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Mosaics, Mesh & Eyelash

I do not know what I did to be included in this wonderful, marvellous gorgeous group of women…

Art Gowns

While the world awaits Princess Blue Holly to save the Art Gowns Mermaids, let’s take a look at a photo shoot from last month!

Above: In a knockout mesh gown, accessorized with mesh fan, full length gloves and mosaic hair, renowned Torch Chanteuse, Rene Rosso, opens the layout.

Art Gowns was lucky to get Gigi for this shoot. Her fall schedule is hectic, as she devotes much of her time to saving all birds, with a focus on turkeys. Here she is resplendent in a mosaic gown, accessorized with mosaic hair and bracelets .

Shehanneis the meaning of splendour in a mosaic and eyelash gown with full length mesh gloves and mosaic hair. The beauty team gave her a 1980’s Italian vogue make-up look. When she got home the Hamster Dudes didn’t recognize her and called police.

Holly is adorned in a mosaic and mesh gown. Her…

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73 thoughts on “Mosaics, Mesh & Eyelash

  1. Besides the fact that you are you, you are Thunder. I have now captured sound in a gown!
    Thank you for allowing me to include you, and I look forward to your return to the Art Gowns Runway!

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  2. That’s blxxdy amazing! Am not sure though if I understood correctly. Resa, do you ‘design’ those fantasy dresses w/o knowing the wearers personally, just from their blog experience?! Or are they ‘real’ in your life?
    Dale, you look nothing short of stunning, but that’s old news amongst us girls…. AND you can wear anything 😉

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