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Artistic License – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

Alrighty then… Over time, this challenge has come to mean a way for me to get out some old (or not so old) photos and try to match them to Crispina‘s.  Then write a story to go with.  This one didn’t quite work out for me.  However, I have taken artistic license and since there are no rules besides not going past 150 words… A little silly never hurt anyone, right?

Artistic License

Didja get the plan I gave ya?

I shore did.

And, you think you are following it?

I shore am.

Really? Do you see a house in my picture?

No, but—

Do you see a fence in my picture?

No, but those posts look like an unfinished—

Do you think you are still following the plan?

Well, no. BUT.  I thought I’d use a little artistic license.

We cannot do our ritual in the place you have chosen.

Why not?

First off, the circle is unfinished.

I know, I was going to get to that before you arrived.

And that’s not how it’s done. It needs to have more of ‘henge’ feeling so not a fence, just the posts.

But this looks rustic, no?

Yeah, it’s lovely for a home.

I thought it rather nice.

Still, we can’t do our ritual here.

Why not?

We’ll wake the neighbours!


66 thoughts on “Artistic License – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

  1. Q,

    That poor, unfinished post. Like a draft that gets tucked away, waiting patiently to see the light of the “publish” button, buahahaha!

    The ritual is all well and good, but it’s the true artist who flouts any and all convention and tradition in order to bring new concepts to life. And yes, that artistic license card does work rather beautifully in providing a justifiable excuse for coloring outside the staid and oftentimes boring lines.

    To the license that matters most of all. 🙂


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