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That’s Me! – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my readers! Hope this day finds you well. It is time for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the ever-present, Rochelle, who never lets us down. This week she chose this photo from Ted Strutz, whom I thank for allowing us to use.  I could not help but remember going to a concert in the cool Metropolis venue of Montreal back in 2008…

C’mon, click me!


That’s Me!

“Hello! Isn’t this the coolest?  When I got here I saw the marquee. MY NAME! IN LIGHTS!” She giggled. “It’s so exciting! My name has never up on a sign with lights. LIGHTS!” Her enthusiasm was authentic and infectious. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Ok. I’ll get over it and sing. That’s why you’ve come. — My name! Lights!”

She adjusted her fallen dress strap, picked up her guitar and with another squeal of delight, Roxanne started to play. Her smile was luminous and I  knew I was lucky to have seen her before stardom potentially made her blasé.

And maybe this live video works for those of you for whom the first one did not!



140 thoughts on “That’s Me! – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Hey! I liked your story. And, I like Roxanne, thank you for that.

    Kind of reminded me of when I saw Bob Dylan sitting on the stage of a big theater, him and his guitar, with about 300 other people. After a song, he looked out and said ‘Well you might as well all come down and sit in the front.’ and everyone did. I didn’t know who he was, but my girlfriend wanted to see him. I’ll never forget that concert.

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