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Cheering for My Neighbours – Friday Fictioneers

Good almost Thursday, my friends. Wasn’t sure where to go with this one, to be frank. Then, an exchange about the women’s FIFA and all the hullaballo and whatnot between Marc (B) and me (Q) came to mind and so, that’s where I went.

As most of you will be reading this tomorrow, let me just wish my American friends a


And thank you, of course, to Rochelle for hosting this weekly party and thanks to J.Hardy Carroll for the use of his pic! To play, click on the frog below. It’s fun and helps you cut the fat from your writing…

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Cheering For My Neighbours

“Go Team USA!”

“Wait. You’re Canadian, Q. What are you doing cheering for the USA team?”

“The way I see it, B, we’re neighbours. Besides, Canada is far from being a contender — for now.  Plus, I have friends like you across the border so, why not cheer for your team?”

“Mighty big of you, I must say.”

“It’s how I roll.  That said, should Canada become a contender, your cheering section goes down by one.”

“Understandable. I’d expect no less.

“Good thing. So, who are they playing in the finals?”

“You call yourself a soccer fan?”

“Never said I was…”

LYON, FRANCE – JULY 02: Alex Morgan of the USA celebrates after scoring her team’s second goal during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Semi Final match between England and USA at Stade de Lyon on July 02, 2019 in Lyon, France. (Photo by Maddie Meyer – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

128 thoughts on “Cheering for My Neighbours – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Yay for the US Women’s soccer team! Now we just have to hope everyone’s hamstrings and other everythings will be in peak condition comes the finals! 🙂
    Go TEAM USA!
    And thank you to the Neighbor from the North …

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  2. Q,

    Ninety minutes away bebe!

    And the ladies play the Netherlands- who are making their first ever appearance in the finals.

    Once again, a splendid display of mad skills and hilarious gamesmanship by the US women. Alex Morgan made like she was sipping tea after scoring a goal against England, which garnered plenty of criticism from the fans across the pond as well as members of England’s national team. But puhleeze let the record show that I had zero problemo with it? LOL. I thought it was actually quite clever. It’s why they’re a lightning rod for social media chatter, and I find them interesting as hell.

    Love the way you took to the pitch with this one, Q. And yes, if Canada were kicking it . . we would have one heckuva wager going right about now! 😉

    Peace, love and soccer,


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  3. I have a theory that the aim of the game isn’t to score goals but to raise the crowd to a frenzy of cheering.
    And I don’t care which team wins, I’ll cheer cos it’s the women playing. They fought hard for that right. 🙂

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  4. As a Scot, when England is playing anything, anywhere, against anyone, we tend to pop into the bookmakers and place a little money on an ABE bet – anyone but England, Canadians obviously have a different feeling about their big neighbour.

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  5. Dear Dale,

    I can’t say I’m a soccer fan…or a sports fan of any kind. But I’ll admit to being pumped about the ladies on Team USA. 😀 As always your story sparkles.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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  6. I don’t follow sports at all, but it is nice that women are being followed and people are excited about them playing. And really, the way things are here, it’s great to have something to cheer about. 🙂

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  7. Well done, Dale. My mind would’ve went in a dozen directions with a picture like this, like outrage over a burnt burger. 🙂 But you did really well with your dialogue.
    As for soccer fans, how well I remember the fervor when we were living in St Leonard (a largely Italian section of Montreal) the year Portugal beat Italy to win the cup. 😉

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  8. {Snort} Love the ending. Another fine job. Of course, I could never do it in a precise number of words…I’d have to rant about commercialism with shameless images of flags hocking stuff we don’t need. The US soccer ladies are making us proud this week. And surprisingly, no tanks or flyovers were necessary.
    P.S. The ladies from the Netherlands will face the US team for the finals.⚽️

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    • As you should. I, however had no team to cheer quite quickly in the competition…
      Don’t you find the women play whereas the men cry and fall down?


  9. I’m a soccer fan by marriage. My daughter-in-law now in her late 40’s has played on a co-ed team for years. I wouldn’t dream of missing the FIFA finals tomorrow. I would cheer for Canada if they were playing any team but the US.

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  10. Not a soccer fan, but can appreciate the hard work and skill of the players. My son (in the US) and my husband (here in Hong Kong) watch the games “together.” My hubby has to stay up until 3:00 am, but it’s been a fun time for him (yeah for What’s App Chat). I just go to bed. Very nice dialogue, Dale. I’m no good at dialogue and am working on it.

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  11. Joining the party late, so: happy Fifth of July to you, Dale! I’m not a soccer/football/any sport fan myself, but you can’t escape the excitement these days. And it just makes my heart swell to think of these women out there busting their butts and winning (and even losing, but giving a good show of it) and being role models to all the women and girls back home. Yes, we can!!!

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    • LOL! Happy Fifth to you!
      I am not either, to tell the truth but am so gun-ho for these women who are playing madly!
      They are way more fun to watch than the men, who spend their time crying on the ground…

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  12. Now that is a very cute ending! I wasn’t expecting it. You are very good at the twists, dear Thunder!
    Of course, Toronto is sad and quiet today. Kwai Leonard is going away. That’s not a twist. It’s twisted.

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  13. This made me remember when my friend’s kids were in high school. We took them to the games and always sat with them to cheer for their team. Then one night the kids’ school was playing our old alma mater. They said, “Where you guys going? Our side’s over here.” The looks of shock when we said, “Not tonight, kiddies! We’re rooting for the Panthers!”

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  14. Soccer fan here. And I cheered. Wasn’t sure for whom, Netherlands as fellow Europeans, USA for the chuzpah and Megan Rapinoe… so I cheered both, was sorry for the ones and happy for the others. I’m thrilled that woman football has improved so much, it was great fun to watch and I’ll keep watching more in the future. The German team has work to do… and reading the comments on articles–they are still so full of the same-old ‘not as athletic as, not as strong in technique as, yadda, yadda’ – all these women played, fought, with a passion and fire you rarely see from the male millionaires on the fields these days.
    And you wrote a fun story, I loved it.

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    • Thank you, Gabi. I did watch the final game (great part of being the bartender and in charge of the remote 😉 )
      These women can play! I was hoping the Netherlands would at least score one but alas, was not meant to be. Some serious playing, for sure.
      Canada is not yet up there either but we’re working on it!

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      • The German women were tops in the beginning, but the others caught up and got better. But we have great young players, so there’s things to come. I hope. And of course I always cheer for Canada as well. 🙂

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  15. I love cheering for people and teams that I’m not invested in but just for the sake of hoping they do well because of their story or underdog status. Thanks for the cheers, Dale. They did pretty well…:)

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