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The Journey – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52

Crimson’s Creative Challenge has been going on for a whole year, already.  Can you believe that? I did not partake in all of them but quite a few. Thank you, Crispina for hosting such a fun and open challenge.  There is no way I could NOT write a little something to commemorate this auspicious occasion and include a few “matching, not matching” pics 😉  I may have cheated a tad with the timeline, for the purposes of my story.

The Journey


We are to take a journey

Will it be a long one?

It will start late in the summer

And then we will arrive?

No, we must keep moving forward

All through autumn?

And once the leaves have fallen?

We must keep on through the snows of winter

This journey will take forever!

No, you shall see, before you know it, 52 weeks will have gone by

A whole year?

Yes! But you’ll have enjoyed the journey for all it has brought you

What about the challenges?

They were the reason this journey began

I am so very glad for it

I am too.



83 thoughts on “The Journey – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52

  1. As the seasons change, so does the view. But we are still in the same place. What has changed? We have of course. Another year of experiences and life, changes our perspective on our own lives. Great pictures and poem.

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  2. Q,

    How terrific was this! Blending the challenge with the anniversary with the theme to create this wondrous journey of four seasons. And nope . . not saying you’ve outdone yourself because you’re just going to keep outdoing yourself in every challenge to come, so yanno, that whole broken record thing? I don’t want to be it. I’m a father of two and thus have been accused of such things in the past. Imagine that . . .

    Seriously though, this was so clever and appreciative in its steps from there to here. With the promise of going back and doing the whole journey all over again. To which I say as a devoted reader . . .



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  3. This is so lovely and you are so kind and generous! Just had to say it! I found Crispina’s challenge through you (as I am known to do, stalking you around the bloggosphre…) and while I don’t always participate, I am always happy to when I can do so. Congrats to Crispina for the year’s anniversary, and that you to you, Dale, for all the good that you are.
    And … I love the four season photos!

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    • Thank you, Na’ama. What a sweet thing to say! (Stalk away… how do you think I found these bloggers in the first place?) And, frankly, there are only so many challenges one can do in a day/week!
      Seriously, you are too kind. Glad you liked my extra photos to go with Crispina’s excellent original!

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you! It’s so funny because I always say I’m not creative – didn’t inherit my father’s genes to paint so I thought that was it. Silly me…
      So very glad to have you on this journey as well!

      Shalom and lotsa love,



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