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Consumed – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my readers. I hope your weather has cooled a bit as ours has. (Those who have been cooking these past weeks, that is) Rochelle is busy sunning herself on the beaches of South Carolina and has rerun this picture by Randy Mazie from December 2013. It’s before my time so is new to me!Β  Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting even when you are out gallivanting!

Click on the blue frog below if you wanna add your own 100-word story.Β  G’head, don’t be shy!

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He would have to use a surreptitious, if not furtive, approach to getting close to her as her barriers were firmly in place. He wondered briefly why this was so then dismissed it as unimportant. He was not attracted to easy.

Bit by bit, moment by moment, day by day, he made progress, searching for and finding her every vulnerability, fulfilling her every desire. Her barricades crumbled as he charmed and wove his way in.

When she was finally completely consumed by him, he strangled the life out of her. He got what he wanted and was no longer attracted.


For you those of you who’ve passed by a tad later, you are lucky, well, I like to think so, anyway, in that I have written the follow up of this here tale. To read it, just click here.

108 thoughts on “Consumed – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    WOW! You went in a totally different direction than the image given to you might have accorded such a venture. Which is perfect, really. It’s all about going off the grid and finding that story line.

    You mixed romance with seduction with motive and great words to boot! All inside the 100 word limit, which makes this piece all the more enjoyable. Because there is no fat to it, only the lean purpose. THAT is how you tackle a challenge after looking at it and going “What the hell do I do with that!?” LOL.

    Well done! Better than well done!


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  2. Once the challenge was gone, she was no longer attractive to him. Connie was like that with basket weaving. She was an addict until she mastered the art. Now, she hasn’t touched one in ten years.

    Glad she didn’t do that with me. Perhaps I’m still a challenge. πŸ™‚

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    • Yes. There are those people out there. And I get Connie πŸ˜‰

      I think you are definitely an ongoing challenge. Plus she adores you, so, you’re safe!


  3. Ooh, chilling. I like the matter-of-fact way you wrote it. I imagine the whole thing elicited very little emotion from him too, apart maybe the thrill of the kill 😦

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  4. That’s an excellent story, Dale. It’s train-crash writing – you make it plain that disaster is on it’s way – we gaze, riveted at the onrushing locomotive – and then the impact, worse even than we imagined. Nice work!

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  6. Dear Dale,

    When you step out of your comfort zone, you take a flying leap! He didn’t like easy. Good line and subtle set up to to who and what he is. Great use of the prompt, my friend.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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  7. I’m reading the story backwards. I get it! My dear Dale, you have created more than Thunder, you have let go of the whole damn storm!!!
    You are amazing.

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  8. Well done Dale. You took the path of what a good relationship should be born of and twisted it at the very end to what it shouldn’t be. It’s unfortunate that serial killers do that. You got me in the ending. I’ve been a bit remiss in my responses the past week or so. Trying to respond on the phone from Sturgis and surrounding area was not easy. Plus I had many friends, old and new, to ride and visit with.

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    • Thanks, Jan. I’m glad I surprised you at the end.
      And please, no worries. You were busy and didn’t even have to come back and see what I’ve been up to πŸ˜‰
      Responding on the phone is a pain in the patootie.

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