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When Autumn Comes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #43

I knew where I wanted to go with this one. Then I had an internal struggle. Then a physical struggle. Then the words would not come in the format I had envisioned. They say that is part of the process, writers do, say it, that is.  So I took a step back and started over.

Welcome to Crispina‘s weekly challenge. Anything goes, as long as you don’t go past 150 words. Click on her name, the rules and regs, soft as they are, are right there!

When Autumn Comes

It hangs on a hook, waiting till autumn comes.  Different garage, different hook.  Yet it was placed there as soon as we arrived. I don’t even know if it was me or one of the boys who hung it up.

It’s just a stupid flannel sweater-cum-jacket.  Older than – hell, I have no idea how old it is!  It seems like it has always been there. It has been worn to rake leaves, tie bushes, change tires. It has been thrown on in dead of winter just to cross the street to get to the convenience store.

I wear it now, when autumn comes.  I rake my leaves, do my best to do the yard thing. No, I don’t change my tires – that’s what family are for!

It is the first item I reach for when I’m doing the stuff you used to do. When autumn comes.


Word count: 146


64 thoughts on “When Autumn Comes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #43

  1. Q,


    I noticed the slightest whisper of a rhyme right off the bat. But then you let the story provide the rhyme from there, and so powerfully at that. I mean, that jacket and its timeless essence. The carryover of such a simple thing, the weight of its memories and the buoyancy they provide.

    And the placement of seasons as your time lapse is perfect. Seasons from there to here, and the one common theme remains. Hanging on that hook. There for yesterday, and ready for what tomorrow may bring.



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  2. I read this because I like you. A lot. But not because I like you writing about autumn coming when I’d rather NOT be reminded of that reality just yet …(my irritability probably not helped by Dorian making it 65 degrees F in NYC today, when I’d MUCH much rather have it be 80). So there’s that … 😉
    Well done, though. We all need one such throw-on-for-some-immediate-warmth-jacket.
    Glad yours is ready for whatever life throws on the path. …

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    • Ha ha! I like you too! And I had to write about autumn because the jackets on the fence made me think of Mick’s jacket on the hook and the fact that it only comes out in autumn, which, I am sorry to say, IS just around the corner. And I can’t wait. It’s my favourite season.
      Thank you.
      It is. Hanging within reach.

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      • Well. If it made you think of Mick’s jacket on the hook, you are forgiven. And if fall is your favorite season … well … good for you. Comes to show people have all KINDS of preferences … 😉 (can you tell mine is summer? 😉 ). So, fine, have it your way, and enjoy your wait-to-fall time (ok, this did NOT come out right … 😉 ).
        We shall need a jacket in NYC this afternoon, so summer is certainly starting to bow in the corners. Oh well.

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  3. I think autumn–especially early autumn–can be beautiful. But it always seems a bit melancholy to me, too, and that’s the tone here. Memories that are beautiful, but sad, too. I have an old sweatshirt of my dad’s.

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  4. A nice piece Dale. I think we all have that special jacket that we always reach for at certain times or the year or situations. Sometimes they hang for a long time, just because. And they all have a story behind them. Mine just wouldn’t be as eloquent as yours. Carry on girl.

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