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A Crazy Quilt – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps! Here’s my take on this week’s Friday Fictioneers Foto from Jean L. Hayes, as chosen by our Fabulous Friend Rochelle. It’s great when an idea comes in, and you can actually put it down in words coherent… 😉  Should you have an idea that you’d like to put into 100 words, then do so by clicking on the frog below and additing your link!

©Jean L. Hayes

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A Crazy Quilt

Life is like a quilt.  It can be well-designed, symmetrical, and orderly, where each block is carefully stitched together with a proper deleniating strip of fabric. The squares themselves can be simple or complicated:  a plain square with an intricately embroidered image or a series of pieces, properly fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and repeated.

Or, it can be like mine. A crazy quilt created from oddly shaped, colourful pieces of fabric, carefully brought together with varying embroidery stitches, giving a sense of order to chaos.

Life is beautiful and complicated, even when we’re holding on by a thread.


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