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Movie Over Book – Friday Fictioneers

Lawsy I’m late!  I am just shy of midnight on this Wednesday evening. I admit I was a tad stumped on this one. Started and rejected more than a few.  Gave up and went to work. Didn’t have time to scribble any ideas before I left regular work to go help out a caterer for his first big shindig.  Came home, forced myself to walk around the block with Zeke despite my already 20K+ steps taken today.  Plopped myself down on the sofa and here is the result!

This week our leader Rochelle, chose a picture from c.e. ayr. Thanks to both! Click on the frog below to read other submissions or go crazy, and add your own!

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Movie Over Book



“Whatcha reading?”

“Life of Pi.”

“Life of Pie? What kind? Blueberry, strawberry—”

“No, silly! Not pie with an ‘e’ but just P-I. The story is about a boy named Pi Patel.”

“Stupid name.”

“His full name is Piscine.”

“What? Like a pool?”


“That’s awful. His parents were mean.”


“Tell me more?”

“He’s alone on a boat with a tiger.”

“A tiger? Woah!”


“What else?”

“Why don’t you read it yourself?

“Ugh. Read a whole book? It’s too big! Did they make a movie?”

Sigh.  “Yes.”

“Cool. I’ll go see it, won’t have to read it.”

























132 thoughts on “Movie Over Book – Friday Fictioneers

    • I don’t judge. Honestly. There are movies I have seen that I would never consider reading the book. There are quite a few where I read the book after and enjoyed it ten times more. There are some I saw the movie after the book and was, meh…

      Glad this was 😉

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    • This is true. It takes time (mind you, so does a movie). A reader will always be a reader, I think. Heck, I am a reader and I’ve not been finding the time I desire!


  1. Dear Dale,

    Pffft! You’re not late until you post Tuesday afternoon, the day before the next prompt. 😉 There’s an old saying, “Never judge a book by its movie.” Although movie makers seem to have gotten better at adaptations, the movies seldom live up to the books. Nothing satisfies or fires the imagination like a good book. Write (and read) on, my friend!

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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  2. Well, I like books and movies (as you know). And though I love to read, I can’t say the book is always better than the movie–often they’re just different. But I would never say now I don’t have to read it because I can see a movie!

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    • Nothing wrong with that, I say. I find if I see the movie first and read the book second, I get two often different stories and am not disappointed.
      The opposite is not always true as one ends up with expectations for the movie.

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  3. I can see the appeal of watching the movie — they’re faster to get through, and offer up all the visuals and special effects on a silver plate for you. But the book is usually so much better, in part because there’s so much *more* of it. There are so many people out there who just never read books, it’s weird to think of, since I’m surrounded by readers and writers. But then, I suppose I’d feel the same about how weird it is that others don’t like my beloved pastime if I was a movie buff, or a big sports fan, or up on all two hundred top current television series.

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    • Thank you, Violet. In this case I saw the movie after reading the book. But I usually prefer to do the opposite.
      I’m kinda glad it popped into my had last night, too 😉


  4. Ah, the choice. Sometimes the movie is better but more often not. A book lets your imagination take over as the movie is someone else’s interpretation. I’m always torn. Great story that we can all relate to.

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  5. This sounds like SO many children and teens I work with (and some adults I know, alas!)!! You’ve captured the conversation perfectly! 🙂
    Hilarious and yeah, go read the book!
    As for this particular one – a friend bought it for me as a gift when it first came out and I loved it! Still have it. Got a few copies for others over the years.
    I did not see the movie. I’m the opposite of you, in the sense that I like reading the book FIRST, and having the imagery form without ‘bias’ in my mind. Then if I watch the movie later, I do it with knowing that it may or may not fit my “internal movie.” Watching the movie first makes reading less enjoyable to me later on. I know it is different for different people, though.
    For some of the kids I work with (who have language/learning/processing issues and so on), watching the movie first is helpful in the sense that it gives them a background for what the story is. However, there, too, there’s the possibility of them becoming confused by what is different or “doesn’t fit” or the book’s language being often ‘higher’ than the language of the script. Still, it is sometimes a helpful thing depending on the child and the book/movie adaptation.
    The dialogue in your piece, however – PRICELESS! 🙂

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    • A friend of mine has read it multiple times.
      It really is a matter of preference. It have discovered that often the book is so different from the movie that it feels brand new.
      Glad you enjoyed my dialogue.
      Slice of pie?

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      • Yep. I’ve no hard rule about them movies and books. It is more of a preference, and I generally read first, watch later. Some adaptation are marvelous, some are not-so-marvelous, and it doesn’t always have to be in correlation to how closely they kept to the book — sometimes a different script does wonders to translate the book into the medium of a movie, and the too-close-to-print feels clunky. So, tis all an individual thing, ain’t it?
        Yes the pie!!! I’m SO in the mood for pie, I was thinking of making some apple pie tomorrow, depending on what I see at the Friday morning Farmers’ Market nearby. Wanna trade?

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  6. I saw the film and haven’t read the book – the film didn’t inspire me to want to read the book either, although many have said how wonderful it is. As a general rule I think the movies are never as good as the source book. Entertaining conversation 🙂

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  7. Such realistic dialogue. But I’ll admit, I’ll always read a book over a movie. And if I REALLY like the book, I won’t see the movie, because I know it will disappoint. I think this applies to all books I’ve read in my lifetime except Gone with the Wind. :-0

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  8. Q,


    The life of pie is a totally different movie and I’m pretty sure it’s the sequel to Forrest Gump that (mercifully) never got made. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad blog name for someone who is a pie maker.

