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Crossing Paths – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #34

It’s been a little while since I participated in Crispina’s challenge. Life and all that. Inspiration and all that. However, today, here I am with a little poem and a responding picture of mine.

Have a fabulous Tuesday – what’s left of it!

Crossing Paths

“We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, me and you.”
Sylvia Plath

How long and how far matter not, in

Time spent sharing our friendship

There is no reason to quantify or qualify

And every reason to cherish it

Be it months or years or decades

Casual, formal, or all in

That old cliché poem

“A reason, a season, a lifetime”

Speaks the truth

The short and the sweet: thank you for our time

The on-going, going strong, let’s keep on keeping on!

The gone too-soon but never to be forgotten?

May we meet again in another realm

Pierre, Patricia, Roxanne, Brenda, Guy, Mick, Richard, Patrick

I’ll be expecting it. Me and all of you

Up in the air


Word count: 121

63 thoughts on “Crossing Paths – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #34

  1. Q,

    I do believe in another realm. There is something so peaceful about the idea that there is a somewhere out there, beyond all this.

    You’ve taken us on a literary visit to the places unseen by mortal eyes, but felt deep inside when the world is busy taking its toll on our weary bones. There is a sacred honesty in your beautiful words.

    Peace and love.


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