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Weekend Writing Prompt #122 – Museum

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Thanks to Sammi for giving me a place to air my grievances on the dating world. Lawzy!  Please excuse my foul language. It was only a snippet of what was thrown at me after I declined his advances and then had to block him.

Some guys just can’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  We met, we had coffee, we even kissed good-bye.  I felt nothing. I was disenchanted.

The guy felt we had a connection.  We didn’t.  I didn’t.

After that date, the exchange went something like this:

“I want to see you again.”

“No, I am sorry.  I’m not interested.”

“I felt a spark.”

“There was no spark. It’s in your mind. You’ve created something out of nothing.”

“Give it time. I’ll convince you.

“I don’t need convincing.”

“I’ll turn you on. You won’t be able to say no when my tongue goes exploring your c—”

“Whoa! You did not, nor will ever, earn the right to speak to me that way.”

“You think you’re too precious? You’re like some fucking museum object I can’t touch?”

“Not only can you not touch. You must stay WAY behind the velvet rope.”


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  1. Wow. I can’t believe he would speak to you in that language. I’m sure that would turn any gal on…..NOT. He not only needs to stay beyond the velvet rope, but beyond the city limits. What a slimeball. Good story on the photo prompt though. Now, go find a date that can respect you for the lovely, talented, intelligent lady you are, and can produce that special spark.

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  2. Oh yikes! I was hoping this wasn’t true, but I see from comments above that it is. So sorry. I hope he doesn’t keep harassing you. He sounds like he could be dangerous. Great comeback though with the museum rope. 🙂

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  3. Q,


    When a person gets stuck on an idea, it rarely ends well. Especially when they become obstinate about that idea and take what is basically a friendly situation and attempt to transform it into a roaring fire. It’s like they’re watching a different movie! And this dude, he was in a different theater!

    And the nastiness on the other side when they don’t get their way. Says it all, doesn’t it?

    You summed it up quite convincingly in your 147 words. 🙂


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    • B,

      Yikes is right.

      And that’s exactly it. Friendly turned ugly. Christ, he was in another theatre in another town!

      It does. It felt like a child having a temper tantrum when he turned around and said “well you’re not even all that attractive!” I swear I laughed. G’head and stamp your foot and march off to your room, slamming the door behind you, you big baby.

      I thank you. How I got here with “museum” …


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      • It’s scary to think it changes that-fast with some people. I mean, it’s one thing when peeps have disagreements and a simmer comes to a boil over a period of time. But when peeps go from smooch to a Louisville slugger with their words inside a phone call? Nah. That’s psychotic.

        Fuck him! Hey . . how about “Well, you’ve got about as much charm as a rattle snake”. What garbage.

        I like how you got here from museum. I don’t like that some jerk off did that, but your mind works wonders.

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        • It was sad. He was practically whining to re-see me (from over two years ago!). So I agreed to coffee to set him straight. Bloody hell.

          Fuck him and the rock he slithered out from!

          I do like that you liked it. My mind is weird.

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          • It’s why women have to be careful. Not to be sexist, but clearly this man had a completely different idea as to what was going on than you did. That’s not just disturbing, it’s scary.

            Give him a dunce cap and send him to the corner.

            Weird minds make for great writing.

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          • We always do. Dammit. You’re not being sexist. It’s what it was completely (and I acknowledge there are women just as nuts – which you more than know…)

            Oh yeah

            Thank goodness!

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          • Women can get crazy, no doubt about it. And I’ve seen it a time or two- although only a time or two because I’ve never actually done anything to warrant THAT. But in those circumstances, I wasn’t physically in danger.

            Okay, I was. But you know what I mean. I wasn’t in danger of being assaulted physically.

            No recess for him.

            Yeah, it needs to go somewhere!

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          • They can. I honestly don’t feel I warranted this shit.

            Was gonna say… But yeah. Not physically.

            None. Plus he has to stay after school.

            It does! Thank gawd we have this!

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          • You absolutely do now warrant shit like that. Getting nasty on that level was his (only) way of getting back at you for not seeing things the way he wanted to see things. It’s obvious he has zero confidence in himself. But as I say, that’s his problem, not yours.

            It scares me. Because there are guys who know they have that physical advantage should they want to use it.


            Stephen King thanked his lucky stars he had writing, because he said he probably would have been a serial killer otherwise, LOL

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          • It was. He has none. I told him so, too. Which is why he never stood a chance 2 years ago. Ain’t a turn in for me. And it is his problem that he tried to foist on me.

            I don’t scare that easily and remind me to tell you of a parking lot encounter I had recently.

            Yes, forever!

            I believe it – especially given his genre!!

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          • Nope. Ergo the coffee. Figured he would see and feel my lack of interest (since words were not enough).

            You do that!

            Yes, thank God! And how about us, too? It’s a great way to see things and let go of some stuff and grow..

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    • Bloody Blue blazes… And very true. I kept it clean. He said much worse and finished with a “you’re not even as sexy as you think!” To which I wanted to answer. Nanner, nanner, poo, poo! Honest to gawd
      You would not believe the fall of some men today …

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  4. Seriously what a shit bag! What is it with some guys who think they are God’s gift and you can’t resist them? That’s the trouble with on line dates they mostly seemed touched! I am sure there are good guys out there. I am also sure you will find one too, you deserve the best! 💜💜

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