    And the movie was SO good. I was dubious when I first heard they were making a movie about one of my favorite books of all time, but I HAD to go and see it if only to give myself the excuse (which I really didn’t need at all) to read the book again afterwards. And the movie surprised the hell out of me in a great way. And yes, without any spoilers, I think they nailed the landing on it too.

    You made this challenge easy as . . . wait for it . . . pie.


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    • B,

      Glad I made you buahahaha!

      It would be a great blog name – I betcha it’s out there already 😉

      The movie WAS so good. I, too, hesitated. Matter of fact, I only saw it a bit over a year ago… They definitely nailed the landing.

      Of course you did. Why would not NOT go there!


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      • Pi and pie? You knew you would.

        It HAS to be out there. I can’t imagine someone didn’t snatch it up, if only to snatch it up. I think Dan got it.

        I was relieved. If only because I think if it would’ve sucked, it might have turned some peeps off to reading the book.


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          • First the Canadians steal Michael J Fox and now . . . okay . . I promised not to go there anymore.

            You’re right. But at the very least, they were able to grab the essence of that book from the movie. Still, the book is better. Of course. If only because it’s a great story.


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          • Hahaha!! Keep trying!

            There is that. And for some peeps, going to see movies based on books is the closest they’ll get to “reading”

            And yes, I have yet to see a movie that was better than the book…
            Sometimes they are equally as good in their own way. I think Fried Green Tomatoes or The Color Purple…


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          • I’ll try . . . not to. Try . . .

            This is true. And the whole based on a book thing is usually not as well done as Life of Pi. Take Girl with the Dragon Tatoos for instance (American version, ugh).

            Those are two great examples. But yeah, it’s few and far between.

            Capital L . . fo sho.

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          • Hah! Uh huh.

            It was fab – considering all that was part of the story! Ugh! The US version was awful! The Swedish version, however was so good.

            Thank you. You don’t do the Harry Potter but they were amazingly well done. AND they for lots of kids and not so kids reading ..

            Fo shizzle

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          • The Swedish version was spot on. I KNEW the American version was gonna blow when I saw the trailer.

            I did the first four Harry Potter books. I read them to the kids and saw the movies. Reading them aloud was NOT easy, lol.

            With a side of sizzle, por favor

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          • It was. So did I. I watched it anyway… won’t be on my “re-watch” list…

            Wow. That is fantastic. It is rather exhausting tor read out loud. I know you are not the biggest fat but ya gotta admit the film versions were pretty damn good.

            Goes without saying!

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          • I had to watch the American version almost the same way I used to think I had to finish a book.

            It’s arduous reading that book aloud. Very enjoyable just reading it though.

            The film versions were exceptional, yes.

            I’m a writer, I specialize in going with it even if it ain’t need to be said, 😉

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          • Well ya. Hoping, just hoping it would get better. Knowing you’re fucked.

            You are a good daddy.

            They were. Can’t believe you didn’t watch ’em all. Honestly.

            You are. And you do. With gusto!

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          • It can. Believe it or not, I don’t usually have popcorn when I go to the cinema! Unless I go with someone..

            It was ironic we were talking about the movies because my sister has an annual marathon watching them all!

            You and me both, B!

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          • I don’t get it either in that case. But, when I go alone I always bring food into the theater. Contraband dining is the best way to go when watching solo.

            A marathon sounds fun. Does she make butter beer?


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          • Those are the times when I usually eat wraps, seeing as how I can fill em with anything and they’re easy to hide.

            Popcorn is coo. I’ve tried butter beer but it was a tease. Don’t put ‘beer’ in the name unless you’re gonna give me the sudsy payoff por favor!

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          • You are sooooo bad! (Next time.. 😉 )

            I have not tried it. But yeah. No. And of course there can’t be the sudsy payoff as kids ain’t supposed to have no alcohol…


  9. Great dialog, Dale. There are people who would rather see a movie than read. Me … I like both.
    I saw this movie. I felt for the boy. I can’t imagone big outhere surrounded by water, alone and desperate with a tiger as the icing on his situation. YIKES …!!!
    Thanks for the info on the name being taken by a Canadian bakery. Great name for a bakery. I wonder if they are well-known for their baked goods.
    I may have to go and see the movie again. I forgot how it ended which is a good thing because now I can watch it again. LOL
    Have a super weekend … Isadora 😎

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    • Thank you, Isadora.
      I love both, I won’t lie. I really do prefer to read after the movie, now.
      I had to Google it after my chat with Marc!
      The book is fabulous, too, yanno 😉
      You too! My weekend is today 😛

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  10. Thunder cracked on that last line! It’s funny, but it’s not funny. They don’t teach cursive anymore. It’s a mere matter of time until reading is obsolete. Our devices will just tell us, read to us, flush the toilet and more as we become the puppets of AI!

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    • Thank you, kind lady.
      Yep. I usually am when I go about it that way. Which is why I have discovered that I much more enjoy both movie and book when I read the book after. Somehow, having seen the story doesn’t ruin the read. Go figure.


    • I hear you, Francine. I have found I have more chance of enjoying both if I see the movie first, then read the book. The book always gives you more and many times you feel you’ve got a bonus!


  11. Dang it! The book is always better.

    True story, I met a girl two weeks ago who was reading Life Of Pi. We spoke briefly about it being better than the movie and the rare occasions when the movie was as good or better than the book. Shortlist: The Princess Bride, Cloud Atlas, & Forrest Gump.

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