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This, That, a Walk and a Shout Out To Bronx

Last week, in preparation to try and capture the Harvest Moon, I took a few pictures a couple nights before. The partial moon was bright and my hopes were high because I am limited with the lens I have plus I have no idea what the hell I am doing. I Googled how to go about it and managed to get this one. It’s not as good as so many out there, but it pleases me anywah. Especially since the damn Harvest Moon was behind clouds by the time I got home and wanted to get it!

I am now officially counting down the days till the golf club closes. It can’t happen soon enough. All of us employees are tired and just done with seeing and serving these members day after day – even if most are nice and sweet.

This is the last day of September – yay! Which means in two weeks, or mid-october, the restaurant will be open for dinner (or supper, if you prefer) only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Wooooo hooooo! And the other days cannot be later than, say 6-7 pm. Bliss. My feet are already starting to celebrate.

I laugh because many members ask what I do once the golf club is closed. My usual answer is: A whole helluva lot of NOTHING! We recuperate for the first month (when many of get sick coz, yanno, the letting go of all the tiredness, stress, et al). Mind you, we still work the Christmas parties so that means we work some weekends till mid-December. Still. January will be here in the blink of an eye and by then, I shall be putting myself out there to find something else to earn a living.

Friday was a beautiful day so Zeke and I decided – OK, Zeke had no choice but it matters not, as long as we go somewhere, he is happy – to go to Parc de la FreyΓ¨re at the other end of Boucherville and see if we couldn’t capture something interesting. As I finally found my battery charger for my camera in one of my still unpacked boxes, I was good to go.

Did I mention that in another life, Zeke must have been a water dog? Bloody guy just waits for me to be concentrated on photographing a bug or something to hop in where I had just told him no!

Can I go in Mom?

And while Mom is photographing this

Zeke is doing this

Noooooooo!!! Thankfully this is duckweed (thank you FB peeps who know stuff) and just fell off as we continued our walk.

Zeke and I ran into many a wildlife photographer with their big-ass lenses and tripods. I just moseyed along with mine, sans tripod, and figured I’d get what I could. Many of them said the birds were all in hiding. Ah well. I don’t have the patience to sit and wait, all hidden in the rushes so I just smiled and kept on.

Walking along the shore, we came upon a gaggle of geese.

Then came upon a dock

So Zeke and I lay down to just be in the moment (and dry off Zeke before I allowed him back into my car!) and whilst doing so, a magnificent turkey vulture flew above.

Happy with ourselves, we made our way back and crossed the little bridge and to my surprise, there was a magnificent heron.

I have another great image but you’ll have to go to Sorryless’ blog on Wednesday to see it πŸ˜‰

And speaking of Sorryless… The owner of said blog, a certain Marc Anthony, or Marco or Bronx or B for short as I call him. Well, today is his birthday! No way I cannot NOT acknowledge this wonderful ‘Murican I had the luck of meeting over the blogosphere.

This guy has come into my life and given me so much. He’s got the greatest laugh, the wittiest brain, a wicked sense of humour and a taste for music that has me diving into new stuff daily.

He is snarky and loving and do not ever mess with anyone he holds dear because that Bronx will come out.

His writing is what captured my attention way back in February 2018. And since then it has only gotten better (or rather, I have just learned to truly appreciate his art). Thanks to him, and his encouragement, I have let my own writing wings open wide.

I cherish our friendship and know that he has my back just as I have his.

Happy birthday, B! I love you!

Crap! Forgot my video!!

80 thoughts on “This, That, a Walk and a Shout Out To Bronx

  1. Don’t ever say you can’t take decent photos. Look at those birds. And the moon. I try for the moon and all I get is a tiny dot amidst blackness!
    Great post. And I can hear the feet prepping to celebrate. But if they’re gonna let off steam, can you point them away from UK. Cheers.

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  2. Hooray on mid-October rest for your feet!!!!!! And what a lovely walk with Zeke [of course he had a choice! πŸ˜‰ ] The shot with Zeke on …duckweed [I didn’t know this one!] is super! He’s very photogenic too! A beautiful walk with great encounters! Have a lovely week ahead! πŸ™‚

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  3. Ah man
    Ya had to google how to talk a moon shot instead of asking me?
    That hoit.
    The moon is a bright ball and you never get a good reading on it, like shooting at the sun, but you won’t burn your eye or brain or have a hole in the head.
    Around it Is black, opposite of white.
    Go full manual
    Speed 800
    F/ who cares cause it’s too far away.

    You got me glued to reading this again as if I was there.
    Love it and you took great snaps!
    Happy bday to Mr B

    That’s not duckweed.

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    • Well. Yeah. I don’t bug peeps.
      Not what I was told to do…
      ISO 100
      f/11 to f/16
      Shutter speed at 1/60th to 1/125
      Focus – manual
      Turned out half-assed alright, eh?

      Glad you enjoyed this and I passed on the birthday wish to which he says thank you.

      Buahaha!!! I don’t care as long as the shit fell off!


  4. Cheers to getting Zeke out for a nature walk. Too damn hot here for that. Fav pic is the second one – but looking forward to the Wednesday pic.

    Thanks for the birthday scoop. Happy Birthday Marc! Instead of commenting on your end, sent you an email.

    PS/FYI to all: Marc may be snarky, but not sarcastic.

