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In the Weeds – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #38

I’m kinda liking this me who takes pen to paper to jot down snippets of writings in quiet moments.Β  Yes, I do this at work, where I should be pretending to be busy. It is quiet in the mornings, so I find myself reflecting. And what better way to use those reflections than to answer a challenge. Thank you, Crispina, for giving me the opportunity to be productive in a different way πŸ˜‰

In the Weeds

Been feeling in the weeds

Too much to do

So little desire to do it

The temps scream vacation, so

Also been feeling nostalgic

To a time when I was part of a We


It’s “Construction Holiday” here in Quebec

Ridiculous idea when you consider our seasons

Stop all construction (road-work excluded)

For the last two weeks of July

Holiday primetime in a short summer


On the road I see

Caravans of campers

I can’t help but remember when

We were one of them


Those days are gone now

And who knows?

Maybe they would have been anyway

The boys, now young men, doing their own thing

What would we be doing instead?


I stop myself before I fall into wallowing

It’s not my way


I can’t help wishing a little


So I look at my weeds

And change my perception

Move away from the past

Don’t stress about the future

Be in the moment

They’re pretty weeds anyway



71 thoughts on “In the Weeds – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #38

  1. It seems like there has been a lot going on for you lately, and why shouldn’t you take some time to feel sad? You don’t have to be Super Woman EVERY second. πŸ˜‰ But the weeds are beautiful, and there will be more flowers and joy.
    We don’t have anything like a construction holiday–and yes, given the climate, strange to have it in July.

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    • There has, Merril. I get these feelings of overwhelm, despair and lonliness – they don’t last overly long but they are there. And hell no. I am far from Super Woman, lemme tell you!
      It is the stupidest thing ever. Good thing it doesn’t apply to road work because EVERYwhere is orange coned… why there is one in front of my own driveway…

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  2. The construction holiday seems a strange concept. I’m sure there was a very good reason for it when it was originally instituted. Towns in the UK used to have a “Wakes Week” where all businesses closed for the same period.

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  3. That photo, Dale, is divine. The light, the way you’ve captured the reeds. Brillig. And we all get a little (or a lot) down once in a while; seeing others as couples enjoying themselves, seeing them do what you used to do. But hey, it’s not like you’re house-bound, incapable, haven’t a friend, all alone with no one to care. I know you’re not, cos your posts tell me so.
    As to all construction work halting for a fortnight … except for the roads … living in a resort we do notice that roadworks tend to be left until the holiday season when there’s the most traffic to disrupt. Of course, that could be coincidence.
    Love your take on the photo.

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  4. I relate to writing at work, pretending to be busy πŸ˜‰

    And this is a beautiful poem πŸ™‚ I am new to Canada so I also find it fascinating, this summer and way the life revolves around the season πŸ™‚

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  5. This is another deeply thoughtful piece.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    Why do memories pain us
    Lock them away were they can’t fuss
    You can not change a thing
    What has gone is done
    The future not yet here
    We only have now, life bleeds
    We all have need of widows weeds.


  6. Dear Dale,

    Deeply touching my friend. Although I’ve never known you to wallow, you’ve captured those times of loneliness and longing you face. Beautifully written in your straightforward, evocative style.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you so much. Nah, I keep my wallowing mostly to myself πŸ˜‰ But yeah, there are times where I can’t help but miss being a we with Mick. To think I wasn’t sure about this one!

      I so appreciate your lovely comments, always.

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  7. I sense the nostalgia for times past and can really relate. Sometimes the present just seems like mundane routines piled in one another. But the past had plenty of that and the future will have its glimmering moments, too. I enjoyed reading. Have a lovely weekend!

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    • Thank you so much, Eilene. Nostalgia has a way of putting a fuzzy filter over everything. We conveniently forget the crap and the boredom.
      I so appreciate your reading and leaving such a great comment.

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  8. Dale,

    I love when you write about Mick, even in these melancholic offerings. Because it divines the spirit you still carry with you from him. You are a representative of his life, of who he was and what he meant to so many people. And a damn fine one if I may add.

    This is beautiful and true and it’s the ‘we’ you will always share with that man.

    And you’re not one to pine or mope for very long. You need to do this once in a while though. And really, it only shows how much he meant and how special a thing the two of you had. Have. Will always and forever have.

    Peace and love my dear friend,


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    • Dearest Marco,

      I know you do and I love that you always see what I am writing. I like that ‘a representative of his life’…

      I will, of course always have that ‘we’ inside.

      No, I’m not. I usually reserve that for when I am driving (music and scenes triggering it). He did and to a lot of folks. Just last night, my mother was pining over his loss. And she’s known lots of loss but this guy… I dunno.

      Peace and love right back at ya, sweet friend.


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      • You are. A lovely and blessed representative of his life.

        As you should. It’s magical.

        Mick was just different. I didn’t even know the dude and I know that. Full well. There are guys, and then there was Mick. Different, totally.

        And mope was the wrong word. Pine yes, because it happens.

        To Mick and Coca Cola and the ‘We’. πŸ™‚

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        • Thank you. That is such a nice thing to say.

          It is – without it being something I lug around like a neon sign.

          He was. And you know what I’ve shared and, being the perceptive being you are, have seen him through me. Totally different kind of dude. Schmuck. (I say it lovingly, of course)

          Mope happens too, yanno. But pine is one that feels less depressing!

          To Mick, Coca Cola, the ‘We’ and the “Buddddyyyyy!”

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          • Just true.

            LOL, no . . a neon sign is not socially appropriate. Not to mention it’s totally impractical. Can you imagine the length of the extension cord you’d be toting around?

            A lovable schmuck is something you can be called when you’re a prince of a man, as he was.

            Mope is more a private matter.


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          • Mwah!


            Yes. This is true.

            It is. And one that is dangerously close to depression if you allow it to take over.

            I tell ya. That’s how he greeted his friends (ie everyone)


  9. I’m happy you wrote about your self who was once a “we”, Dale. How could you not miss the wonderful times you had with Mick? When I read your posts and especially when I see the photos of you two I feel your joy. In my two marriages I was mostly always a single. Now that I’ve chosen to live alone I still feel a hole sometimes.

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    • Thank you, Ina. It’s impossible not to miss them. I’m lucky enough to have friends but let’s face it, they fill certain holes. I would like to find someone that we could call permanent part-time! Haha! You keep your digs, I keep mine and when the desire arises, we get together …

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  10. I would have gone for that, too, a few years ago. A partner, especially to travel with. Now I’m happy to live here where we gather outside by the pool under a tree and play our word game. Companionship is rich in different forms.

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  11. I like this a lot, Dale, my special Thunder.
    Weeds can be beautiful, are quite often more beautiful than we give them credit for.
    I lovingly notice that … we ….. is part of weeds.

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