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A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

Good early evening, my peeps! Had a crazy-busy morning and afternoon but here I am. My story could apply to many things I think so I shall leave you to decide for yourselves.  Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to J.Hardy Carroll for allowing us to use his photo this week. If you wanna play, click on the frog and set your story free!

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A Way Out

It was there. It was always there. Locked inside with no way out. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t escape it. Couldn’t fight it. It stopped him from being who he should be. It stopped him from moving forward and embracing the life he wanted.

If only he couldn’t see through the screen. If only the walls were opaque.  He was convinced that if he couldn’t see out, he wouldn’t suffer so. Ignorance would be bliss.

But no, it was all right there, taunting him. Always mocking. Out of reach.


Did the key he needed, exist?




124 thoughts on “A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    I suspect his prison is internal. I hope he can find the key and himself in the process. As has been said, this story is open to interpretation. And…it could be the beginning of a longer piece. Well done.

    Shalom and lotsa free hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Indeed. As do I. And I like that it can be…. oooh… I guess it could at that! So very glad you liked.

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  2. This is fluid and opaque and yet so flexible it can apply to many things! I think many could find it resonates with parts of themselves, or with people they know/knew or with realities they are aware of. So expertly done, my friend!
    (and poor froggy … what’d he do to get a prison sentence?)
    XOXO Na’ama

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  3. It looks to me as a row of cellars in a multi-appartment house. So IF he’s a prisoner, it HAS to be a prison of his mind. Poor man…. hope he finds a way out. Or at least realise that those hanging locks are soooo easy to break open. Prison of mind, ain’t it?!

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  4. Q,

    That image would have stumped me. My initial thought was Amazon Prime Jail . . and I have no blessed idea why that would even make any sense whatsoever! LOL. But this is why you’re the mistress of mayhem when it comes to these challenges. Because you find the key to making them tell a great story. In . . a hundred words.

    And I think the key exists if he has one of those mini- wire cutters. Which oh by the way . . just happens to be available at Amazon. And you get free overnight shipping on it if you have a Prime account. And I’ll stop now . . .

    Well played . . I say in broken record speak.


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  5. Great story, leaving open much to the imagination and interpretation. Many times we have the key and don’t even know it. OR want to find it. Another good job of making us think deep thoughts, and that is so hard for me. Lol.

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  6. Very nice. I’ll take interpretation number 34 and say, “Although it may seem to free your tongue, the key to escape is -not- alcohol!!” 😉 I love your imprisoned frog, even if it is mean 😉

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  7. Oh my!
    I think: (s)he’s a musician, who never played an instrument, a chef who never knew a pot or pan, perhaps a woman who is a man, I know (s)he is a vintner who never tasted wine.
    So many possibilities!!
    I only hope it’s not that key on my chain that I don’t know what it’s for.
    You are very perplexing with this writing, dear Thunder.

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