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Happy Birthday, Zeke!

While wishing Sam over at Tails Around the Ranch a happy 14th birthday, I realised that today is Zeke’s 10th! What a bad Mom I am!

I was gonna go on and on about what a fabulous member of the family he has been since that day we drove all the way to Sherbrooke to pick him up, only to have him barf in the car on the way home… and for the next year every friggen time we brought him on a car ride.

Thankfully, he outgrew that problem and enjoyed trips down to the Jersey shore and the Keys in Florida… And then, just to remind me that as we get older, we often regress, has started, once again, to puke in the car. To whit, today, he graced me with it twice. Once on our way to our destination and once just as we were approaching home. Getting older sucks for us all, it would seem.

So instead of telling you how over the years we have gone on miles and miles of walks, through sun and snow and rain and whatnot. How he probably misses my shower in the old house as that was his favourite place to sleep. How he has become a chicken-shit as soon as there is thunder and lightening. How he has always hated when there was yelling in the house. How he stops people as we walk because they just can’t believe how beautiful he is. And how he has been there for me since Mick passed… I just thought I’d share a few (or so) pics of him over the last ten years.

119 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Zeke!

  1. Happy two digit milestone Zeke!!! What a glorious pooch – pup to (sort of) grown up!
    Love the photos and the story and the sentiments and the photos and .. everything.
    Hugs to yas,
    PS he’s gorgeous. No wonder he stops traffic!

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  2. Happy Birthday Zeke. I can tell this dog means a lot to you.

    What breed is it? Looks like it’s at least partially a German Shepherd. My younger son “acquired” a German Shepherd a couple of years ago — contrary to his parents’ advice that he wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of his own pet. Primarily for financial reasons. In all other ways, he was ready. He and the dog, named Kitty, are pretty much inseparable. The dog is wonderful.

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    • Thanks, Mark.

      He is actually a pure bread long-haired German Shepherd. They are a little less common. And he is a big dork of a softie. I don’t think he even knows how to growl.

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      • Interesting about him being a purebred. My son has a genetic test for his. Donโ€™t know if heโ€™s done it yet. Kitty has a lot more black coloring but she is also a softie. Sheโ€™ll bark at times, but other than that thinks she is a lap dog.

        My son works at a doggy day care/dog training facility. Which is how he โ€œacquiredโ€ Kitty. He works mostly on the training side of things these days, so Kitty is well-trained.

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        • Yeah. And we had one before Zeke that we named Chakotay (even if she was female) and looked just like him but wasn’t officially purebred as far as we knew. Got her for fifty bucks. Zeke’s tattooed – we weren’t looking necessarily for pure but it just happened. My sister saw him on Kijiji and we were sold.

          If I am stupid enough to get another one later on when the inevitable happens – and I am in no rush, I will get a rescue. But I don’t think I want to go there for a good while. If ever.

          Zeke was the easiest to train, ever!


          • Kitty was a rescue. My sonโ€™s boss rescued her and was caring for and training her when Jacob started working for her. He and Kitty bonded and there came a point where his boss said โ€œeither you take him or I gotta find an owner for her.โ€ Well, regardless of parental advice, was there any choice?

            We have small, yappy, untrained dogs. Itโ€™s a thing with the wifeโ€™s family for some reason. Once our two dogs are no longer with us, I really want to get a medium to large sized dog that can go on runs and hikes with me. That I can train and that will be my companion.

            Just donโ€™t know if that will ever happen given the preferences and predilections of the other adult in the home. I have no interest in trying to have a trained dog living in a house with untrained dogs.

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          • Lovely. And no, methinks the parentals didn’t have much to say ๐Ÿ˜‰ As long as he does the taking care of!

            Ugh. Can’t stand “wiffwaffs” or “kickables” as we fondly call them in my family. A dog must be at least two feet high! And listen.

            No. I don’t blame you.

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    Okay, it don’t rhyme, but it’s from the heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Tears in my eyes – I’m a sucker for a gorgeous dog and Zeke is one gorgeous dog. Thank you, Dale, for another master class in how to blog. I start off by glancing at your open window, then your words pull me over the sill and I’m in! Happy birthday, Zeke xx

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  5. Happy 10 sweet Zeke!!!! No wonder he’s so gorgeous… a Libra, okay he also reflects the beauty of his family! Give him a big kiss on that nose for me and Hera also sends some slobbery ones and tail wags! Here’s to endless treats, walks and cuddles! xoxoxo

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  6. Love the pictures. Dogs are fun. Now we just pet and play with others dogs. We have had dogs, cats, a mouse, tropical fish, birds and probably other pets I have forgotten. We are now a pet free home and will most likely remain so. I do enjoy them though.

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  7. Happy, happy Barkday, Messr. Zeke. I can’t stop smiling looking at pictures of you over the years. I think I even squealed out loud with the puppy pic with the floppy ear pose. Too cute, so GSD. Hope you had a pawsome day and don’t sweat the car rides. It means your mama loves to bring you with her on adventures. ๐Ÿฆด ๐Ÿฆด๐Ÿฆด


  8. What a handsome fellow! Many happy returns, Zeke! My two Frenchies turned 7 without me remembering either of their birthdays. So happy to have them both with us despite ongoing health issues, and this morning’s diarrhea eruption as I was making breakfast! ๐Ÿคฎ

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  9. Dale, he’s as gorgeous as ever. My Bailey (8 next year) also has become terrified of thunder and lightning. And she won’t put up with yelling–she barks furiously to warn whoever is doing it to stop. Wants a happy pack:). I love that Zeke has been there for you, and you for him. They really are furry angels . . .

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    • He is, isn’t he? I’m thinking the older they get, the more sensitive to everything they become. He doesn’t bark when we fight, he cowers under the desk.
      I never would have thought I would get such comfort from a dog.

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