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Thoughts Become Things – Friday Fictioneers

I had a great idea for a story. Well, I had the beginnings of a great idea for a story.  Then I didn’t. But I did. But the words and my fingers had a fight. Irreconscilable differences, I’m afraid. So I fiddled and futzed and said fuggedaboutit.  And then pressed publish.

If your muse works like it should, then by all means, please click the frog below and add your story.  Rochelle, our lovely leader, is always thrilled when new peeps join in on the fun.

Clique Ze Frogue

Thoughts Become Things

Like speech bubbles, thoughts floated up, decorating the sky in glowing blue circles.

Those walking the street were oblivious to the goings-on above their heads, preoccupied with their own musings:  to-do lists, dreams and random thoughts.

Sharon sat in the doorway of her kiosk, looking, to anyone who bothered to even glance at her, like a simple kitschshop owner.  She could see their thoughts, and orchestrate them at will.  She swirled them around, bumped them together, made them trade places. She loved watching the bemusement cross their faces as aleatory thoughts popped suddenly into their head seemingly out of nowhere.

135 thoughts on “Thoughts Become Things – Friday Fictioneers

  1. well my favorite part is the way the tempo and lightness of the story increased as the size of the three sections grew.
    the first section – one line – was direct and more of statement
    the second section – a little longer – was getting warmer with telling us about their musings – a little more personal –
    and then the last section – al those lines – allowed us to go from Sharon sitting – ((and at that point you could have taken many directions)) -but she went from sitting to then playing with the thoughts – which was light and a bit whimsical – could picture the bemusement – and that all fit the cool photo so well.

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  2. Hi love, I just discovered that I should be a kiosk owner….. 😉
    Popping off to our choir session (a whole week of singing in the most beautiful mountain village in Switzerland, glorious weather, absolutly wonderful people – my cup runneth over!)

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  3. Dear Dale,

    I, too, learned a new word, you clever thing, you. Aleatory. Great word. Of if those bubbles appeared over our heads? What a tale our thoughts would tell. Glad you let the muse have her way.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs and through bubbles,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      As I mentioned to Sandra, I was so pleased to learn the English version of the French one I already knew! So glad you enjoyed my tale.

      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  4. Q,

    Yanno, I went back and forth between “Wouldn’t it be great” to have thought bubbles to “It might really suck” to have thought bubbles. And still, I ain’t certain as to which side I would lean on. Interesting, maybe. It would definitely be interesting to have thought bubbles. Which is the diplomatic way of saying that it’s probably a good thing for us all that thought bubbles really aren’t a thing.

    This WAS clever, using that pic to come up with this idea! And how clueless most peeps probably would be if such a thing were really happening. Yes, and add to all the many things cycling through their minds, the preponderance of devices peeps get lost inside of as well.

    You’ve provided much food for thought, in bubbly form. 😉


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  5. Oh, I love this one. It conjures up thoughts of….well better not go there. But how fun would it be to move people’s bubbles around, mixing them up and watching the results? I would be in so much trouble. Lol. This idea would make a great basis for a novella. Think of the outcomes for the targets as well as the one doing the manipulation. Come on all you talented followers. I am waiting.

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    • Thank you, Jan! I was going to have her manipulate the balloons so that two people wondering about each other would fall in love… then thought, nah… too predictable!

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  6. That’s terrifying. I can’t imagine my every thought being publically displayed above my head. Of course, I’m usually too shy to say what I’m thinking. Maybe it would be good if the gorgeous woman at the coffee shop with the huge… Whoa, thought bubble! Maybe if she knew I was desperately looking for some way to start a conversation, it would have started a conversation.

    Your story reminds me of a deleted scene from Love Actually where a kid is imagining fart bubbles. Every time someone farts, bubbles come out of their butt. I hardly remember the movie, but that was hilarious. Yay for juvenile fart humor!

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    • Yes… but know, only Sharon can see them. Maybe she could help you out with that girl in the coffee shop with the huge….

      And I actually, once it turned this way, was reminded of an episode of Northern Exposure where, during the Aurora Borealis, the residents of Cicely’s dreams get switched!

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      • Oh, K. I didn’t get that only Sharon was seeing them. She could be worse than social media if one were to get on her bad side.

        I am completely ignorant of all things Northern Exposure, but I can see how those lights could be reminicent of the Aurora Borealis.

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