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Weekend Writing Prompt #119 – Tinker

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments. Thank you, Sammi!

Word Prompt


A word I am more than familiar with as I have been surrounded by Tinkers all my life:  from my father to husband to brothers-in-law, cousins and friends.  Funny, I was going to go in a whole ‘nother direction but then this happened. Oh well. Why fight it, right?


Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor…

Which one should I favour?

A tailor would keep me in clothes well fit

A soldier would keep me in constant fret

A sailor would come and go as he please

A tinker would help to fulfil many needs

The answer is simple when given some thought

The house where I live, that I just bought

Needs rather a lot, not little work

A tinkerer would be more than a perk!




78 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #119 – Tinker

  1. Ah, then I think you know your pick
    Someone who has a back of tricks
    And has the skill a deck to fix
    And loosen up a door that sticks
    And add a couple needed bricks
    (And have some niceness in the mix)
    LOVE THIS!!!!

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  2. Q,

    It’s settled. You need a tinkerererer! Hahaha! But fo shizzle, that will be your sizzle.

    I love this. You rhymed without it being trite or predictable, which is oftentimes what happens when you get a poem that rhymes. Hence the insane popularity of the poems that do not rhyme.

    And in 75 words. Which is a novel compared to some of your challenges, but still, how impressive for such a vintage romp of rhyming and timing and yes . . tinkering.


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    • B,

      I do indeed need a part-time tinkerererer! LOL

      Glad you enjoyed my silly little rhyming ditty. And yes, I know what you mean about them being trite (though, in this case, it is borderline).

      I know, right? Yo, Sammi! Too long!! last week 105, this 75… gimme a break already 😉

      I actually wanted to go a whole ‘nother route but well. Yanno.


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      • Nope, no trite in this one. It was vintage goodness. The thing with rhyming is that when you write something that rhymes, you THINK about the fact that you’re rhyming and this tends to effect the work as well. But not you, and not this.

        25 next week. How ’bout it?

        You go where it takes you. 😉

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        • Gracias for that. And yes, you have a point. My first two lines didn’t come close to rhyming but then bothered me for the rest. So I made it happen 😉 And I kinda like that my rhymes are more like almost rhymes…

          We shall see. Sammi’s the boss!

          I do. But the other version is still floating in my head. Go ‘way!

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          • I rhymed something recently when thinking up tattoo designs, because that’s how my brain works. But I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t write it down. I should have, if even for a “Bad Poetry” post. Oh well.

            I do believe that once we KNOW we’re rhyming, the thoughts usually bleed into the work. It’s like you say to yourself “Am I really doing this? Am I rhyming?”

            You can always use it somewhere else. 🙂

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          • And since you didn’t, it’s pretty much gone, isn’t it?

            I think so. You put down two lines and basically go, shit! Now I have to…

            I could. If the opportunity arises.

            I was actually all gung-ho to write something far from prompt-related. Had the beginnings all set up in my mind then something intruded and I couldn’t do it when I was ready and now… it doesn’t feel right. I hate that.

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          • I don’t know. Something about whiskey and beer and Warhol, LOL. And Oxy. That too.

            Yeah, you’re in then! Buahahahaha! It’s like when I shaved my head a few years ago. As I’m going past the point of no return I’m going “Aww fuck! AWW FUCK!”


            Welcome to my life, LOL.

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          • Ooohhh… now I wish you had!

            Aye aye aye!!! Mick’s reaction was the same! And he never did it again! Did not suit him. At all.

            All good either way. Maybe it will subconsciously transform itself into another.


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          • I ain’t scared.

            So funny! He and Chris (brother-in-law) did it together. Chris never let his hair grow again. Mick was like… can this friggen hair grow faster?

            Mmm… now I’ve a hankering…


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          • I’ve been pondering a return to the bald look, but it’s a pain in the ass. I’ve got to shave like, all the time. What irony! My hair doesn’t grow nearly as fast as it used to, and yet, the seedlings are still speed of light fuckers.

            Good stuff.

            Chin? Meet chin.

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  3. My son and I are moving to an old house in Northern Colorado, and we have hired several tinkerers to get the place into a liveable condition. Tinkerers are great!
    Thanks for visiting me at Horror Harridans Writing Sisterhood. …

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    • My sons unfortunately did not inherit their father’s tinkering abilities (or, rather, don’t share them…) I have a few tinkerers in the family but am loathe to bug them every time I need something!
      And, you are most welcome!


  4. Dear Dale,

    With all the poets in this discussion I won’t break my head trying to rhyme. Just don’t have the time. Happy Friendaversary, my friend. ❤ Love how you tinkered with poetry. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Seriously! A few poetic responses putting me to shame 😉 And here you are sneaking in a little yourself.
      Happy Friendaversary to you!! Love that you loved my tinkering!

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  5. I’m with you — give me someone who can fix things over those other options any day! On the other hand, that only works if he can *actually* fix things. A mate who thinks he can fix things but *can’t* is even worse than taking them into the shop– or fixing them myself!

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  6. Good one, Dale. I’m fond of tinkers, too. My apartment’s tinker had to come back three times this week to fix my kitchen pantry door that fell off its track until he finally got it right. Maybe he is a would-be tinker.

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