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  5. Super photos, Dale. Your moon is to die for. Gotta wish Marc a Birthday. I almost died when I saw Zeke in the pea soup. But as you say duckweed is temporary. The birds aren’t dumb. You got a big assed sense that looks like a cannon and I’m going to hide.

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    • Ah gee! Thank you, John! I admit I was pretty pleased.
      I almost did, too! I admit I swore and fretted till I realised it wasn’t sludge!.


  6. Dear Dale,

    Thanks for mooning us. πŸ˜‰ As always, I enjoyed going on the walk with you and Zeke. Glad the green didn’t stick with him. It really does look like he was swimming in pea soup.
    I know your feet are anticipating the end of the golf club season. They’ve certainly earned a respite. .

    Shalom and lotsa hugs and Epsom salts,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am so glad you enjoyed πŸ˜‰ That stuff was really that fluorescent, to boot!
      They are dancing already πŸ˜‰
      A certain birthday boy was beyond chuffed to get two personalized JL cards yesterday πŸ˜‰

      Shalom, lotsa love, Epsom salts and time to chat!!


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  7. Well Dale what can I say your photos are beautiful, the moon, Zeke, the views and the birds all wonderful. I am glad that you will be slowing up soon. Happy Birthday to B. And Happy break to you πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  8. Q,

    This was beyond wonderful to come home to. But that’s my final thought so here’s some others before I get to that.

    Your skills with the camera are unquestionable, which is why you own WW on the blog. Because you make it work so very well, each and every week.

    And these captures, holy Ansel . . you just keep ’em coming.

    Zeke is the furriest amphibian I’ve ever seen! I love that look he gave you . . . as if he really WAS asking for permission to go into the water, because he was!

    And the pea soup?! I’m glad it was . . wait for it . . easy peasy in shaking that stuff loose. My God, I thought for sure he was going green!

    Last thoughts? MUAH! And thank you. And MUAH! Your shout out touches me deeply, and yes, you are one of my peeps. So ain’t nobody gonna mess with Quebec and not hear from Bronx! (Was that threatening enough?).

    I’m touched by this gesture and blessed by your friendship.

    Love, peace and trouble.


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    • B,

      I’m just happy you enjoyed.

      I had quite a few shots but wanted this post to be about more than that so I just might do a little sequel.

      Zeke is a character ayt! And he does look like he’s asking, doesn’t he?

      That pea soup freaked me out. I was so sure it was some sort of sludge. When he cam e out and I saw what it was, I was beyond relieved.

      I kept the shout out low key… I know I’m one of your peeps. And consider myself privileged to be so..

      The blessing goes both ways, yanno. Your friendship means the world to me.

      Love, peace and just the right amount of trouble.


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  9. So many, so many things to respond to. But first … it’s that guy’s birthday??? Sheesh. How old is he in dog years? Or better yet, writer genius years??

    Glad to hear the golf course time is winding down for you. I hope and will wish for you to find something that is better for your soul … and your feet.

    The walk with Zeke … great pictures and I’m envious of the moon shot. Something I need to explore and give a try to at some point. Your shot is great.

    The heron … while we were on a hike in Bodega Bay we can across a heron also. Took a couple of pictures but they didn’t really turn out very well. But it’s always interesting how herons and egrets just suddenly show up.

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    • Yep. The boy is a whopping 53 years old – in people years. Writer Genius? Hmmm, That needs some consideration.

      Yes, oh yes oh yes. Not soon enough. Just don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…

      I was pretty chuffed about the moon shot, I canna lie. As for Zeke. He is a ham.

      I though of you and The Irrepairable Past when I saw it and captured it. I tried to capture it when it flew off but there were leaves and stuff in the way…

      Thanks for this great comment!

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  10. Wonderful photos, Dale. It looks like you and Zeke had a beautiful walk. I’m happy that green stuff just brushed off. I’ve been seeing stories of people and animals getting sick from swimming ponds and such.
    (Do you follow Robin at Breezes at Dawn? She does a special “Walktober” post where you link posts of a walk you took in October.)
    Happy Birthday to Marc aka Sorryless! And good luck with job stuff– and the countdown till it’s over!

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  11. Well nuts, I’m sorry I missed Marco’s birthday, but hope he celebrates all freakin’ week like a good Bronx guy would. Jake, Jake, Jake. You made me laugh out loud (which I know is not cool) but glad the duckweed fell off. Awesome images given you said you don’t know what you’re doing. Whatever it is, keep on doing it, ‘kay?! πŸ₯°

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    • He said he is planning to πŸ˜‰
      Zeke is very, VERY lucky that shit just came off. Mind you, he was damp when we got home. Whatever was left on him dried off into sand. When I swept it up, it was like green sand!
      I will, ‘kay? xoxo

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  12. Beautiful photos. That’s a great moon shot, Dale. What kind of camera do you have? I was recently back in NE Ohio where Jake, our grand-dog, decided a swim in a pond that’s covered with duckweed would be lots of fun. He was covered with the green stuff but, as you mentioned, it falls off eventually.

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  13. That’s a great photo of the moon – my camera doesn’t work at all in low light so I can never get good moon shots. Looks like you had a lovely walk and it won’t be long before you can enjoy all that relaxing!

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    • I was looking for something and see I completely missed your comment! So. Umm…. 3 months later. Thank you. I have now officially been relaxing for one and a half months officially as my last workday was December 8th. Was too sick to go in the following month…

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