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Which Way to Sturgis? – What Pegman Saw

There were so many things I was going to write about but hesitated to bring up yet another memory. It came real close, though! Instead, I figured I’d do a little fiction. Of course, no way in hell a biker would ever get lost, right?

This week Pegman takes us to the Black Hills in South Dakota in the West-Midwest, United States. Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. Once your piece is polished, share it with others using the linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun!

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Which Way to Sturgis?

Shit. I am completely lost. I probably should have joined the group in Rapid City. Instead I told them I’d meet them in Sturgis by August 1st so we could all participate in this year’s rally.

For the first time in years I took extra time for my holiday and figured I’d finally take that personal road trip through the Black Hills and see what I’ve been dreaming about. They scoffed at me for wanting to see Mount Rushmore. Too touristy and obvious. Oh, like the whole Sturgis thing isn’t, right? Whatevs, this is my trip and I visited what I wanted to. I wanted to ride through the Badlands and see Crazy Horse Memorial. I even wanted to ride through Custer State Park to see the wild bison.

I did and it was great. No regrets whatsoever. Time to make my way to my buddies.

Which way to Sturgis?

63 thoughts on “Which Way to Sturgis? – What Pegman Saw

    • LOL! Glad you did πŸ˜‰
      I actually did go to Sturgis – well drove through it – on my first honeymoon. I was amazed how every single store was half Harley Davidson stuff, half touristy stuff!

      I’m thinkin’ YOUR Sturgis and THIS Sturgis ain’t the same πŸ˜‰ 🧑


  1. Q,

    That motorcycle looks so lonely out there all by its lonesome. But the stories it will tell, that’ll be worth it.

    Bikers are a different breed. I like their spirit if not the idea of being thisclose to irreparable brain damage or worse! Buahahaha! I love how you grab a story line and just weave it into being. I’ll have some more thoughts later but gots to run. πŸ™‚


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    • B,

      It does, doesn’t it? I happened upon this image in the Pegman doohicky and thought, what the hell… usually you see swarms of bikers on their way to their annual rally…

      They are. I do admire their free spirit but like you, want to keep all my pieces intact. Glad you enjoyed my silly story. Git!


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      • The doohicky is an invaluable tool that has stood the test of time. It’s been around since the Wright Brothers were making paper airplanes, and it ain’t going anywhere. So, well played on your part madame!

        I’ve had the terrifying pleasure of going for a spin on ’em a time or two. I seriously couldn’t enjoy the wind in my hair and the rebel spirit my soul was supposed to be possessed with. I was too busy trying not to wipe out! LOL. And it was so much less enjoyable still when my girlfriend hitched a ride with me. Mind you, I didn’t have a license to operate one. You might think this would add to my anxiety, but nope. I was HOPING a cop would stop me!

        I think I’ll fire up Easy Rider for the hell of it now.

        Gracias lovely. πŸ˜‰

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        • It is invaluable. It sits in for many a situation!

          Oh hell naw! NO LICENSE? Are you mad?? I’ve been on one ride at the age of 16. Can’t say I got all that excited to go back on no matter how gorgeous the boyfriend owner of said bike was.
          You kill me. You are a nut!


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          • I love that it’s still called that too. Too many terms get a makeover any longer, it’s nice to see a durable word.

            I don’t need no stinking license. I was the good one in a bad crew, well . . the better of a bad lot, how’s that? We went out to Five Towns and I took Stacy for a ride. I’d never met her before and she was the ex of my friend Steve. After going for a ride around her neighborhood, the four of us piled into my Mustang and cruised. I let Steve drive with the girl he was interested in riding shotgun. Me and Stacy in the backseat. All while toking.

            To be young and dumb again.

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          • True, true. Why bugger up what already works?

            Course you don’t! You’re above all that shite .. of course you were the good one in a bad lot…
            Nice of you to let another drive your ‘stang. Ain’t so sure Mick woulda. It’s like the BBQ thing – you don’t touch another man’s BBQ unless he gives the OK 😁
            But you were toking so you must been more than mellow.

            Oh man. Yes! And NO!

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          • But it happens. Every day in fact. Peeps making new words out of the plenty fine ones.

            It was a motley crew, LOL.

            I was totally mellow. Listening to heavy metal and toking. Although, the idea of cruising is such a young person’s thing. Because its like, cruising to where?



          • This is true. You and I are guilty of this very thing.

            I’ve no doubt!

            Really, who cares when you’re mellow… Cruise to nowhere. Or to some makeout point …


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          • I think we are definitely in the Boyd Crowder Club of Wayward Words. And I’m plenty fine with that.

            Which brings me back to my point about mean drunks. WHY? You are imbibing something whose sole purpose is to provide mellow-ocity (there goes my Boyd again).

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          • I’d only be in his word club though. His other businesses, well, the peeps involved in those always seem to end up with a nasty infection called toe tags.

            Yes they do! Probably because the stuff sucks.

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  2. Nice job! Having owned a scooter for years before they became trendy, I always smiled when Harley bikers would give me the biker peace sign acknowledging my passing. I felt like I was welcome in their community (unlike car drivers who often tried to run me off the road 😬).

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  3. I see now that autocorrect hijacked my last comment. For the love of all that’s holy, why does it do that? “Broom, vroom” What the hell does that mean? AI ain’t that smart just yet. That was supposed to read “vroom, vroom.” Grrrrr πŸ›΅

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  4. Dear Dale,

    This sounds like Jan…except for the getting lost part. He does love sightseeing. Thank you for taking us along the scenic route. Well done.




    • Hah! No kidding! That’s a great way to find it!
      It ain’t Easy Rider by a long shot. I remember driving through just after Bike Week and finding it so funny that every single store had half Harley stuff and half kitschy souvenir stuff.
      Glad you liked.


  5. That must be amazing, to see the buffalo range across the plains, even if they are on their own ‘res’. At least it’s been a memorable trip for your biker. Lovely tale, Dale

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    • I can say it is as I made the trip across Canada one way and through the upper States on my way back. We saw herds of Buffalo!
      I felt my biker was lost in purpose πŸ˜‰


  6. I think getting lost in the Badlands/Custer/Black Hills is a way better use of time than making it to Sturgis. Not that I don’t admire those that make the trek. But it always seems to be such a madhouse. Your narrator found all the gems out there!

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    • So do I, Karen! I only drove through, stopping for a lunch and could imagine the place chock-full of noisy bikes. It must be mayhem. I’ll take a quiet horse ride through the badlands instead πŸ˜‰


  7. Somehow I can just see you on that two wheeled stallion, Dale. Maybe you should have gone with Rochelle’s hubby?!

    Great little tale of independence. I’m learning so much about The Black Hills by reading these. And yet no one wrote about Calamity Jane. Sigh. Whip crack away!

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    • Buahahaha! I have only ever ridden on a motorcycle once in my whole life a hundred years ago. Can’t say I feel the desire to hop back on, to tell the truth.

      Beautiful area, for sure! Glad I did have a chance to see it.


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