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Deciding Not to Decide – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday for Friday, my Peeps.  It’s that time of the week where the loyal crew gathers to create a 100-word story based on a photo supplied to or ursurped by the lovely Rochelle, our wonderful boss of us. This week is c.e.ayr’s photo.  Do click on the frog below to add your own or to read the others… Have a lovely day!!


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Deciding Not to Decide

This dance was endless. Not a dance, come to think of it.  There was no flow, no joining of two bodies in a smooth, rhythmic, circular pattern. It was more of a tug of war:  the one trying to take over the other.  It was rather painful to watch.

“You need to stop going ‘round in circles and work together or, as my dad used to say ‘shit or get off the pot’ because what you are doing now?  It ain’t working and is causing you nothing but grief.”

They both knew it.  This was easier than making a decision.


120 thoughts on “Deciding Not to Decide – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Life’s choreography can be a difficult one. Someone’s bound to step on the other’s toes. Not to mention when no one makes a decision nothing gets done and perhaps that’s the way uh-huh they like it. 😉 Love the metaphorical dance here. As always you brilliantly jumped out of the box. Brava!

    Shalom and lotsa decisive huts,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Indeed it can (and now, thanks to your comment, I’m thinking I could have embellished a tad more 😉 ) So very glad you enjoyed my take – Iain and I were on the same wavelength so I ain’t so original after all 😉

      Shalome and lotsa love without faux-pas,


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  2. Q,

    The dreaded roundabout!

    Love how you used it to spell your latest FF masterpeezio! You really do nail these with a different, fresh take every single time. And the roundabout as per the two little lovebirds who are just making their way in the world of love and romance is just . . just. Just perfect, yes.

    As for roundabouts, those things drive me crazy! Whenever I go up to Gettysburg, you get about half an hour away and they start showing up. I guess the Union army was more proficient at dealing with them than the confederacy. Thank God, really.

    Another winning entry, lovely.


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  3. I like this story a lot. You’ve analysed the relationship acutely and described it vividly. I particularly like the way you say “Not a dance, come to think of it. There was no flow, no joining of two bodies in a smooth, rhythmic, circular pattern.”

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    • I think so. There are only so many turns around the floor a couple can do before they realise they are no longer dancing to the same song…


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