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Walktober – St. Helen’s Island and Marie-Victorin Park

It’s October and that means it is time for Robin’s Walktober!  I had plans. Big plans. Was gonna go to St. Helen’s Island on one day (okay, that part I did, but not as much as I wanted to) and the next day was going to go to Mount Royal in Montreal (which didn’t happen because I was just too damn lazy to get up and out of the house early enough). So instead of crossing the bridge and half the island of Montreal to get to Mount Royal, Zeke and I just went to the next town over as there is a lovely area by the St. Lawrence River in the town of Longueuil, called Marie-Victorin Park, we enjoy walking along.

Actually, I am totally going to cheat here. Yep. Imma combine THREE walks, adding in Parc de la Frayère in Boucherville because I got some amazing shots that I want to share with you. And this walk did take place in October.  I do hope you don’t mind…

On October 5th, Zeke and I went to the Parc de la Frayère (which means spawning ground park) for a sunset walk. For once the stars were aligned, or rather, the sky was clear and I was able to take advantage of the golden hour followed by the sunset.

Yesss! We parked, went right to see if maybe, just maybe the heron was hanging about and he was. I did catch a little black duck but that photo is a tad dark as well.  So we turned around towards the little bridge when I spotted the moon between the trees

A half-pie slice of moon.  Crossing the bridge, we made our way towards the water’s edge and were rewarded by a woods tinged with gold.

Even Zeke took on a golden hue

The sun then put on a spectacular show and it was difficult to NOT inundate you with a bazillion pics…

Satisfied, Zeke and I climbed back into the car but I glimpsed a little marina on my return and had to stop. (Sorry, Zeke, you stay in the car for a minute or so…)

I couldn’t make up my mind on which one to share, so you get two.

October 8 was a Tuesday and the first of my two days off that week.  Into the car we went and off to St. Helen’s Island between the south shore and Montreal. There are so many things to see but we stayed within one little section.  It was a glorious day with the bluest of skies and brightest of colours all around.

Up the steps for a nice view.  I took this angle of the Tour de Lévis (built in the 1930’s, usually we have access to the steps inside bringing us to the top where we can have a spectacular view of Montreal and surroundings) but now gated shut for repairs

We walked along the lovely leaf-strewn trails (seriously? a construction cone? are there no construction-free zones in all of the province?) and then down a hill past this huge boulder. I loved how the moss draped over it.

We walked some more and whoa! I have been on this island countless times and have never ended up here. And if I did and don’t remember it then I must have been otherwise preoccupied. A little oasis in the middle of seemingly nowhere.


I let a friend know I was in his neighbourhood so we ended up going to his backyard to have a beer before heading home. The view from the communal backyard is lovely.

As mentioned at the start of this walk post, Wednesday was supposed to be a totally different walk but I hemmed and hawed and took my time – so much so that the idea of driving into Montreal no longer appealed to me. Plus the sky was not quite as blue so, I decided to go to another lovely park in the city of Longueuil. This is also along the St. Lawrence River so we had a chance of seeing geese, ducks or simply lovely trees.

The entrance of the park has this… thing. There are no signs and I have no clue what it is.

As I walked towards the official path, my eyes were drawn to this bright red…

And then the entrance to the park

There were a couple of ducks but the light was shite and they were far and I took ’em anyway. Thank goodness for PicMonkey to play with settings.

We walked along and I was struck the by colours… yellows, reds, sticking up out of nowhere.

We kept on walking and arrived at this easily walked into water… which Zeke, as per, did not hesitate to enter. Which is fine because I had arrived at a busy section with some sort of seagull (I think) and a heron.  While Zeke played in the water, he didn’t disturb the birds or me!

The seagull was busy fishing and every time he’d dive down to pick at a fish he’d caught, his wings would flap. I took so many photos but will not bore you with more than two 😉

And then Bob (for you, Mr. Paxson) was standing there waiting for me.  I took pictures as I got closer and closer with the intent – I know, I am mean – of hoping he would fly away and I could attempt to capture him in flight…. I got my desire.

I was pretty pleased with myself even though I felt a tad guilty.

