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This Way – Crimon’s Creative Challenge #46

Crispina‘s image reminded of me of a great trail we used to take up to the water tower near my mother’s former home. It was in St-Rémi d’Amherst, in Quebec. The trail was built, handrails added here and there but over time, the maintenance stopped and it became quite the challenge. Every time we went up north, we tried to fit in a walk up to the top. Fun times.

This is quite the trek you are taking me on. I hope it’s worth it at the end!

Stop your moaning!  Look at how far we have come.  We have done the easy bit, by the way.

What? It gets worse than what we have already done? We seem to have gone up and up and up for miles!

We have gone up and up and up for miles.  However, the next bit is more challenging. There are no more handrails.

Oh for heaven’s sake! Are you trying to kill me?

Don’t be silly. It’s a great workout and once we get to the very top the view is amazing.

It better be.

Trust me. Only the ones who don’t give up are blessed with a view they will never forget.

Okay then. Gimme another sip of water and let’s go.

There’s my girl…

View from the top

word count: 148 (including the added intro to the last photo)

59 thoughts on “This Way – Crimon’s Creative Challenge #46

    • Thank you, John. I miss going up north and taking this trail up. Mind you it has become all the more challenging since the guy who maintained it passed away


  1. Q,

    This is the perfect reminder that hiking season (for me) is back! And what a cool way to use the challenge, by adding the personal touch! But of course I ain’t surprised in the least that you had this up your sleeve.

    I can almost feel the crisp fall air, mmmmmm.


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    • B,

      It is for me, too! And I remember well your series that you wrote last year 🙂 I cannot lie. Crispina often uses roads or pathways and fields and I sometimes am at a loss to find something original. I always try to find one of my photos that kinda-sorta matches hers with the plan of just submitting that. But then, well the writer thing comes in and…

      Yesss! My favourite season. Mmmm indeed.


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  2. Dear Dale,

    I’m sure the picture doesn’t hold a candle to the actual live view. Glad you hung in there. Thank you for sharing this. Natural dialogue pulses the story and keeps us on the trail.



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  3. Your images are all beautiful. As I am in the mountains this weekend, they made me smile. It’s been way too long that I’ve left the city and I’m reconnecting to that part in my soul. Even though city life is at a mile high elevation, climbing steep slopes at 8100′ has been a challenge, but one I’m embracing. Can you say…ahhhhhhhhhh? {then huff, puff} 😄 Happy weekend, my friend.

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    • You are the sweetest. I know I have way better pictures of the view – in real photo format – somewhere…
      So happy for you! I need to run away myself. I long to go on a challenging hike.
      Do enjoy!
      My weekend is today and is almost done! I am hoping and praying that the rains come fast and furious and I get cancelled – even if there is a group of 30 so my chances are slim to slimmer… Still.

      Happy weekend to you! xoxo

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