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Big Plans – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #50

Welcome to Crispina’s FUN, FUN, FUN challenge. There are no rules.  Well, there is but one, which Crispina herself totally broke this week, and that is the maximum word count.  Supposed to not go past 150. I guess like any rules, some are made to broken, occasionally. If you want to see the list of possibilities for this prompt, just click here.  I, once again, tried to find a “matching” photo which kinda comes into play in my story 😉

Big Plans

She had a grand plans for the house. She was going to renovate it and make it hers. She’d remodel the kitchen, moving a wall, adding extra cabinets and much needed counter space. Once she was done there, she’d redo the bathroom, change the tiles and replace that God-awful toilet and sink. Following that, she’d strip the floors and restain them a nice dark colour. She had ideas for the landscaping too, including installing a beatiful gate to replace the horrid wood one. Her humble abode was going to become her haven.

Oh the visions she had!

Oh, the funds she had not!

What she needed to do was scale down her ideas into smaller, more manageable jobs. Things like adding a coat of paint…


Word count: 125



101 thoughts on “Big Plans – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #50

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh indeed. I love how I can almost always find a picture to “match” Crispina’s. I just searched through my photos and I found another one of the same – without the junk in the back. Oh well. And glad you enjoyed my story 😉

      Shalom and lotsa remodeled luv!



  1. Yep, the all-too-familiar scaling down of ideas… but sometimes [if not most] this process results to much nicer outcomes. I think it’s because one is forced to be more creative. 😉 Loved the story, Dale! …and your photo of that gate! xoxoxo

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  2. Q,

    Buahahaha! Every plan is like a seed . . if people only saw it that way. We ain’t all hyped up on the size of a seed, because we know its yield will produce something wonderful. Of course that’s what counts the most.

    Once again you’ve kicked the heels off of a challenge that could not contain your mighty imagination. But really, it’s kind of unfair that you got one hundred and twenty five words this time around, seeing as how you’ve nailed it in the tiniest fractions of that voluminous word count. 😉


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    • I’m sure most of us are restricted funds-wise in our desires to improve. Those of us who don’t have the manual talents to make things happen (Mick had talent in spades.)

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  3. Some of the best plans get ‘reassessed’ for lack of funds … 😉 And in the end, a coat of paint can make a home yours, better than without one … 😉
    (I feel you about that bathroom thing — hopefully into the bucket list and not end up being the need to USE a bucket … 😉 )
    Still cograts on your house, though.
    A house is still a house! Ahead of the curve you are, on this one!

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  4. Aaaah, another story with many parallels to my life and my story! I SEE all the things that should be/could be done…. except the funds are never there.
    If you MUST have/keep that gate, why don’t you just put a heavy stone or a parasol base against it, enough for a child to not be able to open it but without the need to shove or beat it to get it open or closed?!

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