There is a wonderful new overpass that has been rebuilt after an unfortunate accident – a dump truck with its dumper raised hit it and it smashed it.  My sons and I were on our way to the movies and never made it because we were stuck in the traffic it caused. I wrote about it here.

It is quite spectacular at night and I have promised myself to go there and cross it.  But till then, here is the view during the day.  It was built specifically for bicycles and pedestrians.  Zeke and I planned on going to  the top to see the view. Unfortunately, once we got to the second floor, the stairs were metal teeth-like things and poor Zeke tried the first four. I couldn’t let him go up so I told him to stay on the landing whilst I went up. I don’t usually get the willies but you can see through the stairs and my stomach did flip-flops. Since when am I such a wuss?

It was time to go home and the golden hour was arriving. Walking back I noticed there were crabapples and had I a sac, I would have filled it. (Thief that I am.)

I hope you enjoyed my walk and didn’t find it too long! I apologize. I got somewhat carried away.  Should you want to join in, the link is above on Robin’s name.


93 thoughts on “Walktober – St. Helen’s Island and Marie-Victorin Park

  1. Dale, these are fantastic photos. I particularly like the sunsets… less so the full-blown affair, but the low raking golden light. And the trees so colourful. (Ours will eventually turn, at Christmas). And the heron is one of my favourite birds, though here they keep themselves way out of sight across the marshes and I don’t get a chance at a shot. All in all, pretty damn fine photos. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful walk(s). I can’t even choose a favorite photo.

    I don’t think I’m going to get a Walktober post this year. Every day that we’re not working or going to my mom’s we have other plans–and now it looks like it’s going to rain on days I might have walked.

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  3. This was beautiful and I almost felt like I went on the walk with you! 🙂
    That half-pie-in-the-sky is my ABSOLUTE favorite of all! WOW what a great photo!
    I have some photos from a walk this past Sunday. If I get to it, I maybe will take a stab at this challenge. If not, I’ll just plug them in at other odd times … 😉
    Nice Walktober, Dale!

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  4. Q,

    That is a beauty of a walk right there. If walks could go to the Hall of Fame, you done made yourself a Hall of Famer out of that one. It had it all. From Brother Golden Hair’s sleek and sultry posing (Zeke is a natural for the camera, he just is) to beers with friends to finding new and wonderful discoveries along the way.

    It’s the journey, not the destination. Someone said that once, somewhere. And I am plenty certain that he or she or whoever it be was speaking of this vicinity in which you found your zen moments and all these many brilliant captures.

    To the walk. To the wonderful talent you have for capturing the moment. To fall!


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    • B,

      Thanks muchly. He does like to show off, doesn’t he? Course, when the light is such, how can he not? As to the discoveries, this one was a doozie. I think next time I’ll just bring a book and sit on one of the seats I didn’t include in my pics because, well, I had so many 😉

      It definitely is the journey on these walks. It is when I meditate best, to be honest. My mind just empties and I’m in the moment. I half regretted letting said friend know I was nearby as it cut my walk short. Though a beer by the water’s edge took the “edge” off.

      To the walk, to the meditation, to the being in the moment. To Autumn 😉 !


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  5. A most enjoyable Walktober, Dale. I loved those blazing red Virginia Creeper vines – stupendous! And the moss-draped boulder was pretty awesome as well. Lots to see and do in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  6. What a spectacular walk, Dale — thanks so much for taking me along with you and handsome Zeke! I’m right there with you on those open stairs *shiver*, but how I love all your Fall color!

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  7. Obviously a little late, but a good example of being late is better than not being here at all. Such a beautiful walk. Loved the moon and the sunset pics the best … plus knowing Zeke had a great time.

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  8. Wonderful walks, Dale! Thank you. The photos of the heron in flight are magnificent. I wouldn’t feel too guilty about scaring him off. Most of the time, herons are notoriously uncooperative. 🙂

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  9. Hi, Dale – Your three walks in one are brilliant. I enjoyed each and every one of them. The statue at the entrance to Longueuil Park is stunning. I tried to find it on Google images so I could learn more about it — but no such luck.
    I greatly enjoyed your serendipitous approach to your walks as well as your personable writing style. I have signed up to follow so that I can read more! #Walktober.

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