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The Talk – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, Friends! Hope your day is a fabulous one!  This week, our fearless leader, Rochelle, has chosen an image by Roger Bultot. Lemme tell you a story…

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The Talk

Being summoned by one’s son is enough to make a mother anxious.  He had asked her to meet him as he needed to speak to her alone. She figured he wanted to talk about the tension in the house which had been palpable lately.

So, not.

Nothing could have prepared her for what he had to say. It took everything in her power not to cover her too-expressive eyes with her hands in an attempt to hide her stupefaction. She hoped her expression remained neutral yet open and understanding as she listened in earnest.

Inside, her emotions were in turmoil.

144 thoughts on “The Talk – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    This one hundred can best be described by the old adage, leave ’em wanting more.

    It’s ominous yet charming, daunting yet completely relatable. What IS it about family that brings every single emotion to the fore and makes your knees feel as if they’re made with butter? Because whatever it is, you’ve perfectly encapsulated it with this dish. In the foreboding anxiety, the hard silence and most of all . . those questions that tumble around inside your head as you wait for the answers.

    Alas, you ran out of words. Purposely.



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  2. The tension in the house must have been high, thus they had to have a conversation in another place.
    Sometimes, it’s better to have a change of place. Let the negative emotions/feelings out and get them clarified or communicated. Can’t allow misunderstandings to continue.

    I thought we’d learn what they discussed! Hope all is well!

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  3. Well, whatever that is, I hope she manages the balance of not shutting down the reaction he needs while also not flooding him with a reaction he dreads …
    Well done, Dale! This transmitted so well the anticipation, the tension, the wish to be there but also the shock of whatever-it-is. NICE!!!

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  4. Brilliant take, Dale. Teasing us, eh? Mean! I can only hope it’s nothing bad, like a disease or leaving and never wanting to come back.

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  5. Like everyone else, you have me on the edge of my seat wondering what he told her! But I like that you focused on her reaction, which in many ways is more moving than whatever it’s in response to. Her son told her *something* that was utterly unexpected and set her emotions into turmoil — and yet she pushed down that negative reaction and tried to be there for him, to be open and supportive. That’s what gives me hope that they’re going to be okay.

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  6. Yes, indeed. The cliffhanger has us all waiting with bated breath.
    BUT … I’m sure all who are mothers can relatete and sorta know that if there’s dialog there’s hope of answers. I hope their conversation is a productive one. Communication is always key. Nicely written, Dale. I like what you’ve written with the photo prompt this week.
    Isadora 😎

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  7. I love the fact you don’t say what the talk was about and let the reader make their own decisions, which is important because every reader will have their own definition of what will make them want to cover their eyes as their child speaks, not only, if there is slight disappointment, but more importantly for what that child may experience as a result of The Talk. Excellent.

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    • Thank you so much, Penny. Trust is not to be toyed with, I think
      So very glad you think so. Your comments are always so well thought out and expressed.


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