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Girls Night Out

You, my readers, know by now how much I love to go see plays and ballets and musicals, et al, alone, if need be, or preferably, with friends.  Julie has become my “go-to cultural buddy” through chance and happenstance.  Giselle heard about our little outings and wanted in so, from now on, when I see something I want to go to, out goes the invite to both ladies.  When I heard about “Come From Away”, there was no way in hell I was missing it. So… we went last Thursday. All three of us!

Underground parking makes our lives easier because we can leave our coats in the car (right, GiGi?) and wander through the Complexe Desjardins, grab a bite to eat, then go through a tunnel to the Place des Arts venue.  At this time of the year, the Complexe does a beauty of a job in decorating. There is always the Christmas train that bring the little ones for a tour.

The fountain gets all prettied up and spurts to music and Santa awaits behind a bedazzled maze,


There was a hockey game that night as well as various shows going on in PdA so the Baton Rouge restaurant was full. We were told it would only be about 30 minutes so we had time to sip on a Bloody Caesar while we waited.  We shared an appetizer of delicious, perfectly cooked calamari and then each took a tuna power bowl (poke bowl) which was ridiculously delicious.

Then it was off to Place des Arts, the lare Wilfried-Laurier theatre where our seats were up in the balcony (nosebleeders, though first row).


My friend Cathy also got tickets to take her mom but was further down the row. (We had hoped they could be closer!) So, I stole her picture from FB 😉  You don’t mind, do you, Cathy?

Not only did I get a chance to say hello, Cathy brought me a gift from her trip down (up?) to Newfoundland this past summer! A ‘Come From Away’ chocolate bar.  C’mon! It was delicious…

The show was amazing. Just a quick synopsis:  This is the story of the 38 planes, with a total of 7,000 passengers, who landed in the tiny town of Gander, NF (population 9,000) following the 9/11 attacks. These are all true stories used to build this musical. It was funny, sad, touching, and joyful.  And don’t we all know what we were doing when we heard?

Here is a video of the performance of the opening song at the Olivier Awards.  I’ve included it so you can enjoy the fabulous Newfie accent as well a quick intro to how this all came to being. By the way, you’re a Come From Away when you are from somewhere else 😉

The cast:

And just a little something, something. At the end, the musicians stayed behind and played this little jig..

We left the theatre with huge smiles on our faces, returning to Complexe Desjardins just as a light show was going on…

What a great evening.  We need to do it again soon.


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  1. Q,

    You’se guys are the REAL Charlies Angels. Sorry kids, but those Chuckie Cheese chicas they got playing the iconic roles ain’t got nothing on the band from the North. It’s like that.

    As for the Bloody Caesar, I could go for one of those beauties. Not like, right now though . . I don’t think it would jibe with my cold meds. But damn . . nicely played.

    Your captures on WW Eve are beauty, as per.

    We’ve talked about that event and you’ve shared with me that awe inspiring story about how they took these strangers and embraced them, opening up their lives and their homes to them inside the darkest hours. It’s such a poignant tribute to the human spirit, and why I always said that God was there that day. In the actions of all of those peeps who did these beautiful things.

    I imagine it was beyond special.


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  2. Yay for the girls night out, and yay for the choice of a great show. Yes, I think we all know where we were when it happened. I was here. In NYC … with friends en route to the WTC for a 9am meeting … and with clients who lived across the street from the towers, and … yes. I remember where I was that day. All that day. And the following days. As many do. All around the world do.
    I’m so glad that the show told the story of what was such a monumental part of that day, and otherwise would have remained untold.
    The story of kindness and humanity is what counters the story of evil and terror. Perhaps all the more why Come From Away had to be told. Has to be told.
    And going with a bunch of gal friends during a holiday season, in a good time to be had way, is the best way, anyway! 🙂

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  3. WOW, this is one of the posts where I go all: YEAH, Yay, Yesssss, Exactly, Wahaaaay to go….. (you get the idea!)
    I love musicals, I saw Cats 3x life, Les Mis on DVD & cinema, saw FAME in Zurich a short while ago, etc etc.
    I LOVE going out with ‘the girls’ – it’s always easy, tons of laughter, but also sometimes deep and complicated on the system, but still easier than with guys, or mixed groups. I’m not one for a lot of ‘noise’ but I can get quite outgoing when in ‘good company’.
    Yes to a light food festival before an event too…. lovely! Although I neither know the Bleeding (!) Ceasar nor the Poke Bol… but it sure looks ‘hot’ if that huge ‘smear’ on everything is mustard! 😉
    But what do you mean with ‘nosebleeders’? I couldn’t be on a balcony seat, I’d see nothing at all.
    And yes again to 9/11. I was returning by car to my working place at the Alliance Française in Devon, UK and was just going to switch off the engine when BBC started spluttering the horrific news on the radio. I listened in mounting terror, switched then the engine off and stormed in my office, phoning Hero Husband and telling him to start up the internet (yeah, it was only the beginnings and we worked with expensive dial-up which I wouldn’t have been allowed to do). He was technically much better equipped as he worked for an Intern. Can. Co. you surely know well. Then to my boss’ office and we hung at the portable radio….
    There is simply everything in this post, I need to know and I love all of this – PLUS you are three beautiful, stunning women – an extra YEAH to you girls…. wouldn’t mind being part of your little gang!

