year-old high school class ring disappeared, repacking by the shipping company cost us lots extra. Our other moves had all gone so well, too. All the best on getting finally moved in, Dale. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Thank you Francine. That means a lot that you feel that I do.
      The worst is over in that I am in the house and have a bed to sleep on and dishes to eat off of…food? Well, we’ll take care of that soon 😉 tee hee…


  14. I dread moving house. My OCD kicks into overdrive. And suddenly I’m possessive over items I’ve never seen in years or used in as much either, and I worry about losing stuff on the way. Hope it went better than that at least!

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    • Why do we do that to ourselves?
      There are things that I know I probably won’t ever use but they were lugged over anyway. I do plan, however to hole a mega garage sale and get rid of it. I have no choice. There is no room for it.


  15. It’s no fun. I like the frustration in the dialogue – it’s very realistic. Funny that. I’ve been in the same situation more than once, and each time I swear it’s the last time.

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    • No, it’s not. And I feel I shall be living in this mess for months… And we have a crazy week at work so we’re all doing 6 days this week. Not much time to place books into shelves 😉
      I’ll tell you what. It’s gonna be a long friggen time before I move again!

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  16. Hope you sent them a bill. I heard about someone whose mum is a hoarder, they basically moved everything from a big house to a smaller house and found themselves short of space.So they moved back again.

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  17. Irony in the voice… who wouldn’t have. Goodness, I’m glad you have it behind you. Well told. And I wouldn’t pay the full price for that move.

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  18. Moving is the worst. I recently had some experience with movers. My grandfather was a career mover. I expect people to be like him. The ones I contacted couldn’t have been less like him. I reached out to a bunch to get estimates. I just needed some furniture moved. The biggest issue is that is was a state away. They wanted thousands of dollars and to charge me for a full truck. One got back to me after the move was done. I ended up getting a U-Haul and hiring movers through them to load and unload. It saved thousands of dollars.

    I hope your move went well when they finally showed up, and you’re in and happy with your new milieu.

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    • Good for you on taking the route you took.

      They showed up at 8:30, finished by 1:30 but could not fit everything in the truck. They refused to go back and I sure as heck was not paying them more so we did the rest ourselves. Thankfully I moved only 450m away so my boys were able to wheel the BBQ home!

      I’ll be happy when I stop tripping over stuff and trying to figure out where to put said stuff I am tripping on!


      • 🤣 Wheel the BBQ home. 🤣

        My “aunt” moved recently. She had the same issue with things not fitting. She made them get another truck. She moved to another state well beyond wheeling distance.

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        • Haha! They did!!

          Oy. For sure if I had been moving far, my friends would not have moved all my boxes ourselves and there would have been a much bigger truck!

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