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Requital – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #39

This is out of my norm but it’s all Crispina’s fault. She gave me the idea so I ran with it. This is a part two of my Friday Fictioneer story, though I hope this stands alone.  Should you want to read it, click here.  As always, the CCC challenge is open to so many possibilities. To play, click on the CCC and see the rules and regs.  Easy peasy! Today, no poetry, though 😉

Have a fabulous day!


“Hello, John. Sleep well?”

“Why am I chained?”

“To show you how much I love you. You know, like you did Sally, Francesca, Maria and Brenda. Brenda was my best friend. You wouldn’t know because you cut her off from us. I tried to warn her about you but she wouldn’t listen.”

“Oh, gimme a break. She was an easy mark.”

“Still so cocky.”

He stretched out his arm, pleading, “No. This is real. I love you.”

“Oh, can it, already! You’re so full of yourself. I’ve been studying you for a long time. I knew exactly how to reel you in. It was so easy to pretend you were my whole world.”


“Sorry, Shark Bait. Too bad you cut yourself while fixing your motor and a wave knocked you off your boat.

She sliced his outstretched arm, pressed a button and released him into the sea.

“Bye, John.”

Word count: 150

84 thoughts on “Requital – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #39

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I never would have even gone there if this prompt didn’t show up the same day and Crispina didn’t sort of challenge me. I can be an eye for an eye in story-world. 😁

      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  2. Q,

    Holy fucking frijoles! Hey, let’s just forget the Dear John letter altogether and send John off to a very impromptu burial at sea, whilst he is still kicking. And screaming.

    You are wicked genius with this one. Serving up vengeance on a cold platter with a murderous cunning. Anna was simply biding her time and tending to her wounds, all the while waiting for the right moment to strike back against her former lover turned arch nemesis.

    And really, what better way to do it? The ocean, like the desert, hides a lot of mistakes. And good luck, CSI peeps . . trying to find trace evidence of whatever washes ashore much later on. Brilliant.

    Alls I can say is Whoa! And brilliant. Again. Yes, that.


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    • B,

      Ha ha ha! I’ll take that as a yes…

      I do thank you. Anna decided to take on a Dexteresque persona to take care of John. Sometimes the authorities are just not who you call 😉

      I know, right? CSI that, Muthafuckas! And what with his blood calling over the man eaters.. well…

      So glad I elicited a “Whoa” and a “Holy fucking frijoles”…


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      • First comes love, then comes moidah. It’s the new old fashioned way. And I happen to think it’s kitschy. Just so long as I never find myself on the business end of some blunt force trauma.

        Having a “ditch digger pal” list really does save a lot of time. As in . . it keeps you on the right side of those prison bars.

        CSI made it tougher for criminal shenanigans. Not impossible, mind you. But definitely tougher.

        Yes! It was a tawdry tale of a two timer’s harsh ta ta!

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        • Ha ha! Let us just say this type of behaviour is far from anything in my roster.

          This is true. They are hard to find, though.

          Definitely made it harder. I’m just hoping she was smart enough to ditch the cage and any fingerprints she might have left behind…

          Glad of it.

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  3. To think I only quickly read this because of the unbeknown word (to me!) Requital…. (I would have known Revenge, par contre!!!! – and yes, I would have read it anyway 🙂 )
    What a dark, dark, scary and quite brilliant story! I surely wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of you, Dale 😉 Thanks for your shares. You are something!


    • Ha ha! You went to bed smarter that day 😉 I chose it because it is different… revenge is so common 😉
      Thank you. I am far from that type of person, I can assure you… 😀
      I’m glad you do come to my stories…

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