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Weekend Writing Prompt #126 – Haven

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.



They make you cry

They make you laugh

They drive you crazy


No longer babies

Soon, they’ll fly away


Still, you hope they know


With you,

They’ll always find

A safe haven



80 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #126 – Haven

  1. Q,

    As SOON as I saw the preview with your kiddos, I knew what you were doing with this one. And really, how much more perfect could it be in taking the challenge and going this way with it. It’s beautiful.

    Now if only they would answer their phones instead of texting back “what?” LOL.

    But seriously, it’s what a parent IS. The safe haven for the pups until they start running into the world on their own and there is no more tether. And yet, the connection will remain.

    Thirty two beauties.


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    • B,

      I figured you might. It was hard to go elsewhere, frankly. So I love that you think it is beautiful.

      Yeah. Or answer your call within the house with a less “What?” that sounds like you are disturbing them.

      That is what a parent must be. Awful for the kids whose parents are not. We hope and pray that we don’t lose that connection.

      My thanks, always.


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      • You always, always rock the challenges. To infinity and beyond and back home again inside a story.

        Right! Sorry to bother you but might I be graced with your presence for umm . . thirty seconds? I realize your time is platinum, so I’m forever grateful for an audience, LOL.

        So true.

        The connection changes. But I think it is always wonderful.

        Woot! and Muah!


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        • I keep trying. And working to make ’em better so your accolades are always appreciated!

          Seriously. And could you lose the sullen face, please? It’s not like I’m asking you to give up a limb.


          And yes, it does. It is mostly always wonderful 😉

          Woot and Mwah right back!

          And then some.

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          • Chisel and shimmy, whittle and shake. The best part of the story, when I’m writing something, is the writing of it.
            It’s from the breech that you hold a piece of your own imagination. And do you notice how even when you know what you’re writing about, your mind will surprise you with something?
            The sullen face is a popular one. If kids dressed up in their moods for Halloween, sullen and annoyed would be popular costumes.

            Woomuah! (Okay, I tried).


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          • Yes, all that. I am loving the writing.
            All. The. Time. I swear, there are times I sit down, knowing exactly what I will write and nope. The mind shoots me a little memo and bam! We are on another track. I kinda love it, to tell the truth. Even if one story gets lost in place of the new one. I figure if it’s strong enough, it’ll come back later.
            It would make for a very boring Hallowe’en, lemme tell you. Don’t forget, along with sullen and annoyed, a certain nonchalance…

            I’ll take it 😉


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          • Writing is like reading, only completely different, LOL. But one of the common themes- and the only I love very much- is that element of mystery. Like . . you’re writing something and you have NO idea how it’s going to end!

            I lose ideas when I go running all the time,and I think the same thing to myself . . if the force is strong, Imma hook that idea again somewhere.

            I used to have a rule when the kids were growing up that I borrowed from Damon Wayans. I told the kids they wouldn’t get in trouble with their responses as long as they made it funny. Of course, I didn’t take into account the fact they inherited my snark . . .

            Me too.


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          • LOL! I actually get what you mean 😉 And yes, you think you’ve got the ending all planned out. Nope. Muse/Mind has another idea.

            Same when I go walking. Sometimes I use my phone’s memo thing and dictate a thought. Most times I just forget.

            Too funny! I didn’t make that rule but it seems to work here – snark level through the roof! Or, as John said: snarktastic!

            Good thing


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          • When someone asks you what you’re writing and you say “Shhh, I’m not really all that certain but it’s pretty good so far. I’ll let you know how it ends!”.

            I tried voice memo or jotting a couple words, but inevitably I then forget about it and when I go back I’m like, what in the fuck was I talking about?

            Snarktastic! I love it.


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          • Yessss! Not that anyone else but you asks me what I’m writing!

            Buahaha!! I know. Words jumbled together with no rhyme or reason. Most times it’s a haiku that pops up, following the rhythm of my steps. I usually change it when I rewrite it but at least I’ve not lost the what. The other stuff? Gone.

            I told John you would!


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          • Writers are spoiled by words. We can read them and write them and get lost in them both equally.

            Drafts in WP are great. Usually. As long as I don’t leave it for like, a year. After which it becomes like a storage unit I forgot all about, and I’m rooting through possessions that make me go “What was I thinking???”

            He’s the master.


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          • Yes they are – especially when they are readers (me) who get to read writers (you)…I get totally lost. 😉

            They are. Except I have a few that are more than a year old that I still haven’t flushed because just in case! Though others are really “What up?”

            He is.


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          • Umm . . shade emoji HERE.

            There is always the just in case situations that you can work into some kind of spell. So you keep the lease, yanno?

            Yeah, for those “what up?” situations. Well. . . as writers we keep them too!

            Oh yes.


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          • Uh huh… you mean this one? 😎

            There is. But you gotta admit, sometimes they are a tad too dated to use. Or maybe we keep them for little snippets.

            And yea, we do keep them too. Takes something too far out there for me to flush it!

            Uh huh.


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          • Well 😎 has a bone to pick with you. It seems that 😎 was sleeping when you rousted him from his REM to make himself known and 😎 is NOT pleased.

            Snippets are ideas are stories. And hells yes we keep ’em! They’re currency!

            Mmm Hmm.


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          • Well, g’head and pick 😎. Well it was about time 😎 woke up and took care of bidness.

            This is true. Especially in the hands of the likes of you!

            Mos Def


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          • I was just talking with 🧐 and she told me that you find my Ray Bans solution to be typical American fare! Further, 🧐 says that you really believe Michael J was born someplace other than Ohio! Wow.

            The likes of me, eh? 🧐 happens to be okay with the likes of me. So there!



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          • Tell you what. You take 🧐 and then bring in 😎 and we are gonna have us an old-fashioned pow-wow!

            And guess what? The likes of me happens to be okay with the likes of you!

            And Sizzle!


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  2. What they said above and may I add a born writer too?
    Don’t know how you get me to read every word and some times twice and 4 times, but please don’t stop.
    The only thing I read words more than once are reference books.
    Love it!

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I’m sure deep (DEEP) down they do. I thank you and shall join y’all in our puddles!

      Shalom and lotsa love and lotsa love and lotsa love…



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