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Remembrance Day

I don’t usually post anything particular on this day.  There are no vets in my family on either side. It almost feels weird that is it so. Not a one? That does not mean, however, that I do not purchase my poppy every year, that I do not respect what all our vets have done; that I do not feel pain that so many find themselves pushed aside, suffering from PTSD and other malaises.

I do, however, have friends currently in the military or who have retired from service so for them as well, I share this beautiful song by Trevor Guthrie. Proceeds to this song go towards raising funds for Wounded Warriors of Canada

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  1. I have no Vets in my family either, Dale, though my Grandfather served in WWII and various distant family members were in the forces. I would hope that all conflicts might cease, but if people refuse to get along, the least we can do is take care of men who fought for their country.

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  2. Thank you, Dale,
    May humans grow beyond war. May violence cease.
    It is never, ever worth it. Not in the true cost. To children, to families, to the vulnerable, to soldiers and to they fought against, in the wounding and destruction and losses. I hope one day there will be no more need for armies, and we could look at Remembrance days through the lens of past-things-only. And no more war.

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  3. Thanks for sharing that song.

    I struggle with these things. I oppose virtually every war and military action our country has taken, but I have such an utmost respect for our veterans — the young men and women who have opted to serve and to put their lives on the line in defense of our nation’s interest (regardless of whether I agree with how that term is defined). The problem I have though is that these days turn into yet another jingoistic, patriotism above all else, kind of thing and I want nothing to do with those kinds of things.

    But our veterans, both living and dead, deserve far more than we give them. Which is another reason I struggle with this day. I’m relatively certain the vast majority of veterans would prefer to have the health care and mental care and support they need than to have a day where we blindly wave flags for them.


  4. Q,

    A beautiful tribute to those who serve and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    I often say that the people who put on a uniform and stand in harm’s way for the freedoms of a people are made of the same stuff as those who did so a hundred years ago. There is just something about their character that transcends the time.

    Well done, Q.


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    • B,

      Thank you. It was short and sweet but heartfelt.

      Absolutely. They are made of a different sort of strong stuff. While I am not cool on war, I can’t diss the soldiers. Period.

      Thank you, B,


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      • It truly was.

        No, I feel the same about that. Which is why I respect today’s soldiers so much. Because these kids are not drafted. They don’t HAVE to do this, but they have a calling.

        Thank you!

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        • We have to respect the soldiers who choose this. I think you’re right. For many it is a calling. For others, I think, it’s a way out of their present reality and a chance to build a career towards a better life – hoping they never get called to war…

          The least I can do

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          • Yes, to those who use it as a means to get somewhere else. I met a kid at a party this summer who is in the Army. Great guy, a bit of a ‘punk’ in the way I used to be. I probably could have used that kind of discipline, but I was never one for authority.

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          • Indeed! Why am I not surprised? My eldest was considering joining the Canadian military (duh) and it would have probably been a good thing for him discipline-wise but he ain’t down with authority either…
            He discussed it with Aldo, my sister’s neighbour – who was a helicopter pilot – who also told him that he didn’t have the personality to join… I’m not sad about it.

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