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Not Time to Sight-See – What Pegman Saw

Being as it’s October, and in light of all the political hoopla happening in this neck of the woods, this week Pegman takes us to the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC, USA. (And also in Canada as it’s election time here and we get to choose between our own batch of monkeys.)

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. Feel free to use the location supplied above, our take your own tour of Washington D.C. via Google maps and find a view that inspires you.

So, that said, I totally did NOT go to Arlington but decided to go down memory lane. December, 2009, to be precise. Yes, I am sorry, my peeps, yet another travel story πŸ˜‰

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Not Time to Sight-See

“I really need to stop for gas, Babe.”

“OK. Take the next exit and I’ll keep a lookout for a station.”

“What the hell is wrong with this place? We are turning in circles and there ain’t a station in sight.”

“Think about it. This is D.C. Just like Montreal, you can’t find a damn station downtown.Β  Hey look, Babe!Β  The National Monument!”

“I don’t give a shit. You need to look for gas stations, not effing monuments! I need gas. NOW!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a station soon.”

“Not soon enough. Pulling this pop-up trailer sucks more gas, yanno.”

“Yeah, yeah. Maybe if you’d filled up when we still had a quarter of a tank we would not be in this mess. Oh! Look! The White House! How cool is that?”

“Jesus! So what?!”

“Look.Β  A station. Dunno how you are gonna manoeuvre yourself in there, though.”

“Watch me.”


66 thoughts on “Not Time to Sight-See – What Pegman Saw

  1. I can’t imagine pulling a pop up tent in the circle drives in the city! Good luck with your election; I heard Justin had to wear a bullet proof jacket at his recent speech. So sorry the Trump impact has landed in your neck of the woods.

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    • Was a gas… Mick was a rockstar with that thing. He had to putz around to get to the pump. Swearing a blue moon all the while
      Bah. Not the Trump impact; we have our own set of clowns…

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  2. Q,

    You guys were a reality show. But a good one . . one I would have watched.

    As for Washington, ugh! It is my worst nightmare every time I have to drive through or into that place. Between the roundabouts and the myriad signs pointing the same fucking way . . alls I got to say is, how in the fuck did I ever do it before GPS? Nowadays, I stay away from the place as much as possible.

    But to be pulling a “big rig” on top of all that? That is medal worthy as far as I’m concerned. I would have killed people. I’d be wearing orange right now.

    And don’t be sorry about your strolls down memory lane. Evah. πŸ™‚


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  3. Yeah, good luck finding gas stations in Manhattan (well, there are a few, and I happen to know where two of them are in my area so … if the need every arises… Just don’t expect to pay a reasonable price per gallon, because sky-high prices are a kind of a NY principle, it seems…).
    This was fun to read (even if it might not have been a lot of fun in the moment …). Kudos to aligning that thing with a pump … And, for the record, I do love your trips down memory lane.
    I took one myself, today, though in a very different (and rather colorful-language free way — though I cannot account to what came out of my friend’s mouth at some point …) πŸ˜‰
    XOXO Na’ama

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  4. I do remember the traffic in D.C. … It’s why Hubby and I have never been, though both of us would love to go and visit the monuments. Just watching the traffic on tv gives me the willies. Great story.

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  5. Oh no! I totally feel your pain, driving on empty trying to find a gas station in a big city, ugh! I was very relieved to read the happy ending!

    My own experience was driving into downtown DC in a U-Haul truck, towing our car behind us. WHEW! Talk about sucking up gas like crazy — and I can’t even remember how we found a place to park that sucker! I think I must be mentally blocking the trauma, lol….

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          • I know the type! On the other hand, I’ve also known people who were so blase about getting lost that they wouldn’t look up directions ahead of time, much less ask once they got in the general area — it was more fun to them to wander around and discover new things. Fun for them, but nerve-wracking for me sometimes!

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    • Let us just say that it was not our first choice! My husband often waited till last minute to fill up on gas (we did run out once) and he loathed being lost. Double whammy!


  6. Dear Dale,

    Mick sounds a lot like a certain other husband who comes to mind. Mine will ask for directions but he will often wait until the last second to fill. Love the dialogue and I could see the sites through your eyes. Wonderful as always, my favorite tour guide.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Uh huh… how often he waited until the last drop of gas was left before filling up. We actually did run out of gas on our way to Mount Washington. Needless to say, he was teased mercilessly…
      Glad you enjoy my road trips!

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  7. Oh man, pulling a pop up through DC would test anyone. I’m sure driving back was no fun either. The love comes through in every line though. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

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