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    • Love your enthusiasm, Kiki!
      I love musicals, too. I NEED to go out with the girls. It’s a whole different dynamic than with men (which I love, too) and couples, which I now feel the odd-man-out on – though I still go but have less enthusiasm for.
      A Bloody Caesar is a Bloody Mary made with Clamato juice instead of tomato juice. A very Canadian thing 😉
      The poke bowl is so refreshing with its warm rice, cool veggies and that sauce is a not too spicy mayo.
      Nosebleeders means way up in the highest balcony (my friend didn’t want to pay more so I respected her choice but at least chose the first row!)
      We all do. I was dropping off my kids at the babysitters before going to see my husband at the hospital, who was kept overnight because they couldn’t figure out why he was having so much trouble breathing. They never did find the cause nor the solution.
      Thank you so much, Kiki. You are most kind! xoxo

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      • Now I need to know what a CLAMATO is – although I’ve lived in T’ranaaaa (Toronto) for a bit, not long mind you, I’ve never heard that term…
        Yeah, I think I could live with a poke bowl (bol était bowl en français!), sounds good.
        I DID think that Nosebleeders means high up, but does it come from being so high up that your veines in the nose pop open? I find languages so interesting.
        Your experience on 9/11 must have been the second worst to those ‘involved’ in the event – and you have my highest esteem for staying so positive and upbeat ‘malgré’ everything Life threw at you and your sons….. Sending LOVE

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        • Tomato juice with clam juice added. It’s really tasty.
          As is the poke bol 😉
          No, not quite that high up 😉 It’s not THAT big a theatre!
          Life is one big challenge and we need to choose to see the positive malgré cette merde…
          Receiving and returning LOVE

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  4. Well, well, well … the gang of 3 for a girls night out. Well, from the first image, I knew you would have a great time. Thanks for the musical recommendation … especially because I don’t know this one!

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  5. I knew you would love it, Dale! It’s such a— “heartwarming” seems such an overused word–but this show is–and inspiring, too. I was also surprised by how funny it was. And your “girls night out” sounds wonderful, too. I like that you have that underground area filled with holiday sparkle.
    And of course, we all remember that day.

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    • You were right, Merril (not that I doubted it for one second) and yes, heartwarming is way overused but heck, when it applies. And of course it was funny – we Canadians are born with a funny bone. We can’t help but inject it everywhere 😉
      I love the “girls night out” – I need them, quite frankly. We have a whole city that is underground. We can go for miles without stepping outside.
      And yes, we all know what we were doing that day.

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  6. Dear Dale,

    I loved being part of your girls night out. Hope to one day make it in person. At least with have face to face messaging. 😉 The videos are stunning. What a show that must be. Thank God for Newfoundlanders and their kindness.
    I was at work that morning. Then spent the day hoping and praying our daughter in law who worked in the WTC was still alive. A very tense day with a relieved ending for us. (Can’t call it happy).
    Great post as always.

    Shalom and lotsa holiday hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I would so dearly love for it to happen in person… and look forward to that day being a reality. Newfies are the best! I have to get myself over to the Rock one day.
      Must have been extremely tense. We all remember where we were…
      Thank you, my friend.

      Shalom and lotsa love filled with sparkle,



  7. I’d heard the stories about that town but had somehow missed that they’d made a musical of it. How stirring! And how lovely that you got a chance to see it! Always more fun with friends, too.

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    • It is a story worth sharing. 7,000 people finding refuge in such a tiny town… I was so thrilled to find out they made a musical of it. Definitely try to see it, if you can!
      Always more fun.

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  8. What a great night! Always fun when a group of ladies get together. I live too far away from any theater to make it a night out, but once in a while I drive home to Chicago to catch a good one. “Come From Away” is coming to the Cadillac Palace in August 2020. Might have to grab me up some tickets for my own girls night out!

    Bloody Caesar!? Sign me up! I had to look it up…basically a bloody mary with a kick of caesar mix. Good plus good!

    A beautiful post! Loved the pics.

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    • It was a fantastic night. And definitely try to go see it, Ella. You won’t be disappointed.

      As for the Bloody Caesar, replace tomato juice with Clamato juice – it’s a Canadian thing that has been creeping into various areas of the States – mostly wherever Canadians travel most, so New Jersey Shore, Florida, etc…. 😉

      Thank you. So glad you enjoyed!

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  9. Hi Dale, that sounds like a great evening out, just my cup of tea or glass of wine even. The play sounds really interesting I never heard of it. Just goes to show how people do amazing things in dark times.
    I went to a show with friends Monday. Les Miserables having seen the show in the West End, the film and read the book. Monday’s performance was at a cinema near home with the life show from London beamed in by satalite. https://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/news/all-star-les-miserables-west-end-cinema_50492.html
    It was amazing, best views, comfortable reclining leather seats and foot rests and all the atmosphere. Plus good company. Here’s to girls nights out 💜

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  10. Fab! There’s a lot of hype in Toronto about this, as it’s doing a run here.
    I’ve always thought; musicals can be about anything, especially after Miss Saigon.
    Coming from an R&R bg., musicals have evaded me, except for Evita and West Side Story.
    It’s from one of those 2 I will chose for Frank’s Broadway next weekend!
    Great, now I can’t get “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” outta my hair!!

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