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Alone, Together – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my peeps! The sun has been shining for four days now!  Shhhh….don’t say anything, we don’t want to hex ourselves!

This week, Rochelle has given us her own photo to work with. Tell you what. I would not mind at all to find myself sitting in an airport waiting for my own flight. Till then, I guess I can only write about it! Do join in with your 100-word story about today’s pic. G’head. It’s fun!

©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Alone, Together

Airports are great.  They are the perfect places to be all alone whilst completely surrounded. You can stuff your nose into a book or eReader, use your computer, your cellphone, your electronic devices, and no one bothers you.

When tired of focussing on your device of choice, you can sit back and watch the people around you – make up stories about why they are there, who they are waiting for, where they are going. I love to people watch and create scenarios.

What’s my story, you ask? I’m just watching people, patiently waiting for my plane. Running away from home.

135 thoughts on “Alone, Together – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    One minute it seems you’re writing a documentary and the next you’re slapping me in the face with the very personal aspect. I love the way the last line brought it in for a crash landing. Well done, my friend.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,



  2. Q,

    As a writer, that’s what it is. The world is what we make it and that’s the beauty of the thing. There are times when I wish I was a painter, since that lends itself more to my personality. And I guess I could do the same thing with that, as far as the inspiration of mysteries that walk by. But as a writer, it’s the immediacy of constructing a story from the void that really gets me.

    Well spun! You’ve performed a double launch angle this morning as far as creative perspective is concerned. From shutter bug to writer. Brava!


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  3. Clever last line! Not just a twist to make the story zing – which it does, of course – but another example of your observation of the almost complete anonymity one gains in an airport.
    Well done!

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  4. I’m sure airports are so chock full of interesting stories they could fill books with every flight that goes out. It sounds like the narrator’s story is just as interesting as any of those she’s watching.

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    • No doubt. There was (is?) a show on CBC in Canada about departures and arrivals, called Hello Goodbye. A guy interviews people to find out their stories. Sooo goood. Real tear jerkers.
      And thank you 🙂

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  5. Hey you better come back! LOL
    I actually love sitting in airports with a cool magazine…and same here, once i’m done I love people watching 🙂 Safe travels! XOXO

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  6. You tell a great twisty-ending story. I’m with you about airports. I spent time in them coming and going to Minneapolis this past weekend. My stories would be about what I saw and heard while waiting with other wheelchair people lined up to board the plane.

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  7. Nicely done, Dale! I liked the little twist. 🙂

    I wish the sun would come out and blow away this icky stuff. Heavy rain overnight, and now we have a wet basement. There are lots of roads closed and even our Patco train system. More rain coming today. UGH.

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  8. Agree with you. Airport is a nice place to watch people as well as to do things you want, within certain limits. Kind of expensive, don’t you think. A shopping mall may serve the same purpose for free, almost!

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