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Steps – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #40

Good Thursday night… for twenty minutes, anyway!  I wasn’t sure I would participate in Crispina‘s challenge this week and then, I thought I would just supply a “reply photo” but then found two and couldn’t decide on which one to use and decided to use both, then thought: “I can’t just plop two photos!” So I thought I’d write a little story but then nothing came to me and, driving home from work, a haiku came to mind. Only to promptly disappear as I parked my car.  Sigh.  As I played with my pictures, other words came to mind so. Well. This is what you get!

Where do these steps go?

In the middle of no where

How can I resist?

Do I see a light?

This is an invitation

I cannot resist

More steps up ahead

A neverending journey

Makes life worth living

61 thoughts on “Steps – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #40

  1. Q,

    This is the journey every writer must undertake. Stepping into unfamiliar territory in order to gain that muster. No looking back, only forward. Steps are just that, looking forward. Which makes them a gift.

    I love how you spliced it, because this adds a brilliant effect to the steps of a journey. It’s step by step, forward, discovery.



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