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Weekend Writing Prompt #113 – Enthral

Was hard to use Enthral (Enthrall) in the present or infinitive tense… kept wanting to direct me to the past or other tenses. I’m a bit of a stickler for this. If the word is enthral, then that is what I shall use! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe I’m just pedantic…ย  Thanks Sammi, for issuing this weekly challenge!

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.ย  How you use the prompt is up to you.ย  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novelโ€ฆanything you like. ย Or take the challenge below โ€“ there are no prizes โ€“ itโ€™s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. ย If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt



Now and again, she found herself

Wishing, yearning, longing

To step out of her solitude

Find herself caught up

In just one moment

Allow someone to so enthrall her

That everything else disappeared


She knew that would never happen

She didn’t know how to let go

To let someone in

And potentially break her


105 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #113 – Enthral

  1. Wow, that’s powerful, Dale.
    And oh-so-resonating for so many, I am sure!
    Perhaps one day, she’ll find a way to be enthralled without losing herself completely, enchanted without feeling captured.
    As for the breaking part … I think we take that risk every time we open our heart, don’t we?
    Life’s SO complicated!!

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  2. Q,

    To be enthralled is the end all, until it’s not. But you enthralled with this one for shiz and mighty. And I love how you even tucked a pic in there, as if you turned to find George Clooney giving you the once over from the balcony, Martini in hand.

    Enthral seems misspelled, but it’s just one of those words that just doesn’t look right the more you stare at it, yanno? And forget how it sounds when you repeat it to yourself several times!

    This was enthralling. Or enthraling.



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    • B,

      Right. It is until it is not. Ooohhh… that would be enthralling, wouldn’t it? Like if it was you and you looked up to find Vera Farmiga doing same to you!

      And yeah, the issuer of this challenge is British and whereas most times there is an extra “L” as in Marvellous, this time it’s the Yanks who added one. Go figure.

      Glad you enjoyed,


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      • I was in love with Vera until I learned she was devout Catholic. Now, I’m fine with a bootay call. Of course, Mr Vera Farmiga probably wouldn’t be so keen on the idea . . .

        Are you saying the Americans can be, at times . . . extra? Impossible!

        Enjoyed immensely. (One L).

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        • Ahhh… I completely understand. Devout anything reduces my desire tremendously. So, who’s next on your list, then?
          ‘Coz I needs me a new one as George is taken as well…

          I would never say such a thing…

          Joyously (one L) happy you did.

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          • Devout anything is a problema. Nothing should be ‘devout’. I mean, dress it up as passionate, yanno?

            Hmmm. Sarah Michelle Gellar. In my opinion, she looks way more beautiful now than in her Buffy the Vampire days. Substantial, not Barbie. That’s hot. If you get a chance, check out Veronica Decides To Die. It’s a bit unrealistic, but the gist of it is superb and she’s great in it.

            Now you gave me an idea. Dare I change up the Vera Farmiga Invitational to SMG?


            Give George another six months.

            You? Nah.

            Lovely! (Two L’s)


          • That’s how I feel. Passionate – within reason.

            Nice choice. I’ll check into it.

            You just might have to!


            Naaahhhh… he now comes with two brats. He has lost his appeal.


            Sweet (No L’s)

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          • You’re very passionate. But the good kind. The sane kind. The “I ain’t coming after you with a hatchet” kind . . .

            I’m on the fence about the SMG Invitational post. I mean . . I am ON the fence! How can that be? What would Vera say? I feel as if her devoutness would hatchet me just for the hell of it.


            Coo (No L either)


          • I like to think I have my moments… sans machete or hatchet!

            Hmmm… I dunno. It is up to you, of course. However, her said devoutness should not bring forth violence… then again, religion has been the basis of how many wars?


            Love that you use Coo… I just can’t coz I feel it’s yours.

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          • Machete sounds more menacing. Not to stereotype or anything. I mean, my ancestors carried the fuckers around like they were pocket knives, after all.

            Every war worth reading about.

            I know what you mean. There are certain phrases that I leave be out of respect to the proprietor. Even if they’re not really the proprietor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          • It does, doesn’t it? No, we would never stereotype here…

            This is true.

            Yep. Of course, if we feel the person is the proprietor because they are the one who used it first in their eyes, then, they are the proprietor.


          • No way Josie. Although umm . . I’ve been accused of such things, fairly recently in fact and umm . . ah hell, never mind.

            It’s about respect. As Aretha would say.

            And I think I’m doing the SMG thing! Damn if you didn’t talk me into it!

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          • That sleeping dog is wit da fishes.

            And no, I didn’t Kill Bill. That part of my life is officially over. I simply ignored him in this instance.

            Eez a good earworm, no?

            Hey! Imma praise you for it! But hey, be on the lookout for Vera. If she’s toting a hatchet, make sure you’re packing some heat.

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          • To borrow from that long ago sage named Sollozzo, blood is a big expense.

            She wouldn’t have a chance against you. Hells, she can’t even beat a doll! (Annabelle reference, since you ain’t down with the horror genre).

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          • That it is… lookit you quoting obscure Godfather peeps (yeah, yeah, I had to look it up)

            Ah come on… I ain’t as tough as I look… And proof is that I am wimp when it comes to horror genre!


          • Oh come on…. he’s a CAT. He cares not a damn about anything you do… As long as he has food and a place to sleep, he’s good.
            Cat (formerly known as Moondust) had the NERVE to turn up her nose at tuna – I was making tartare and hit a stringy part. Zeke was pleased as pie. Miss Excuse-me would not touch it… so Zeke happily cleared it.

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          • Of course, that’s the logical conclusion. But, like me . . he’s a different cat.

            Zeke is the SWAT team. Cat is an entrenched politician who turns up her nose at the common folk.

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          • LOL!

            So in other words, Cat could be an American President . . . Yes, I just called Trump a fat bitch. Hey . . Homeland Security will be here any minute so take care of my blog for me, will ya?

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Enthralling piece. Once one has loved so deeply, I imagine it’s difficult to start over, to trust. Poignant, powerful and oh so telling.

    Shalom and lotsa extra hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Sweet of you to say. I honestly cannot say if I have ever loved so deeply. I loved, yes. At the point of losing my sense of self? I think not. Then again….

      Shalom and lotsa love and hugs!



  4. To have someone so enthrall you that everything else disappears… sounds like a dream and a nightmare at the same time, depending on perspective. Trรจs bien รฉcrit, ma chรจre!

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